Kristen Stewart Spotted Walking Alone; Stop the Presses

It’s been an odd couple of months for Kristen Stewart. First, she quietly broke up with live-in gal pal Alicia Cargile in a move so subtle it took the tabloids months to actually notice. Shortly thereafter, she started dating Soko, a musician and actress who has been very open about their relationship in interviews and on social media — much moreso than Kristen.

For a couple of days, the paparazzi were obsessed with everything they did, be it holding hands on the streets of Paris or sucking one another’s thumbs in the parking lot of a sandwich shop in Los Angeles. Since then, reports of the pair’s daily exploits have mostly dried up, but the tabloids have not stopped crafting stories from what limited information we already have. According to several reports, Stewart was seen by herself somewhere in Beverly Hills, which multiple gossip websites took as proof that Stewart and Soko have already called it quits. Some took it even further and claimed that Robert Pattinson was getting ready to/had already left FKA Twigs, and that the Twilight stars intended to rekindle their romance. Again, this all happened because Kristen Stewart was spotted walking somewhere by herself. Being famous is wild.

In this month’s edition of French Marie Claire, alleged sapphist and Broody McBrooderson Kristen Stewart discussed her extremely busy and extraordinarily productive year and her experiences with the pressures of fame. Although the translation is a bit confusing, it’s clear that Kristen continues to abhor the paparazzi and tabloid journalism in general (sorry, Kristen). When asked if there’s anywhere she can go on Earth where she wouldn’t be recognized, she reluctantly admits, “Fuck no.” Public scrutiny has led to Stewart becoming a bit paranoid, constantly worrying whether or not someone is eavesdropping on her private conversations.

While she was happy to tell the reporter that her favorite thing about acting was the ability to connect with others, she also said that she hates talking about fame — “There’s not much to say about it, and no one wants to hear you whine about your job, especially when so many people aspire to become actors.” Mostly, the journalist seemed to focus on Kristen’s recent shorter haircut, and whether or not she was still capable of “expressing femininity.” Additionally, when the reporter asked Stewart if it was harder in Hollywood to be black, gay or a woman, she replied, “I don’t have much experience with these subjects, I don’t have much to say.” There are certainly worse ways to answer that question, although also arguably there are better.

Anyway, here we are again, gossiping about how much Kristen Stewart hates being gossiped about. As far as we know, she still has a girlfriend and they’re still getting weird all over LA. We can’t wait to see what those two crazy kids get into next.

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  1. “In this month’s edition of French Marie Claire, alleged sapphist and Broody McBrooderson Kristen Stewart…”

    Love it. Also:

    “A rough journey, that is worth every effort, Kristen Stewart is rock’n’roll.”

    Oh, the accidental poetry and wisdom of poorly translated French.

  2. in the comments on some random internet gossip website (i need a hobby, I know) someone said that Soko put something on snapchat about hating cheaters and was later seen on a date with another woman?

    As tragic as it is, the rumours may have a bit more behind them, though this is pure speculation and I am not an investigative journalist

    • yeah the thing is, kristen is so private that it’s really hard to tell when something major like this is happening at all. i can’t say i see a super long shelf life for these two (sorry), but i’d give it another few months at least. at LEAST let them do another couple of laps around LAX in comfortable outerwear.

  3. Do u ever wonder how you would change your social media presence in the event of Sudden, Extreme Fame


    Like everytime i start gettin Too Cocky with my Walter Mitty Type internal Crack Dream Fantasies I take a step back, like:

    “woah hey now Buddy; slow your roll; you have yet to fully annihilate your misguided teenaged YouTube presence”

    • Speaking of which who knows how to delete a Gmail account with a forgotten password and no way to reset said password

      (because the reset password backup email address has long since been deleted)


      … Asking 4 a friend*


      • I feel like radio head were p famous for a while before deleting a website that was created solely because they were already famous ya know

  4. “I don’t have much experience with these subjects, I don’t have much to say.”

    I mean…OK

    • Def better than trying to answer from a place of ignorance and then accidentally saying something shitty, I guess?

