Lesbians Love Older Women, Says Survey And Our Hearts

Ellen Degeneres is 55, Portia De Rossi is 40, and they're totes in love

Ellen Degeneres is 55, Portia De Rossi is 40, and they’re totes in love

Allure Magazine, my #1 source of sunscreen reviews and inside scoops on complicated vegetable-related pedicure situations, has released its first-ever “Aging Survey.” Well, according to the press release, it’s actually an “Anti-Aging” survey, a problematic title which seems to suggest that “anti-aging” is a position human beings are capable of endorsing when, to the best of my knowledge, only face lotions can declare themselves to be “anti-aging.” If you’re anti-aging, does that mean you’re pro-death? If you’re pro-aging, can you still be anti-aging-serum? Unfortunately those questions were not asked.

Luckily many other questions were asked: important, pressing questions like “is George Clooney aging gracefully?” (He is.) Penn Schoen Berland, the intricately-named firm who conducted the National Anti-Aging Poll, surveyed 2,000 men and women, aiming to examine “how aging impacts every aspect of a person’s life, from relationships to the workplace, as well as, aging perceptions in pop culture.” I suspect the true purpose of this poll is to sell under-eye cream, but whatever.

Answers provided to questions about the attractiveness of humans at various ages apparently lead to some interesting results within the “LGBT population” (although I can assume due to my familiarity with this fantastic world of ours that they’re probably just referring to Ls and Gs and maybe Bs and didn’t account for the fact that “transgender” is not a sexual orientation), according to a press release shoved into our boxes this morning. We’ve yet to see the full survey or learn how many queers were actually surveyed, but take a gander at the following lines copy-pasted from said press release:

  • LGBT respondents are more likely to be attracted to people older than them by more than 10 years compared to straight respondents
  • LGBT respondents think they attract people younger than them by more than 10 years more so than straight respondents do
  • 73% of LGBT respondents think that women have more pressure to look young now than they did 10 years ago versus only 46% of LGBT respondents think that men have that same pressure.

The survey also found that 84 percent of all men and 91 percent of all women surveyed think “women are under more pressure to look young than men.” So in addition to being more open-minded about who we’re attracted to, queers also seem to feel less pressure to look young. That’s nice and also consistent with conclusions reached by Lindsy Van Gelder and Pamela Robin Brandt in their book The Girls Next Door: Into the Heart Of Lesbian America:

We’re sure that there must be lesbians who don’t find older women sexy, but we haven’t met them. That may be one reason why aging just isn’t the trauma for lesbians that it is for so many straight women. If anything, there are lots of women like [Gay Games weightlifter and Mount Holyoke professor] Jean [Grossholtz], who are up for new experiences because they long ago stopped caring about doing what was “appropriate.” The paradox is that because we live in a subculture that lets us age gracefully, we get to remain big kids for along time.

rosie o'donnell, 50, with her wife michelle rounds, 40

rosie o’donnell, 50, with her wife michelle rounds, 40

After scowling all the way through Allure‘s “related article” entitled “10 Hairstyles That Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger” and weeping over “10 Things Your Dermatologist Can Do To Make You Look Younger, Faster,” I did a little math of my own, comparing the ages of the Top 20 women featured on the Maxim Hot 100 2012 to those elected into the Autostraddle Hot 100 2012. The results were predictable enough: the average Maxim hottie is 28, the average Autostraddle hottie is 33.5. When you narrow it down even further, Maxim’s Top Ten ladies carry an average of 28 but Autostraddle’s Top Ten picks average out to 35.5. Furthermore, 55% of Autostraddle’s top 20 are 30 or over, as opposed to 20% of Maxim’s list.

