Looks Like Home (Screens)

Sometimes there are days where "home" is a nebulous moving target, or where ever you are right now, or where ever you are together. Other days home is a screen in your pocket. A screen with a horror-inducing number of unread messages. Check out the state of our inboxes, our dating apps, whether we track water or steps or meditation, who reads or listens to what where, the backgrounds we look at a hundred times a day and more.

Alaina, Staff Writer, Austin, TX:

Ali, Tech/Geekery Editor, New York, NY:

Archie, Cartoonist, Minneapolis, MN:

Audrey, Staff Writer, Dallas, TX:

Beth, Contributor, UK:

Bren, Editorial Assistant, Florida:

Brittani, Huge Star, Los Angeles, CA:


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Ryan Yates

Ryan Yates was the NSFW Editor (2013–2018) and Literary Editor for Autostraddle.com, with bylines in Nylon, Refinery29, The Toast, Bitch, The Daily Beast, Jezebel, and elsewhere. They live in Los Angeles and also on twitter and instagram.

Ryan has written 1142 articles for us.