No Filter Is On A Dinner Date With Samira Wiley And Carrie Brownstein’s Entire Coven

Welcome back to No Filter, where we collect examples of celebrity Instagram accounts in order to fill a hole deep within our souls. This weekend, I was treated to a very long car ride with a relative stranger who mentioned several times how shallow and stupid celebrity culture is and how proud she is that she doesn’t follow anything about it. Congratulations to that person, who is a liar and who is probably reading this column right now. Anyway, let’s talk about Instagram!

The morning after @camgrey @djxnames #GWA

A photo posted by Kate Moennig (@kateomoennig) on

Camila Grey and Kate Moennig just woke up in what is apparently my dream house. After a cup of coffee, they’re probably headed out to play badminton in the park.


This adorable scamp.


Nothin’ worse than losing your tot, especially if said tot is Jenny Owen Youngs.


A photo posted by Tegan and Sara (@teganandsara) on

Sara Quin posted a bunch of pictures of her cats this week but I thought I might switch it up and post a picture of her with Tegan instead, eating this giant pile of bread, animals and breaded animals.

Jasika Nicole and Brittani Nichols are hard at work on a thing! What is this thing?!? Surely we will learn in due time.

I can’t wait to see this movie and cry forever!

???barre baby???

A photo posted by angel haze? (@angxlhxze) on

Nobody loves a selfie quite like Angel Haze. My feed has become a lot less interesting since Ireland presumably took over custody of their dog.

With some friends whom I love. We're all over 40. Don't call us a squad. We're a fucking coven.

A photo posted by Carrie Brownstein (@carrie_rachel) on

Carrie’s been posting pictures of herself hanging out with Kim Gordon, Amy Poehler and Aimee Mann for years and every single time she does, my whole body trembles with FOMO. I ache to eavesdrop on their brunch conversations.

Shooting a PSA for #TDoR with @alexandrasbillings #betransparent #transparenttv

A video posted by Trace Lysette (@tracelysette) on

Surprise videos are the worst.

FOOD! #2aday

A photo posted by Samira Wiley (@whododatlikedat) on

Maybe I printed out a lifesize version of this picture and eat dinner in front of it every night, while having imaginary conversations with my best friend Samira Wiley? Who’s to say? You can’t prove anything.

Join us next week, when my best friend Samira Wiley and I enjoy a lovely stir fry.

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    • She has not officially gone to a magazine and declared her homosexuality on the cover, but she has “come out” in basically every other way possible and is openly gay. Which I think is just fine!

  1. This happened yesterday at a new job:
    coworker: yeah the VMAs were this weekend. And isn’t Miley Cyrus a lesbian now?
    Me: she’s dating Stella maxwell the Victoria’s Secret model.
    Coworker: damn! Victoria’s Secret? Remember when Lindsay Lohan dated… Uhh… Um…
    Me: Samantha Ronson.
    Coworker: yeah! And apparently even Kristen Stewart is dating a girl now.
    Me: Alicia Cargile, yeah.

    And then she gave me this look and I realized reading this column has unintentionally transformed me into the gay lady gossip whisperer. Thank you, Stef, for my new super powers.

  2. No filter helps me stave off getting an instagram account, and I am very proud of holding out on another screen time-suck. Thanks, Stef! Now the only thing that stresses me out is the possibility of missing some really cute pics of Samira. Also, if I could be friends with everyone in the Carrie Brownstein photo, my life would be complete.

  3. Thank you for my weekly dose of Carrie Rachel Brownstein. Speaking of her and Amy, her L.A. date is in November at Vroman’s Bookstore and it will be with Amy. I may have to somehow skip work that day. Also, her Brooklyn date has ?uestlove of the Roots interviewing her.

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