Although there aren’t any statistics on this, anecdotal evidence suggests ladies-who-love-ladies are far more likely to negate age as a factor when selecting a partner (meanwhile, a full one-third of male baby-boomers polled by Allure said they wouldn’t date a woman their own age or older) and also that those age differences are not stigmatized in the same way that straight couples’ age differences are. There are a lot of theories regarding why this is — in an Autostraddle article about May-December relationships, Butch Wonders suggests that perhaps the prevalence of age-disparate relationships in the queer community “is because we’re already doing something that differs from the norm, so an age difference on top of it is just icing on the deviance cake.” Other theories include: the lesbian dating pool is already pretty small so a lot of factors (like age) become less important, intergenerational socializing is far more common, or our lack of compliance to traditional age-specific milestones such as marriage and baby-making mean women of vastly different ages can still be at the same life-stage. As Allure suggests, for some lesbians, a subscription to non-normative beauty standards could also play a role.

rachel maddow is 39, susan is 54

rachel maddow, 39, with her partner susan mikula, 54

The Allure survey also found that men believe “female beauty peaks at 29” and women believe it “peaks at 31.” As a 31-year-old who believes solidly that I peaked at 23 or maybe at 11, I found this surprising. More importantly, as a 31-year-old who gave up my women’s magazine addiction a few years ago because I suspected it was making me hate myself, I felt very validated about that decision after spending twenty minutes on Allure‘s website.

The bottom line is that there’s nothing unattractive about aging naturally, although manufacturers of beauty products and women’s magazines rely on us believing otherwise. The fact that queer women are more aware of this than the heteros is simply another piece of evidence that queer women are smarter and better than everybody else and if we were in charge, everybody would feel a lot better about themselves!


happy lesbians wading in a pool of happiness underneath a happy rainbow (via shutterstock)

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    I'm 23 and the women I like are in the 30-35 y/o age range:
    1. Tegan Quin
    2. Sara Quin
    3. Clea DuVall
    4. Kate Moennig

    • It’s weird to think of Tegan and Sara as being in their thirties. I kinda imagine them as being perpetually mid-20s.

    • I was listening to Tegan and Sara’s new song Closer on the way to work today and thinking, “God this is a hot song, and it is even hotter since these two are in their thirties.” Then I followed this thought up with, “it’s sad that straight dudes are so limited in the age range that they find attractive” True story

    • The fact that i (a mount holyoke lesbian who is very much attracted to older woman) found this article in which a mount holyoke prof is cited 🤡 lesbians am i right

  2. I like this article and the last part is golden. I’ve always crushed on older people–Miranda Priestly’s my ultimate older lady crush.

  3. Maybe I’m silly, but there has to be as many older lesbians who are attracted to younger lesbians if there are younger lesbians attracted to older lesbians.

    I know I just Dr. Seussed the shit out of that statement but trust I have a valid point, somewhere in there.

    • Going to argue with myself now. Just because a young lesbian is attracted to an older lesbian it does not mean the feelings are reciprocated.

      Silly Jenny

      • no i think your first comment is accurate – “there has to be as many older lesbians who are attracted to younger lesbians if there are younger lesbians attracted to older lesbians,” because these may-december relationships do happen all the time. I think probs the thing is that just being attracted to older women doesn’t mean they aren’t also attracted to younger women? but also obviously people’s attractions change over time, or your life changes and there are differently-aged people in it. really everything changes and everything is in flux and the whole world is a big complicated place, is the takeaway

        • I tend to like women my own age, so I can’t speak for the apparent majority. I do think older women seem more secure. They have a better idea of what they want and decisiveness is always attractive.

          Interesting article. Woke my brain up a bit.

          • Maybe part of it is that queer women aren’t stuck into the whole older guy/younger woman mold. More queer women are willing to think about dating people older AND younger than them, whereas because of that strict mold re: straight relationships, straight women may be more likely to go for older guys, and men for younger women, but their preferences cancel each other out when averaged?

            I’m absolutely exhausted and this probably makes no sense, but I feel like I’m onto something.

    • I can only speak for myself, of course, but I am an older lesbian who was attracted to and is in a relationship with a younger woman. When we met, she was 23 and I was 37. I robbed that cradle and we’ve been together for 13 years.

