Daily Fix: Naomily & Effy Return to “Skins,” Kalinda Gets Kinky, Etc.

Hello and welcome to our first Arts & Entertainment Daily Fix in a long time! We used to write these round-ups every day. Oh, 2009, were we ever so young? Anyhow, lots of things to cover today, so let’s get cracking:


Good news for fans of Skins and fans of lesbian storylines — the much-discussed Series Seven, which will debut in the Springtime of 2013, will feature not only your secret beautiful dangermouse rebel girlfriend Effy and your irreverent-and-oh-so-always-troubled best friend Cassie, but also the not-s0-secret girlfriends known as Naomi and Emily. According to the E4 press release (via AfterEllen):

Skins 7 will see the return of former Skins stars Hannah Murray as Cassie, Jack O’Connell as Cook and Kaya Scodelario as Effy in three individual stories. The three stories will have their very own titles: SKINS PURE (that’s Cassie story), SKINS RISE (Cook’s) and SKINS FIRE (that one is Effy). More news? Go on then… Lily Loveless (Naomi) and Kat Prescott (Emily) will also appear in guest roles. Blimey, that’s a lot of news!

Skins 7 is written by series creators Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain alongside Jess Brittain, and we’re told it will go into new territory; more adult, more uncompromising. YES! Each two part story centres on the characters now in their early twenties, the party’s over and they’re starting out as young adults, struggling to find a direction and a focus in unforgiving times.

And here’s the episode description for SKINS FIRE:

Effy (Kaya Scodelario) has a dead end job as a receptionist for a leading London Hedge Fund. But as she stumbles across crucial financial information relating to a troubled deal and embarks on an affair with her wealthy boss, she finds out that she has bitten off more than she can chew. Her flatmate Naomi (Lily Loveless) tries to stop Effy from ruining her life, but Effy cannot be reached; until tragedy strikes.

I want to feel excited but instead I feel nervous — Naomi and Emily actually got a happy ending when their series came to a close (a rare feat for any characters in the Skins franchise) and what if that ending is ripped away from our desperate lesbian hands and replaced with less savory endings? What if Naomi gets hit by a car while texting or Emily sleeps with the landscaper? I hope their relationship stays intact and that they have a threesome with Effy.

Alas, also it seems my prayers for a return of Series Five Franky (and amnesia regarding Series Six Franky) have not been heard.


Lesbian Fashion:

Project Runway’s Alicia Hardesty talked to Velvet Park about her new fashion line, “Original Tomboy.”

I actually wondered about this in a previous Vp piece: can “lesbian” fashion succeed on the runway? Is there such a thing as—a definable aesthetics of—”lesbian” fashion?
It depends on how lesbian fashion is marketed; if its not marketed as “lesbian” fashion then it’s way more versatile and it will go a lot further in the fashion industry. As gender-bending and women wearing men’s clothes becomes more popular and trendy, lesbian fashion will start to make more of a name for itself on its own and then in turn it will make its on mark on the industry. That’s what Original Tomboy has been about for me, this transformation in the industry to include androgynous dress, which also includes lesbian fashion.


America’s Next Top Model:

America’s Next Top Model, a bastion of reality television weirdness, will be allowing male contestants for its 20th cycle. Why? Because of the patriarchy, obviously. Here’s a quote from E! Online:

Viewers can expect some juicy drama from the new season as the male and female models will be living together in a house. (Hookups? Yes, please!) Viewers will also have the chance to vote for their favorite models through social media sites.A+

Just speaking for me here  — I preffered the Yes, please! Hookups when it was all girls in the house. Just saying.



The Good Wife‘s Showrunners talked to Vulture about sex, specifically about Kalinda, who is bisexual and crazy-hot:

…for Kalinda, sex is rarely about love and almost never romantic. It’s a tool she’s used to help crack cases, manipulate the enemy, and most recently, let her ex know she won’t be taken advantage of again. “We’ve been playing Kalinda as someone who has changed her tastes over the past few years. [Her husband] doesn’t know who she is now,” Robert says. “She is able to sexually one-up him, and it’s a surprise to him.” But, he also concedes, “The dirty joke is never too far away from what we do.” (Says Geller about the ice-cream scene, “It makes you really rethink dairy, doesn’t it?”)


