Netflix Brings Back “The Wonder Years,” My Childhood

Carmen’s Team Pick:

I used to watch “The Wonder Years” as a young girl. When I tried to reminisce about it I didn’t even remember Kevin Arnold’s name. Just what he looked like and the opening credits.

Netflix recently added three shows of interest to its lineup of instant watch-ers: “The Cosby Show,” “That 70’s Show,” and, most importantly, “The Wonder Years.” I found this out eating Ramen noodles on the couch with my dog, and I logged in and finished 2 seasons in my first marathon. It was still full of, well, wonder. Only now watching it is even more poignant and universal, because I remember being twelve and being just like Kevin Arnold. I was home. I was eating Ramen on the couch but really I was in my room, late at night, a 10-year-old watching it until I fell asleep. The glowing screen and those opening credits.

A disclaimer: they have altered the theme song on Netflix.

Episodes I Remembered And/Or Wish I Had Remembered:

+ Season 1, Episode 5: “The Phone Call” – Kevin tries to call a girl in his class and has fantastic delusions about what might happen. For anyone who drafts and redrafts text messages a minimum of five times.
+ Season 2, Episode 8: “Hiroshima, Mon Frere” – Kevin tells Wayne how he really feels about him in that one second and begins to appreciate their relationship more.
+ Season 4, Episode 11: “Heartbreak” – Kevin and Winnie see each other when their schools do a joint field trip to a museum. For anyone who has ever wished it would all fall together at exactly the right time.
+ Season 6, Episode 22: “Independence Day” – Kevin delivers a closing monologue that reminds anyone, ever, in any place, of what it means to come from home.


What are your favorite episodes? Do you even like “The Wonder Years?” Do you wanna watch it with me in bed? I have 48 packages of Ramen. No joke.


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  1. When I was a kid, I thought The Wonder Years was actually an old show from the ’60s. I guess the whole concept of adult-Kevin narrating the events of his childhood, which had obviously happened in the past, was lost on me as an 8-year-old.

  2. FINALLY! so. excited. If i had to choose a favorite episode it would be too hard. Just seeing Paul’s first day of junior high school outfit in the 1st episode was enough to make me realize how I need to watch every episode back to back-immediately. Realistically, I don’t have the time to make this happen, but I wish I did. Set aside some of those ramen packets for me…

  3. I think the theme song is what was holding up this show from being released in any digital format…which is why we never saw it on DVD ever…damn publishers and their hold on music!

  4. carmen i am SO EXCITED about this development! i was a really thoughtful child, in that i thought about everything way too much, so i really appreciated the retrospection of the wonder years. i mean, there’s just so much to be nostalgic and analytical about when you’re nine years old, you know?

  5. If anyone doesn’t have netflix but has cable look for Wonder Years on the HUB channel, often placed in the guide around Cartoon Network/Boom, Nick, etc.

    So great be able to re-watch this series in the light night hours.

  6. I distinctly remember staying up late so many nights to watch this show, even though I hardly remember any of the episodes! Although I do remember liking how Winnie took care of Kevin when he was home from school sick…how I would have loved for her to make me some soup! Even, ramen ;) This show mirrored the dilemmas of my entire generation…and spawned my future love for the movie “Little Monsters”…haha, gotta love those Savage kids!

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