No Filter: Janelle Monáe Means Business

Welcome back to No Filter, where we usually try to keep things light and fun but have been largely failing for the last two months. This week, everybody went to Sundance and Kristen Stewart hung out with Bette Porter:

Also, Ruby Rose wore an orange suit to the People’s Choice Awards and nobody compared it to the suit of someone she dated five years ago!! What a miracle! Then she went to the premiere of her new movie and wouldn’t shut up about how happy she is with her girlfriend Jessica Origliasso.

As for the rest of us, an awful lot of people participated in the Women’s March during this extremely dark week, including a lot of famous queers. I made the mistake of reading the comments on Fox News’ coverage of the march, and do not recommend it. Anyway, this week’s No Filter is 100% dedicated to stars who participated in the protest, because visibility matters. Let’s get to work.

#biconic power. #halsey #womensmarchonwashington ✌??

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Evan Rachel Wood ventured out to the march in DC, where she hung out with Halsey and they practiced being dreamboats together.

"We come in peace but we mean business." #femthefuture A MOVEMENT (multicultural and inclusive)

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Nobody fucks with Janelle Monáe.

screaming my damn lungs out – screaming anger, screaming fear, screaming JOY THAT WE ARE ALL HERE

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Amandla Stenberg took their message to the next level, both figuratively and apparently literally.


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If you watched footage from the DC protests, you probably saw Be Steadwell singing backup for Maxwell and hangin’ on the stage. It must have been amazing to witness the protest from that perspective.

Kristin and Jenny won the couples costume contest, hands down.

Can't think of a better way to celebrate our 3 year anniversary than marching with this one.

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Then there’s these two nerds, who managed to make their protest adorable.

This is what democracy looks like. #womensmarch

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Gaby Dunn rolled deep at the Los Angeles march (The “fucking seriously?!” sign is the clear winner here).

Women's march bound. Photobomb by @clintmichigan #pussygrabsback

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Kaki King’s sunglasses really tie this whole look situation together.

Jen Richards’ post-march optimism actually made me feel a little better, and I hope you do as well.

Join us next week, when hopefully we can get back to snark.

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  1. Jen Richards is soo adorable. Anyone know how I can become her non-binary pal?

    Side note I found out this week that Ruby Rose has said some problematic things that especially has some in the trans and gnc community not a fan of her.

  2. I would like to point out that hot lesbian drummer Allison Miller played drums for all of the opening musical acts at the women’s march in DC. I know the number of queer women who listen to jazz and read Autostraddle is probably small, but I think it’s important to recognize that there was a badass queer person on stage keeping the beat!

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