No Filter: Kaki King Gets Festive For National Coming Out Day

Welcome back to No Filter, our weekly stroll through the week’s best celebrity Instagrams. Last week, people on the internet made fun of us for positing the theory that Carrie Brownstein and Abbi Jacobson were dating, and this week we wondered exactly what’s going on with Kristen Stewart and Annie Clark. We’re still not certain beyond a reasonable doubt about, well, anything, but we’re here this week to look at some attractive people rendered in attractive Valencia hues, and nothing can hold us back.

Me and @pamwiggy, creative genius. By @alandelrio

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Perfect person Annie Clark, looking sultry, probably (maybe?) thinking about Kristen Stewart? We all are, kid.

This was their reaction when I asked if I could be the flower boi. ????? Congratulations, dummies. ??????

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Brittani Nichols, professional erotic third.

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Casual Selena Forrest.

Big Dork

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If Amandla Stenberg is a big dork, there’s no hope for the rest of us.

I'm gay and I like to wear suits. Happy #nationalcomingoutday

A photo posted by Kaki King (@kakigram) on

Kaki King, you need to SETTLE DOWN.

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Ellen Page and a normal sized shopping cart.

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I hate it.

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Just Meredith Graves, Kathleen Hanna and some 100-watt smiles.

Proof of run… ?

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Oh Jiz Lee, were you exercising? BIG FRIGGIN SURPISE.

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Look, it’s been a rough week, let’s just close out with this insane baby picture of Tegan and Sara.

Join us next week, when hopefully we come up with some damn answers.

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  1. I’ve really needed to yell about this so here we go. Capstime.

    About a billion years ago I heard that if you signed up to transcribe for CrashPad (from y’all I think?!), you’d get a one month free membership. So I emailed the site like 6+ months ago, because porn. And Jiz Lee (!!) emailed me to say they were putting me on the waiting list. BUT THEN THIS WEEKEND THEY PERSONALLY EMAILED ME BACK TO TELL ME MY TIME HAS COME, AND I SPENT THE WEEKEND CORRESPONDING WITH JIZ LEE. IN MY INBOX. THEY SENT ME THREE SEPARATE SMILEY FACES. I’m melting. Also, porn. Porn <3

    Oh, and I once watched Jiz Lee get fisted at a party in a girlsex demo, which is just the kind of quality content you should absolutely expect if you move to the Bay Area.

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