      It can definitely work but communication is absolutely essential since you’re starting, basically, in totally different places and with totally different mindsets. If she didn’t communicate with me I’d have no idea what she was thinking because her points of reference are totally foreign to me as, I suspect, are mine to her.

      • I’m 39 and currently in a long-distance FWB thing with a (married and poly) woman who’s 24, and I know I feel far weirder about the age difference than they do.

  4. I think it’s no coincidence that the year I finally accepted my queerness was the same year I started feeling less panicky about getting older. And less fixated on my appearance overall, really.

    Sidenote: I don’t think Rachel Maddow and Susan Mikula are married?

    • No they’re not. And Rachel Maddow says she doesn’t think they’re going to get married. But they’ve been together foreverrrrrrr so…

      • i have changed the caption from “wife” to “partner”! really i should’ve already known that because hello, if rachel maddow and susan had gotten married, those wedding pictures would be all over my tumblr like nobody’s business

    • “And less fixated on my appearance overall, really.”

      ^This is the main factor imo. I remember reading a survey/study once (pretty sure I actually found it here on AS) that concluded that lesbians were overall less insecure about their weight and found curvy women more beautiful than straight women do, and I think this ties into this survey.

      The beauty culture and standards that are force-fed to women always come from a “male gaze” point of view, the message implied (or sometimes stated bluntly) is always “this is what you need to look like if you wanna find and keep a man”. So it makes sense that queer women would come to reject those standards because they don’t give a fuck about attracting straight men, or at least those who buy into heteronormative culture.

  5. I was actually just thinking about this a couple of days ago. I’m glad that this survey indicates that I’m not alone…

  6. Well, thank goodness George Clooney is aging gracefully. I’d have been very upset to hear otherwise.

  7. This article is right on the money! My girlfriend is 10 years older than me. I’ve always been attracted to older women; they are sexy, more dependable, and we are both just big kids at heart.

  8. Oh, yes. I do not date women who are younger than me. I tend to go for women 3-5 years older, and I think I’ll stick to that for awhile. I did have a brief affair with a married twenty-nine year old, when I was nineteen. It just felt…weird? Slightly creepy? Maybe it was because her daughter was nine, so I was both ten years younger than her and ten years older than her daughter.
    My celebrity crushes are definitely older, though. First and foremost: Olivia Benson.
    But yea, I’ve seen this happen. Most of my lesbian friends do not go after girls their age. I knew one twenty-three year old who was dating a fifty year old. That seemed a little…trophy wife-esque? Other than that, I find it normal.
    It’s weird because in the straight community girls are constantly told to date boys that are older than them because boys mature slower, and I’ve always wondered if the effect of being told that again and again when I was younger has been that I date girls that are older than me.

    • I’m a perpetual lurker, but I had to comment on this because you just summed up some of my first childhood inklings of my lesbian-ism (although, to be fair, I asked for a picture of a female lifeguard from the pool for Christmas when I was barely 4, so that should’ve been a tip-off to my parents). I also wouldn’t kick Kate Mulgrew out of bed for eating crackers… So glad to know I’m not the only one who had a minor Star Trek fetish!

        • OMG Gates McFadden yes. :)
          Fun thing to do, watch the Making of Labyrinth to see a short interview with a young Gates McFadden who was the dance choreographer for that movie. I had no idea!

          • YES! The day I discovered that my love for her and that movie grew 3x. Muppets + McFadden + Bowie + baby Jennifer Connelly = asfkglslsjdjfk

          • I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before. Just found the “Making of Labyrinth” on YouTube and plan to curl up with a cup of tea and watch it along with episodes of TNG once I take a study break (er, another one).

            May the gods of the queer-muppet-sci-fi universe bless you both!

            P.S. We should start a club.

      • I totally agree on Kate Mulgrew.
        May you always discover what lies ahead.

        And Totally Second the club idea!

  9. gotta say, my wife is 6 years younger…she told me early on that she always wanted an older woman…10 years later, survey says, “TRUE”

  10. I’m so confused! I’m 40-something so should I be looking for 30-somethings who want to date “older” women, or should I be looking for someone 10 years older than me? Am I supposed to be the “older” woman or the one looking for the “older” woman?

