“Legends of Tomorrow” Episode 615 Recap: Rainbow Connection

Sara runs in and tells the team with wild eyes that she knows the meaning of life. She takes a deep breath and lays it on them: “We are all connected.”

Sara beams like she just solved the world's greatest mystery

Me after I finish explaining the plot of this show to someone who doesn’t watch, but before I realize they stopped listening somewhere around “Thong Song.”

When they all look at her like she told them the sky is blue, she realizes that what Constantine told her seemed more profound in the moment. She tries to shake off the effects of the mushroom and get back to leading.

Young Bishop finishes the antidote and gives it to Spooner, who comes to, confused but grateful.

Nate wonders if healing Spooner healed the fountain and stopped the invasion but they peep out the window and realize they sure did not. They go out to investigate and see a bunch of scattered pods; and according to Gary, they have until dark to stop this. It’s up to them to save humanity.

Ava and Sara look a tad bit overwhelmed

“Just once can’t our mission be to like…help Nancy Drew solve one of her cute local murders?”

Back at the house, Spooner is eating and getting her strength back, and she’s surprised to realize she can’t hear anyone’s thoughts but her own. No aliens, no fountain. But one thing she does know from being connected to the fountain is that it doesn’t want to help them.

As things start to get dire, Sara decides to get down to brass tacks. She turns on her heels and faces Ava and asks her to marry her. Not theoretically, not someday in the future. Today, before the apocalypse descends. She wants to get married to the love of her life, even if it’s the last thing she does. Maybe especially if it’s the last thing she does. Ava looks at Sara like it’s the wildest plan she’s ever heard, but baby, she’s on board.

Ava smiles at Sara with eyes full of love

Me @ people who tell me they just started any of my favorite shows.

So the Legends get to work. Just like they are a perfect combo in the field, they’re the perfect team for a wedding they only have four hours to plan and do. Gary is on fashion, Behrad on food, Zari takes care of the magic, Astra uses her magic to make some decorations, and Spooner helps her mom set up the front yard. As they lay out the tablecloth, Spooner asks her mom to leave. At first her mom says no; this is her home, and she wants to defend it. But Spooner can’t be distracted by trying to protect her mom. She needs her to be somewhere safe. She can’t lose her mother, not again. So Mom agrees. And as soon as her mom leaves to pack her bag, Spooner turns to see Astra watching with sympathetic eyes, and Spooner just collapses into Astra’s arms.

Astra hugs Spooner tight

I feel like I need this image on a magnet that says “I flip for Spatula” to have in my kitchen.

Gary finds Ava trying and failing to write her vows, in a full panic. Sara already wrote her vows. Sara! Chaos incarnate. Is prepared for this. And Ava, the woman who is so much of a planner she got literally turned into one once, has nothing. Gary tells her that she’s overthinking it. That she has to just speak from the heart. It was exactly what she needed to hear, so she looks at her best little assistant and asks him to walk her down the aisle. His big eyes fill up with tears and for the first time, he doesn’t have a wild, overblown reaction. He just smiles a big smile and quietly and proudly accepts.

Ava smiles at Gary with happy tears in her eyes

“Now get back to work.”

And so it’s finally time for the wedding we’ve all been waiting for. Mick walks Sara down the aisle, dressed in a beautiful white pantsuit. Behrad sings Songbird because apparently Avalance feelings weren’t enough without a layer of Brittana feelings. Kayla is there with the babies, looking lovely in her human dress. Ava walks down the aisle in a simple white dress, looking stunning, and Sara looks so, so happy.

Sara BEAMS at her future wife

Listen she looks beautiful but I won’t lie the first thing I thought when I saw her was, “Is she wearing a bump-it?”

Nate officiates and together they reminisce about the first time they met, and how this is exactly what the world needs right now. “When hope seems lost: love.” And Nate isn’t just talking about Sara and Ava. This bond the Legends have is deeper than that, and the love they have for each other will be their beacon in the impending storm.

Ava and Sara stand in their wedding outfits smiling at each other.

“This is our time. No turning back. We could live, we could live like legends.”

Sara reads her vows, saying that Ava melted her cold, assassin heart, and promises to always be Ava’s champion, to always let her in even when it’s hard, and to always, ALWAYS fight for her. And above all, she will love her.

Sara reads her vows

I usually hate wedding scenes but this one was actually very lovely.

Ava takes Gary’s advice and speaks from the heart. Calls Sara the chaos that uprooted her tidy existence. Ava was living a simulation of a life, and Sara made everything real. She says the most Avalance thing that has ever been said to close out her vows; “Co-captains forever, baby.”

Ava smiles lovingly at Sara

“Everything that you do gives me some power, makes me feel alive. So take the gun, I’m your Bonnie, you can be my Clyde. I know that you feel the same, so paint it on your face, and baby, let the world see.”

