No Filter: Amandla Stenberg and Janelle Monáe Take Over The World

Welcome back to another rousing week of No Filter, where Evan Rachel Wood still doesn’t have a public Instagram and Vin Diesel is still an important part of my life somehow. This week, some people are in Cannes, some people are seeing Beyonce, and some people are using giant whisks as oars as they sail the high seas of our very imaginations. Let’s get down to business.

@abcthechew YO I'm having so much fun and I haven't even been on set yet!! Dress from @asos

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I thought we could all stand to start this week by watching Danielle Brooks playing a giant fork as a guitar.

We all understood why it was important for Against Me! to still play in North Carolina but nobody had any way of knowing what a rad statement LJG would make. Girl is crushin’ it.

These two almost make me believe in love. Who the hell do they think they are?!

Freedom. ?

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Your girlfriend Lena Waithe is recovering from Beyonce just like the rest of us.

Meanwhile, Soko’s been walking around Cannes basically dressed like a Renaissance painting.

[instagram url=””]

If Demi Lovato ever wanted to beat me up, I’m just letting her know in this public forum that I’m very down for that.

I just like this one because they both look so genuinely happy.

COD life

A video posted by Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne) on

Please enjoy this video of Cara Delevingne being a very convincing actor.

I can’t handle how amazing these two are together, I’m sorry.

Missing my brother @vindiesel xXx already.

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This video makes me believe in the power of friendship and in my imagination I have scored it with the entire soundtrack from A League Of Their Own.

Join us next week, when I pretty much post nothing but videos of Ruby Rose and Vin Diesel.

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