  11. My wife is 20 years older than me and the people I have been/am attracted to are almost always at least 12+ years older than I am at the time. This made me feel so much less weird!

  12. Lucky for me! My girlfriend is 10 years younger, and my straight friends seemed to think it was a bigger deal than it is until we decided girls are more mature than boys.

  13. I’m 22 and most of my crushes are at least 40: Tilda, Katey Sagal, Patti Smith, Sue Perkins. Recently, I’ve really developed a thing for Andrea Mitchell.

    I want to be with a woman who’s been places.

  14. Remember the time when Miles told Rose on Golden Girls that (i’m paraphrasing here) “beauty in a young woman is an accident of nature but when an older woman is beautiful it’s earned/magical/eternal.” Yes/No?

    That is how I feel about older women so Angela Basset will always be my #1.

  15. it’s kind of ridiculous how much better this article is making me feel about my age; the last person i dated is ten years younger than me, and i adore them still, but it was really difficult to deal with both the realities of the different places we’re at in our lives, and my insecurity about being, you know, a crone…so here’s to trying to be less insecure about that!

  16. Oh thank gull! This article and comments could not be more timely or reassuring to me. I have a first date (first first date in like 6 years y’all. Omgdontfreakoutdontthrowup)) next week with a woman who is 9 years older – I don’t think she knows how old I am but Internet sleuthing is easy and totally not creepy at all, AMIRIGHT- and I was just lamenting to my straight friend today at lunch how probably Hottie won’t go for it with me because of the age diff. Thank you lawd for uplifting me!

    …now who wants to give me first date advice? I’m waaaay out of practice

    • Good luck on your date!! I am terrible at dates so I won’t give you any advice, because it would be along the lines of “Try not to drop half your baked good into your mug while gesticulating, thereby splashing hot tea all over yourself, your date and the people at the table next to you.”

    • I’m 10 years older than my girlfriend. I thought that the age difference might feel odd before I met her, but we have lots in common and make each other really happy. So, don’t discount yourself!

  17. One aspect that has yet to be mentioned is children. Straight men often will date younger women (and marry and procreate with) younger women because they want biological children.

    If queers enter into relationships long term (or otherwise), wanting children isn’t always a given and so this can mean a lot more freedom when it comes to age spread and ages. Being 34 and wanting to be a parent with a partner who is 50 is really different than being 34 and just wanting to be in a relationship. Of course, I am speaking in broad strokes and there are certainly examples people can post that do not follow my logic.

    I’m a parent and I do know a few lesbian and straight couples with 15 yr age spreads and children, it is rare. Most of the queer couples I know with large age spreads do not have children together…maybe from a previous relationship…but not with one another.

    Since I am in the throes of parenthood now, the queer couples we know have young kids too and they are roughly the same age (within 5yrs, which I don’t think of a difference at all).

  18. My partner and I are six months apart, so now there is finally one queer stereotype that we won’t fill!

  19. It’s true. I have a crush on a few older (married to a man, with kids) women in my meditation class. There’s definitely something alluring about older women. Though I tend to be mostly attracted to women my age, it’s still nice to dream.

  20. I’m one of the youngest members of an extremely multigenerational street band, and at music festival/band conventions I always end up awkwardly crushing on older musicians. Thirtyish musical ladies with badass instrumental skills, a wild wardrobe carefully assembled across decades, and a few cool tattoos just make me melt.

    I look forward to aging, in part because I’m genderqueer and observation of folks in my family indicates that I’ll probably get at least a little more facial hair and a deeper voice as I age even if I don’t take any hormones. Plus my mom has a white skunk stripe in her hair and I’m really hoping I’ll inherit that.

  21. I dated someone who was 10 years older than me once. I figured out our age difference before our first date because her high school graduation year was on Facebook. I remember thinking “Oh my god… I was in fourth grade when she graduated high school!