Kelly Lynch:

Kelly Lynch talks to The AV Club about her “random roles,” which include a lesbian role in Three Of Hearts and playing Ivan on The L Word:

 Thank you, one of my favorite characters of all time. The way it came to me is that I’d just finished something heavy and dramatic, and I called my agent up and said, “Look, I want to do something romantic. I never get to do that. I’m always, like, the bad, sexy girl, the one who breaks up the marriage, the evil whatever. I want something romantic, sweet, fun, sexy, light.” “Done.” And I literally got a call later in the day. “Look, something just came our way, and it’s really romantic.” I said, “Great!” “You don’t have to audition or anything, they really want you, they think you can do it. We’re not sure, though, so you might not be sure.” “Send me whatever you’ve got!” And I basically get the sides for what the part is, and I’m like, “Ivan…?” And I called, and I’m like, “What is this?” And they’re like, “You’re a drag king.” “A drag king?” 

One of my favorite L Word scenes ever:


The Golden Globes:

As you’ve probably heard — Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will be hosting The Golden Globes, which will air on January 13th, 2013.


Celesbian News Briefs:

Entrepreneur and all-around amazing human being Kelli Carpenter is engaged to singer Anne Steele. Carpenter split from ex-wife Rosie O’Donnell a few years back and heads up R Family Vacations, which was featured in the HBO Documentary “All Aboard!”

Rosie O’Donnell told ET that she feels “like the lesbian Tom Cruise” with her new wife Michelle Rounds: “Well here’s the thing, upstairs I had flat boots on, and I felt like the lesbian Tom Cruise because I was like down here, and this was like the tall, beautiful Nicole Kidman, and little me.”

We’ve stood by Lindsay Lohan faithfully for three years and now, at long last, she has broken our allegiance eternally for saying she’s voting for Mitt Romney. Sigh.

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  1. can’t decide if the skins titles sound like the names for axe body sprays or trendy vodka brands

    also am i the only one who wanted effy and katie to be a thing? am i the only who thought that made PERFECT SENSE? no? okay, i’ll go back to my hole where i wrote fanfiction back in the day.

  2. Does this mean that I have to change the wallpaper on my computer from Lindsay Lohan? Probably. Crying internally.

  3. As much as I want Naomi and Emily to be on my tv screen for all eternity, I REALLY don’t want them to screw up their happy ending. And those promo pics don’t look very happy.

    But YAY Cassie and Effy are my other favourites, and they’re already fucked up so there’s nothing to lose there :D

  4. I’m pretty thrilled about Naomi and Emily gracing our screens again. I’m trying really hard to hold onto all of my heart-bursting feelings and will just keep my fingers crossed that they don’t completely ruin Naomily. But this is Skins, so.

    Also, I have all of the best feelings about Naomi and Effy being flatmates. It’s kinda perfect.

  5. Naomily is the main reason I ever watched Skins.

    Also–I’ve been worried about Lindsay for a while, but since that Romney endorsement I’ve become about ten times more concerned.

  6. I wish with all my heart they don’t fuck up Naomily, but I think I would trade a terrible end for them if it means Skins gets to end well. (Also I’m really excited to see Cook and Cassie again! I think I need to do a celebratory Skins re-watch.)

    Regarding Kalinda: the ex is so, so, SO gross and I want him to go away forever.

  7. I thought they were going to have an episode for each generation? Well, I guess they learned their lesson about how nobody gives a fuck about the third one after Series 6.

  8. I read about Lilo and made my peace with it. I love her for the parent trap and mean girls and for that wreckless time in my life when she was a train wreck and best friends with Nicole Richie and I shared her angst… and even when she was only famous for arguing with Sam Ro and driving drunk and Georgia Rule. I don’t like Lohan for her politics, she didn’t even go to college…and that sounds elitist which is exactly how I meant it.

  9. So Cook didn’t die? I think I remembered the last episode of that season wrong.

    As much as I love Naomily (which a whole lot), I excited to see Cassie again the most.

  10. I never really got Skins (even though I watched every ep until the 4th group). I always found it hard to connect or to understand the characters since they only ever used one measly episode to focus on a character.

    I really did enjoy the little I saw of Naomi/Lily Loveless though.

  11. Skins gen 1 fans – do you think this means we’ll find out if Sid ever found Cassie in New York?

    I think he did but damn, that was a mean cliffhanger.

  12. “I hope their relationship stays intact and that they have a threesome with Effy.”

    So much yes.

    • Via Wikipedia –

      “‘Skins Pure’ by Bryan Elsley

      Cassie (Hannah Murray) is adrift, alone and invisible in London, trying to make sense of her life. Slowly she realises that someone is following her. Cassie turns towards the unknown. A strange and poignant friendship is carved out of mutual loneliness, but can it survive exposure to the real world?

      ‘Skins Rise’ by Jamie Brittain

      Cook (Jack O’Connell) has a job delivering drugs to Manchester Revellers. When he is asked to help his employer’s girlfriend find a house and finds that he is irresistibly attracted to her, he sets off a train of events which will lead him into a world of savage revenge and a confrontation with his own violent past.”

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