New T&S Collaborations to Get Your Quin Fix!

Kristen’s Team Pick

There are eight more days until Tegan and Sara’s birthday, twelve more days until you can see them on their autumn tour and at least four months before they release their new album. I am going insane. It seems like it’s been decades since I peeled the wrapper off of Sainthood or finished watching Carpool Confessionals. If you’re a ridiculous fangirl like I assume you are, you’re probably aching to hear something new.

Don’t worry, they’re making the wait a bit easier by collaborating with a few artists to indulge your cravings!

Tegan and Sara collaborate with David Guetta on “Every Chance We Run”. He dropped Nothing But The Beat 2.0 today, an expansions of his 2011 with release with nine new tracks. If that still wasn’t enough for you, Sara’s lending her vocals to James Iha of Smashing Pumpkins fame. You’ll find her on Look To The Sky‘s “To Who Knows Where” and “Dream Tonight.” His album drops next Tuesday, giving you plenty of time to pre-order.

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