    • yeah… I am dating a person who is 8 years younger than me, and I definitely had a “when I was her age, she was in middle school!” moment. but so far it seems to be working out??

  22. totally fell in love with a 30 year old as someone who is barely legal. this validates me hahahahha. though to be honest, she looked my age.. and she was the only one I fell in love with outside of my age range. I guess to me age is just a number. I really like the emotional maturity and stability that more mature women have vs young women who have a tendency to be very insecure and unpredictable

  23. I think older women look amazing. I’ve always wondered why women want to dye their hair when they get older, natural gray hair is SO pretty. I totally relate to having a crush on an older lesbian, my english teacher is so cute and smart.

  24. I love the idea that having a broader vision of beauty can make us more accepting of our own aging. God grant me the fortune and grace to age like Emmylou Harris! She’s more of a style icon/heroine than a crush for me, since she’s straight and, yes, a wee bit too old for me. (I’m 25.) But she is in her 60s, is absolutely gorgeous, and has the most amazing hair. Natural white or gray hair can be stunning on someone with the confidence to pull it off.

    • Nooo big deal ur 25 and u crushing on her in her 60’s for me i looove older women security,stability,love,protection im 23 i wont even say her age but she robbed the craddle and we are happy 5 years together id never trade her for the world thats my everything :-)

  25. Speaking as one of the “older women” who frequents this site, I can assure you of the accuracy of this. There were a number of jokes made at Camp about the “Golden Girls”. About the “older lesbians”. I’ll leave you with the same words I shared with a few of the adorable baby campers: It’s true. We’re older. But with age comes experience. We know “things”. Lots of “things”. And I’m not talking about things you’ve heard about. Or read about. Or even fantasized about. I’m talking about shit your brains haven’t even conceived of yet.

    • I’m one of the older women on here and your post made me spit out my coffee. Thanks for the chuckle.

      I think that when I read some things on Autostraddle but I’ve also learned a lot here because, whoa, queer life changed a lot while I was busy paying attention to other things.

    • What qualifies as “old” on this site? I have a feeling most readers are just turning 18, so anyone over 25 is “old”. lol I’m 28 I think I’m about ready to join aarp.

      • I am 28, and was debating if I was too old for A camp if it happens again in Sept. The more I read the more I think Autostraddle has a wide age demographic in their readership.

  26. ‘Answers provided to questions about the attractiveness of humans at various ages apparently lead to some interesting results within the “LGBT population” (although I can assume due to my familiarity with this fantastic world of ours that they’re probably just referring to Ls and Gs and maybe Bs and didn’t account for the fact that “transgender” is not a sexual orientation)’

    But if they selected a random group of people and asked them a bunch of questions – among them, whether they identify as ‘LGBT’ – instead of rounding up a specific group of ‘LGBT’ people and asking them questions – chances are there are at least as many Bs as Ls and Gs in the survey since, statistically, there are just as many, if not more Bs in the general population? I guess I’m just trying to be optimistic.

  27. This is really great to hear!! Anti-aging sucks, I’ve always hated the term, the commercials, it’s all BS. I’m glad we’re more open-minded. For later in life queers it’s a very good thing!

  28. Maybe im missing the point but surely 50% of the people in relationships with older women like younger women?

    • I think that liking younger women isn’t seen as news-worthy, because it aligns with society’s preference for youthfulness. Whereas an affinity for older women is seen as transgressive.

  29. But, wait, what does it say about me if I currently have a small crush on someone ~8 years older but who honestly looks as if she’s the same age as me (24)? Am I a stereotypical gay lady, or am I an anti-aging prick?

    Whatever, Allure can go f*** itself, I don’t care. She’s so cute, y’all. And that totally trumps everything else.

  30. I skipped a few grades really early in my life, so people in my grade and my “age group” are, on average, 2-3 years older than me. Add to that the fact that I’m actually a grumpy old cat at heart, and suddenly every other crush I get seems wildly inappropriate.

    • Also the one caveat my mother gave me when I came out was “not to get stuck dating an old woman who uses [me] for my body,” so.