Nate asks for objections and of course Bishop shows up to express his. In Kayla’s stolen ship, he crashes down into the field, bringing with him an early blanket of night, causing the aliens to start unleash from the pods, like a billion little Finleys here to disrupt a gay wedding.

Sara tries to get everyone without steel skin or the power of regeneration to fall back, but she should know her team better than that. Spooner and her guns and Astra and her magic aren’t going anywhere.

Astra summons a magic fireball

“We’ve got magic to do, just for you.”

Kayla also decides to stay, and takes her place next to her baby daddy. The siblings activate their totems, and everyone falls in line, ready for the fight of their lives.

The Legends all stand in a line

“Just because everything’s changing doesn’t mean it’s never been this way before. All you can do is try to know who your friends are as you head off to the war.”

But then they see that the aliens rushing at them are only the first wave. When they see more aliens than they can take on rushing over the hills, they decide to take a covered approach instead. As they’re barricading the door, Behrad gets bitten, and Sara knows first hand how lethal this bite is, so she grabs an ax by the fireplace and gets ready to do some battlefield surgery. Zari stops her and says she won’t let her hack up her baby brother, and as they argue about it, Spooner throws up her hands to calm them down and a little beam of healing energy is sucked from Sara and into Behrad, and his bite heals up. Sara realizes now that this is what Constantine meant. This is what it’s all meant. They’re all connected.

So Sara puts Spooner in charge of QBing, and she swaps people’s powers as needed to keep the aliens at bay. And despite their joint efforts keeping them alive, they know this isn’t a permanent solution. They realize that this might be the end, and Sara is glad at least she’ll die a wife, but Nate points out that they technically never finished the ceremony. Inspired by this team, Kayla offers to hold the aliens back as long as she can while the team finishes the ceremony. So she tentacles out and holds the line while the Legends circle up around Ava and Sara and finish the “I do”s and make their last moments count.

Nate pronounces them officially wives, and Ava Sharpe and Sara Lance kiss.

Sara and Ava kiss as a soft glow appears around them

This seems to be a theme on this show and I am HERE FOR IT.

And as they kiss, a glowing light builds and swirls and shoots out of the circle of Legends and grows like a fungus and out into the night, destroying all the aliens. It turns out, the fountain realized love is not a lie and decided to save them after all. Constantine showed it the worst of humanity, but the rest of the Legends showed it the best. And so, yet again, queer love and found family saves the day.

And if we thought them calling each other “babe” every chance they got was cute, I have a feeling them calling each other “wifey” might end up being even cuter.

Legends of Tomorrow 615: Ava and Sara kiss in celebration of their gay love saving the day

h a n d s

Bishop rockets down to the earth, desperate for the win, unused to losing. He doesn’t really understand how his plan failed, but the thing is, he didn’t count on the power of teamwork. He waves his gun around and is ready to fight them all one by one, but just then Mick and Kayla’s babies hatch and creep on up to Bishop. At first he’s delighted; a natural-born human/alien hybrid species. But then the babies crawl up his legs and devour him. A poetic justice; the very thing he dedicated his life to creating, created without his involvement at all, is also his downfall.

Kayla and Mick are so proud.

Young Bishop promises to never become the supervillain he saw here tonight, but actually they need him to do just that, so they mindwipe him and shove him back to where he came from.

Zari goes to the site of the fountain and says out loud to the spirit of Constantine that she really did love him. “I wish that could have been enough.” And excuse me, Tala Ashe, but I did not order these FEELINGS.

Zari looks distraught

“You and your words, obsessed with your legacy, your sentences border on senseless. And you are paranoid at every paragraph how they perceive you. You, you, you.”

She is surprised when she hears Constantine answer. He traded his soul to a demon in hell…again, and while he doesn’t regret a second of their time together, it’s time for him to go his own way. He gives her an old key without telling her what it’s for, and disappears.

On the front porch, Mick and Sara reflect on how much has changed since their first day on the Waverider. They were both such angry loners, and now here they both are. Mick with a billion babies and a woman to raise them with, Sara with a team of lovable idiots and a wife. How far they’ve come. But it looks like Sara will be the last Original Legend standing, because Mick has to go be a dad now. He has a new team to be part of, but he thinks he’s learned a lot about herding kittens from watching Sara these past few years.

Sara looks pleased as she reflects on their growth

“It would be pretty neat if they didn’t replace you and Constantine with more white men.”

As the Legends leave the site of their great victory, Ava is a little uneasy; this all felt a little too…neat. Nothing they’ve ever done ends with quite a tidy seam. There’s always another loose thread being tugged. Sara tells her that she’s just being paranoid.

Sara and Ava walk together, each with an arm around her wife

“Everything’s gonna be fine, fine, fine.”

But, as usual, Ava is right, and before they can even get back to the Waverider to tell Gideon the good news, a ship that looks suspiciously like a second Waverider swoops in, destroys their ship, and swoops out. And the last line of the season is perfect, because of who delivered it, because of how it was delivered, because it perfectly sums up the show and honestly could have been the whole recap. Astra says simply, “What the hell?!”

