New Music: A New Single From Clinical Trials Is Free For You!

Brooklyn two-piece Clinical Trials have released a new single — a dark, rocked out version of Coldplay’s “Yellow” — and for the next week they’re giving it away to Autostraddle readers for free!

You can download the track here.

Clinical Trials are two very talented women, Caryn Havlik and Somer Bingham, the latter who is a new addition to one of my favorite bands, Hunter Valentine as well as one of Riese’s favorite television shows, The Real L Word. Some of you may remember Clinical Trials from the time when I reviewed their awesome EP, Bleed Me, and likened it to a panther. They’re an act to keep your eye on.



Photos by Julian Rad.


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    My girlfriend was born in Brooklyn but she likes Miley Cyrus, so that should indicate how she would react to this cover. Well, it certainly is a twist and far from Alex Park’s cover of “Yellow”. I happen to like dance music but venturesd into the dark passages of rock are persersly refreshing to me after listening to all the young diva’s who hardly vary from each other. I mean after a while Kesha sounds like DEV who sounds like Katie who sounds like Karmin and none of them sound like King Daddy Lang.

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    Since I work in a job that means I actually deal with clinical trials from time to time, this title was confusing for me.

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