  31. Oh hells yes, I’m 24 and my girlfriend is 49 and she is so hot. Sometimes people don’t know what to do with that information – when we’re out in public, people will ask if she’s my teacher or my aunt, or sometimes straight men will wink at her like she’s done well for herself (maybe because she’s a boi and I’m femme so it juuust fits into their heteronormative paradigm). When things get weird I like to play the “how old was I when she had done ____ in her life?” game, and then watch people squirm when the answer is “not born yet”. (i.e. moved into her first apartment, dated someone for five years, graduated college.)

    • I’m 40 and sleeping with a 65 year old… Hawt hawt! Gods, she’s so sexy, and we’re having SO much fun :)

  32. Thank you for validating my overwhelming attraction and lust for Alex Kingston and Mary McDonnell.

    • Jesus Christmas, Alex Kingston as River Song on Dr. Who just…yes, YES!


      • My sex drive entirely revolves around her right now. Kind of a problem. I just can’t find anyone else with such amazing curls and curves.

        And yes, space suits, and space guns, and jean jackets, and red heels, and Cleopatra costumes.

        • You said it. River Song is 100% Gorgeous from head to toe in well anything. I think I loved her outfit most though in A GOOD MAN GOES TO WAR.

      • You know Bra, while I have some issues with the writing for the character River Song I ADORE Alex Kingston! :) She is so sassy and bad-ass. Looks good in everything pretty much.

        And yup, her pistols are Nerf Mavericks (I AM GEEKASUARUS REX)!

        • Shelby, my dream is to steal the character of River Song from Steven “can’t write a full-rounded female character to save his life” Moffat and write her an awesome spin-off webseries about her kicking ass by herself all the time.

          Alex Kingston is the best. Bi archaeologist in Doctor Who, lesbian archaeologist in Upstairs, Downstairs – my dream is to meet her and tell her “If you ever want to research being a queer archaeologist, here’s my number…”

  33. Another point to add to the conversation:

    I find queer older women tend to be more lively/strong/active than most straight women of equivalent age. I always thought this was because straight women in most western cultures are (subconsciously or not) beaten over the head with the idea that they’re pretty much useless and unattractive after they’ve married and had kids (which explains the obsession with youth.)

    In the queer community, however, a partner and children aren’t seen as an end goal for women. If they want to have that life, sweet! If not, also sweet! It spreads the subconscious message that women are worth more than the families they can create. This may translate into more hope/activity in later years and the mindset in the queer women community that women are amazing, interesting and capable no matter what age because a woman’s success doesn’t automatically end at menopause/when the children leave the house. That continuation of hope/passion/activity leads to more women being attracted to/respecting older women and it creates this amazing cycle of acceptance and passion.

    Does that make sense? It makes sense to me. Just something to add to the conversation. :)

    Also older women are frickin’ sexy.

  34. I think I have had maybe 2 crushes ever that were younger than me, and one of those is less than a year younger than me so we’re pretty much the same age. All others were on women who were 5-17 years older.

  35. I’m 25 and all my biggest crushes are hovering right around the 40 mark. God, one day one of them ill date me. I will gladly be someone’s younger arm candy. :D

  36. Do you ladies who have crushes on older women also have the be/do complex? My crushes on older women definitely have that complex going on but some are just “Damn you just have too much sexy/power *Angela Basset*”

      • It’s when you are not sure if you just *platonically* admire someone or you really just want to have sexytimes with them.

        For me personally I tend to have this with older women because I will admire their accomplishments in life so I would want to seek out mentor relationship but at the same time I really just want to hug some older women with my legs.

        Mainly you are just confused about your feelings and become obsessed with them and read their e-mails over and over and stare at them little too long and sigh, like a lot, a lot.


  37. When I’m dating someone who is older I like to tease them.

    Right now the response is ‘YOU ARE ONLY A YEAR YOUNGER THAN ME’ and then I laugh.