      Like In This Age Of Pile-Ons And “Your Fav Is Problematic”, I understand why someone with any level of fame would be reticent to answer questions like that

      But also a simple “yes” would suffice, like Jesus

      • i had a really hard time not linking to that episode of 30 rock where jenna and tracy switch identities to see whether life is harder for black men or white women.

    • I’m sort of confused by what they were actually asking anyway. Are they asking if it’s harder to be any of those three things than just being a straight white dude? Or was it multiple choice? Like, who has it hardest?

  5. Kristen looks so far away and lost in many photos. I think she is just trying to find her sea legs. I didn’t start to understand myself or what I wanted until I was around 28.

  6. Just answer the simple question Kristen! How hard is it to be black in Hollywood???

  7. I went to a local camera/photography meet, and one of the guys there works as paparazzi(but he wasn’t the scum bag kind based on his pics on his website). Said he makes solid money just following stars around, and not invading their privacy like some others do(he also does portraits). So, Kristen being photographed by herself still sells to tabloid magazines/sites, I guess.
    I think I said this story here, but still works. I was at the 24 hour Rite Aid in Beverly Hills when I was standing in front Lohan and Ronson(this was when they were in every mag) at the checkout line. As walking out the Paparazzi pretty much said I’ll give you a cool $20 if you tell me what they got. I just walked away like I didn’t hear. I would think he must be making at least $200 for the images and what she bought, if I am being offered $20 for info.

      • Nothing exciting, medicine, and birth control pills. They both were dressed like they were ready for a night in with the cats.

    • “Just following stars around, not violating their privacy”

      See this is why I could never be famous, if someone followed me around taking my picture I would want to move to a cave and never come out, just the very idea makes me so claustrophobic

      And also when the stars have kids and the photogs take the kids photos that feels even more invasive to me, dangerous even.

      • This is what I’m SAYIN

        Better to be famous on, like, The Radio

        Podcast Famous

        Much less likely to be recognized

        Like I’m not a naturally private person because I lack this thing that other people have called a “filter”

        But I *yearn* to be less of an Open Book, if only because maybe I’d curse less in the presence of children??

        Fame Sounds TERRIFYING

      • Well if you are stars like Paris Hilton, Tara Reid or the Kardashians I think you partially(at least back in 2012) lived off the paparazzi to keep to you in the lime light.

  8. Kristen. Star in a tv show about lesbians and ill leave your personal life alone. Its just so EFFING WONDERFUL to see a couple that looks like the relationship you wanna be in.

    Until then, im so sorry, kstewcis my most googled topic :-X

  9. See I appreciate the dedication to casual obsession here because I can’t keep my obsessions casual

    I have to stop watching shows if I feel like I Care Too Much

    I don’t buy magazines with interviews with my favs because I dislike the false sense of familiarity that fame provides / I dislike being made to confront the fact that I’m Filling The Void with FICTION

    Can’t follow my faves on Instagram because it feels like low-level stalking, ya know?

    Like I have a pit of *feelings* about a fictional person they portray On Tee Vee and they have Zero feelings re: me and most their fans (except possibly a complicated tangle of Gratitude and Fear) and it’s weird and one-sided and I’d hate to be on their side of it and don’t feel particularly good being on My Side Of It, either, in the sense that we all have been Duped, Tricked, Our Emotions Manipulated Into ComicCon Attendance Fees

    I never wanna be a girl crying over the Beatles, basically?

    Some people find comfort and community and catharsis in Fandom and I… Really Don’t

    • Omg! Crying over The Beatles! Have you seen “The Sixties” on netflix? I love it. Also, those chicks are TOO MUCH thats like fandom to a whollllle other level!!

    • Eh, I don’t think following on instagram feels stalkerish – after all, it’s 100% with their consent. It’s also a way for them to take back their brand and image from the paps.

      • I guess it just *feels* low lever stalkerish because of how social media further reinforces the False Sense Of Knowing A Person

        It’s possible I think about this a lot

      • It’s also possible that the amount of feelings I have about tv scare me not because they are Too Much, but because I’m bad at having feelings / am clinically unable to Deal With Things, SO

        Ya Know

        Hashtag Baggage

  10. Can’t wait for the next post! :O


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