Lip Service Season 2: New Trailer Reinforces Fact That It’s Finally Happening

It’s been like five fuck-buddies, six umbrellas, 567 bottles of whiskey, three apartments and one incident of Heather Peace kissing me on the cheek since we last caught up with the lovely women of Lip Service, and at last Season Two is really truly honestly actually happening. On Friday, April 20th at 9:30 PM on the BBC3, Lip Service will return to your box (if your box is UK-based), with all your favorite ladies sporting new haircuts.

Episode One will find Cat (who very recently shagged her BFF/first love Frankie) and Sam back in Glasgow after a fun lesbian holiday in South America, Tess in a super-happy relationship with the hot neighbor, and Frankie and Tess struggling to pay rent. Clearly they’ll have to take on a third roommate. It will not be this guy:

All signs point to the new roomie being new character Lexy — “a sexy, funny and straight-talking Australian doctor” played by Anna Skellern. Creator/writer Harriet Braun told the BBC3 that she always wanted to write a doctor because “there’s something intrinsically sexy about the whole “I can handle a crisis” thing.”  There’ll also be some new bros this season like Lexy’s “irreverent” gay doctor friend, Dr. Declan Love. Also, Sadie is back!

“Although there will be as much comedy as ever, I think I would say Lip Service gets a lot darker this season,” said Braun. “First time around, I looked at people at a pivotal age — late twenties or early thirties, trying to get what they want and avoiding making the same mistakes again. This time it’s about what happens when you get what you want and it isn’t quite what you expected… or you can’t have what you want.”

Twists and turns are promised, as well as “surprising directions” and “emotional curveballs.” You can read summaries of all of the first four episodes of Season Two on Cult Box and the complete intrview with Harriet Braun on BBC3.

The BBC 3 also has put out some “monologue” videos. Here’s my girlfriend, Frankie, discussing her first lesbian kiss:

Are you excited? The best news of all is that we’ll be recapping Lip Service, and these recaps will be written by a very very very special guest writer who was making people pee in their pants over her L Word recaps before I even knew it was on. So what are you most excitant about? Besides Frankie’s tank top?

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      • The funny thing is that on the Season One DVDV, in the extras, they had a behind the scenes clip about the wardrobe on the show. They interviewed the costume designer and they said the look for Frankie was actually going for a “Sam Ronson look”. It could be they are just trying to choose someone British to deflect all the ‘Shane wannabe’ yawns.

        • They wear a lot of Superdry brand on the show–did they mention anything about that in the DVD you watched? I was noticing that last time I watched the season.

  1. where can american folks watch the first season? i was reluctant to get into it if i was just gonna get really upset when the first season ended, but now i’m game!

  2. i am terribly giggly right now, and I don’t even live in the UK. eeheeeheeeeheeeeeeeeee

  3. Finally!
    I’ve had to get my (accidental) Ruta fix from The Borgias, which I might end up stop watching ’cause all of those characters are infuriating (as they should be).
    Anyway, bring on season 2! I’m interested in this Lexy character possibly giving Frankie a run for her money.

  4. Brilliant. I’m intrigued by the new Australian doctor. Finally more Hot Cop, she could cuff me anytime.

  5. Yes! I can’t wait to see what happens with Frankie and Sam’s little affair. I am interested in seeing where Tess and the hot neighbor are going. And that new doctor room-mate looks sexy/intriguing.

  6. I have a confession to make…safe space?
    Here goes.
    I totally…do not love Frankie. WAIT HEAR ME OUT. She’s hot. She’s like the hottest kind of hot, but…man. She annoying. I just really don’t like her. I just don’t.

    • Oh, Thank God I am not the only person who feels this way. I don’t even think she’s that hot to be honest. Not compared to a couple of the other girls anyway. Ever since TLW I am so over Shane/Frankie types and every lesbian thinking she has to look and act like them. I think that type of person is fun when you are young, don’t know any better, and aren’t wanting a serious relationship but it gets old after a while.

      So I guess I’m Team Sam all the way. Just not with Cat, whom I find even more annoying than Frankie. At least Frankie is honest about her intentions. I love Tess too and I’m a sucker for an Aussie so I can already tell I’m going to like Lexy.

    • Totally agree. What I find so annoying is the “woe is me’ shit. It was the same with Shane and why I could never bring myself to like her. I was upset about Molly, she inspired me, she gave me hope. SHE INSPIRED YOU? SHE INSPIRED YOU…TO F#%K MY GIRLFRIEND?!?! That exchange said it all as to my dislike of Shane.
      I’m most excited to see Tess again. She’s so fun and hilarious. I liked the Lou storyline theoretically but it didn’t really turn out that good. Even if that scene with Tess was amazing. Still love that scene with Lou flipping over a shocked Tess.

      • EXACTLY! The whole, “Man I’m so tortured. I’m deep and I’m so hot and sensitive, I don’t even have to look at this girl and she will take off her bra and sellotape it to my wall and then I’ll sex her all passionate and angry and amazing because I am ALL those things and then, when I’m done, I’ll essentially spit on her face. Hot damn, I’m one sexy sensitive biatch.”

  7. How is it possible to watch the first season of the show??? Does anyone have a link??

  8. What are my thoughts on Lip Service Season Two???
    That i had to try all sorts of combos to log in just so i can post, WHO CARES! SCRIBEGRRRL IN THE HOUSE!

    I wasn’t even planning on watching it, but now i will so i can laugh even harder at what scribe has to say/make fun of.

    Ps. I used to download the L Word podcasts she used to make with her (then?) girlfriend.

  9. Great news! Can’t wait for Friday. Not keen on the whole monologue thing though, a bit of a cheesy and highly unlikely first kiss story no?!

  10. YES YES YES Lip Service is back, finally! And the trailer is perfect–new girl looks hot, love the Phantogram song in the background… FRANKIE.
    It will be an even happier 4/20 now :]

  11. “It’s been like five fuck-buddies, six umbrellas, 567 bottles of whiskey, three apartments” Ha! So accurate. I don’t think I remember half of the characters names anymore. But if it’s posted on the interwebs of argh me matey (you know what I’m saying), I will watch.

  12. So so excited it’s unreal! My friends must be sick to death of me, i’ve been going on about Lip service coming back for weeks! Also, Tess and Frankie.. *drool* :)

    • Whaaa?? Normally I’d be mad about hearing a spoiler like this, but I’m going to direct my madness to the writers for utilizing more L Word plot parallels (if this is true). I really hope Cat isn’t the new Dana Fairbanks.

    • I was so disappointed when I found out about that. Cat and Frankie were my favorite couple on the show. :(

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