  38. Also, wrinkles? You know those delicate lines that appear more prominently when they smile/laugh *cue picture of Rachel Maddow*, or talk *cue picture of Andrea Gibson*, or just making a face *cue picture of certain professors*. Ugh so attractive. Just putting it out there because my friends always make fun of me for this and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who finds wrinkles to be attractive.

    • you genuinely love older women aaaww you find their wrinkles attractive thats how i am i admire them in everyway…my spouse is 64 she is very attractive and i love her more than life Id never have it any other way.

  39. Aaaand bam! Add another stereotype to the list in this pet-filled-vegan-feminist-may/december household!

    Really though, am I the only one with a SERIOUS crush on Jessica Lange? 60’s never looked so good!

  40. I have to say my smallish list just to say I said it.
    I Like:
    Sigourney Weaver
    Olivia Benson
    Kate Mulgrew
    Amanda Tapping (Sanctuary Season 4! loved the kiss)
    Bridget Regan (Legend Of The Seeker, Kahlan)
    Tabrett Bethell (Legend Of The Seeker, Cara)
    Lisa Edelstein
    Jennifer Morrison
    Emma Thompson
    Lana Parrilla
    River Song (as previously stated)
    Too Many come to mind of Beautiful…*sigh*

  41. I couldn’t agree more. I am 21 and I’m involved with a woman who is 31. 10 years would seem like so much more if we were a straight couple, but we don’t even notice the age difference, unless she’s teasing me about being a kid :P

  42. I agree with this 100 %!

    When lifetime had that movie “an unexpected love” (not that great of a movie, but since it was the first lesbian movie I had ever seen and I was 12, it has a special place in my heart) on TV, I was in love with Wendy Crewson.. still kind of am lol.

    I would date older in a heart beat. <3

  43. I have always been attracted to older ladies; and I am not ashamed to admit that at the age of fifteen/sixteen I was crushing on ladies in their sixties. (In fact, I still crush on those ladies).

    Age comes with its own very unique type of sexiness. It’s this combination of wisdom, experience, and confidence that I think really does it for me.

    Now, if Helen Mirren wants a twenty-one year old girlfriend, I’m her lady. ;)

  44. My fiance is 42, and I am 26. Age is just a number. We have so much in common. I also like getting to talk to her about the 80s etc.

  45. I can see how this is true. My mom is dating a woman that is 10 years her junior. I’ve always been attracted to women at least 5 years younger than me. The question is where are all these younger women?

  46. Yes! Oh my god yes…

    I have found older women attractive for years and I’m 22.

    Especially celebrities like:

    Mariska Hargitay (Olivia Benson, Law and Order Svu)
    Julianne Moore
    Teri Polo (Stef Foster, The Fosters)
    Maura Tierney (Abby Lockhart, ER)
    Kate Walsh (Addison Shepard,Grey’s Anatomy)
    Natasha Richardson (The Parent Trap)
    Julianna Margulies (Alicia Florrick, The Good Wife)
    Dana Delaney (Katherine, Desperate Housewives)
    Lea Thompson (Katherine Kennish, Switched at Birth)

    I would go anywhere with these women in a HEARTBEAT!

  47. As an… umm… older woman who is attracted to younger women, this fills my heart with hope, and makes me feel a little less like a creepy-creeperson.

  48. Well I believe there’s that attraction towards older women and it feels natural when you’re in you’re twenties something. There’s just something I can’t put my finger in it. I mean on it! ;) Anyways, I’m done with you older ladies and going to explore the younger ones. Wish me luck!

  49. I totally love older women. They are my favourite demographic. I consistently fall for ladies aged around 49-53. I’m 34. I went on a date with a 53 year old but my sexual and relationship experiences have so far been with three younger women (1-6 years younger)

    I fancy two people at the moment. One is female and 49 and the other is female and 52.Both are straight and married, though. Yikes! I’ve got to stop that.

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  51. Yay! You’ve decided to leave a comment. That’s fantastic. Please keep in mind that comments are moderated by the guidelines laid out in our comment policy. Let’s have a personal and meaningful conversation and thanks for stopping by!

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