And that’s where season six leaves us! I think this is my favorite season of the show so far, or at least really high up there, which is really wild to think about considering I can’t think of many shows that I can say that about the SIXTH season. But this show just keeps getting better as it figures out what exactly works. I’m not sure if next season will have a new shtick – like seasons before had anachronisms, encores, and aliens – or if we still have more alien mess to clean up, but luckily we won’t have to wait too long to find out! Season 7 premieres in just over a month, and I can’t wait to find out what these time traveling wives and their crazy kids get up to next.

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  1. I do believe this is the first time you have referenced Pippin in one of your recaps…


    I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again – if you are a primary character in an Arrowverse show, you should probably just elope. Or just skip over the “speak now or forever hold your peace” bit, because that’s always when the villain interrupts.


    Beebo bless us, we get more Legends in just over a month!

    Assuming that was a variant of the Waverider, I hope that means the season seven villains are evil versions of themselves. Because after defeating the Legion of Doom, the Anachronisms, the Fugitives, the Encores and the Fates, and now aliens… what’s left to defeat but themselves?

    Also, if they’re stuck in 1925, there’s a chance they might bootstrap paradox the JSA into existence…

  2. – How did Mick survive that?
    – Please let Behrad get high off of John’s corpse mushroom. (I know he won’t, but that would be so funny.)
    – Did they tell us who Spooner’s dad was?
    – Stick to your guns Zari. Don’t let John off of the hook.
    – But will Bishop remember this move since it’s from his past?
    – …..They do get high off of John!Corpse mushroom.
    – *New Joosey accent* Hey, Sara. EAT. ME.
    – It’s raining Zagarons, hallelujah.
    – If Lita couldn’t be there to walk Ava down the aisle, then I guess Gary will do. Especially after what he said.
    – Spatula (Spooner & Astra) hugging. That height difference.
    – Mick walked Sara down the aisle. I saw a lot of people predicting that.
    – Gary wearing a crushed velvet suit is so Gary.
    – Nice song.
    – Great vows.
    – I would rank that #1 on Arrowverse weddings. (Olicity interruptions not allowed.)
    – If Nate changed out his powers, shouldn’t he start internally bleeding? He’s a hemophiliac.
    – It’s Hello Cthulhu.
    – I’m glad that John and Zari’s relationship resolved itself as it did. Zari forgave him, but didn’t romanticize his shortcomings.
    – Until we meet again, John, Mick.
    – Now the question is was it them that stranded themselves in the past?

  3. I doubt they’ll go this route given that they’re all stranded and what have you, but I would love to see a future episode where they dig into the eleven Avas that Rip brought to the Time Bureau before our Ava. Like… we are told that she is the twelfth. It’s implied that they all died. But, did they have connections or relationships? If I were Ava, I’d be so curious about those other eleven versions. Like, remember that weird file Rip erased that started off all the conspiracies about what Ava’s secret was? Was that file a backlog on Ava info?

    We usually see alt-Avas as comedic or scary enemies. I’d love to see something about Avas who, like our Ava, were just trying to live. Lowkey heartbreaking, but I would love to see it. Jes Macallan has already beyond blown my mind with her acting in this season and the last. I’d love to see how she’d handle all that.

  4. I think the costuming and hair people went wild for Sara’s wedding look. It was a no on both. It’s one thing doing Caity Lotz dirty but I think Sara Lance deserves better.

    (Or does she? I wasn’t so into Sara this season and I’m honestly not sure if it’s because of my opinions about Caity Lotz or if it’s just the way they wrote her storyline.)

  5. I mean, she looked beautiful anyways, but yeah that hair and outfit were TERRIBLE. I felt bad for Sara Lance… and it also didnt feel much like Sara Lance? Like, pantsuit, sure. Giant ass bow on her butt, no.

    I think there were some very good Sara scenes (reunion with Ava, etc) but they were so few and far between. I kind of wonder if the writers downplayed her character cuz of everything going on with the actress.

  6. This review gave me life! Thank you so much!! The Finley wedding mention, Spatular, the comments under the pictures (especially these) – ALL OF IT!

    Also, I just didn’t understand Sara’s wedding look AT ALL. The hair, the eye makeup, the butt bow… it all just confused me. It didn’t seem like the Sara Lance we know at all? But nevertheless, Ava Sharpe has now become Ava Lance and all our shipping desires have crashed into one. Avalance for the win! ‘WIFEY’ compilations HERE WE COME!

    Also, cya Mick. It was nice knowing you, but you really were such an odd character. That goes for Dom too. I mean I’m Australian myself so I understand a lot of the weird shit he says on Instagram, doesn’t mean I don’t still think he’s crazy though!

  7. The Kara leaned in part surprised me, like a slap to the face. And how dare you quote here the no need to say goodbye. Anyway, these articles are always great, thank you, and congrats.

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