Kate Moennig Cameos On Dexter As The Girl With The Dykey Tattoos


Although she was covered in tattoos and wardrobe provided good push-up bra, she still made serious lesbian eye contact, evoking a Shane-ness, as she flirted with Dexter‘s sister, Deb. Hot.


Jane Lynch is More Magazine’s November cover girl. She talks about meeting her wife Lara Embry and sorta-uhauling it straight to Sarasota, Florida:

“A week after meeting her [at a lesbian fundraiser], Lynch flew to Sarasota, Florida, where Embry lived. Just before takeoff, she called Embry and said, “We need to acknowledge how courageous both of us are that I’m coming into town and you really don’t know me. And I’m hopping on a plane to visit someone I really don’t know. So for a moment, let’s give ourselves a little pat on the back.

I shouldn’t say this, but I’d never dated anyone that I wanted to marry. I didn’t think it was going to be out there for me. But the minute we were married, I felt the difference: I felt like I am no longer alone. I got married—and I married a doctor!”

This cute photoshoot awaits inside:



A profile on the man who writes all of Sue Sylvester’s one liners, Ian Brennan offers some very interesting insight into the writing process behind Glee:

“…the three creators of the show — Brennan, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk — each play a different role. Mr. Murphy, the director of “Eat Pray Love” whose television work includes “Nip/Tuck,” picks the songs and comes up with some of the crazier story lines, like football players dancing in formation to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.” Mr. Falchuk, a “Nip/Tuck” alumnus, generally handles the scenes that jerk tears.”



Our boy-crush, Zachary Quinto successfully navigates the “is he or isn’t he” probing of the New York Times:

“…the blogosphere is rife with speculation about his sexuality, no doubt fueled by his support for gay rights and organizations like the Trevor Project. He prefers not to feed that rumor mill with either substantiation or dismissal. He speaks passionately about gay marriage, about “don’t ask, don’t tell” and about the recent wave of gay bullying and suicides. “The fact that these things are such hot-button issues right now, socially and politically, I would much rather talk about that than talk about who I sleep with. I would love to be a voice in this maelstrom of chaos and obsessive celebrity infatuation that says, ‘Let’s talk about something that matters.”

Zach is Off-Broadway in Angels In America where he plays a man who abandons his lover who has AIDS. Check out his “It Gets Better” video. See, it can be done Dana Owens! (@nytimes)


Lesbian web-series stars, Crystal Chappell & Rachael Hip Flores visit The Hetrick-Martin Institute, home of the Harvey Milk School in New York City.


Tegan talks to Liz about the #ItGetsBetter Campaign on the latest episode of This Just Out with Liz Feldman. The episode also features a phone call from Tegan & Sara’s mom!

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    • More is a woman’s magazine, I imagine they’re there for eye candy for its primarily straight female readership.

      On another note, am I the only one to much prefer Kate Moennig when she’s being all androgynous? I love boobs, but on her they just look weird and out of proportion.Possibly because she’s in a push up bra!

  1. I am in love with Deb. I always thought her character was kinda queer, so I would love to see her hook up with Kate’s character. Yes!

  2. wait wait WAIT! Angels in America is on Broadway RIGHT NOW?!?!? is this real? if so i am buying the next plane ticket to new york.

  3. Oh my gosh. The push up bra they put on Kate Moennig…could they make those breasts look any faker? Couldn’t they just work with the fact that there are flat chested ladies out there *ahem like me ahem* and worked with it? My dad loves Jane Lynch. He loves Glee.

  4. I love Tegan-well period. I love Tegan. And Sara. and Tegan & Sara.
    What I meant was I love Tegan’s expressions,Like the end where she calls her mom and get’s the wrong number she just looked horrified lol. I wonder who she called, or just the how fucking excited she was to get a Gay Sword, her face just lit up. Hilarious. I love you.
    Also, if Dykey-Kate Moennig was a running/supporting character I would watch Dexter all the fucking time.

  5. Does anyone else find it hilarious that kate moennig’s character was named Michael Angelo…lol! also quinn is gross, he’s over tanned and a total douche. deb needs to get with the tattoo artist or that new venenzuelan cop lady she’s been working with.

  6. Holy bosoms batman, what they hell have they done to Kate Moennig? The costume person should be deeply, deeply ashamed of themselves…

  7. This whole post makes me all kinds of happy. Kate Moennig is hot no matter what strange outfit she’s put in. Totally random side note, was anyone else confused by the woman getting a tattoo in a thong and no pants? And completely distracted by it?

    Awesome episode of This Just Out. There are barely enough words to describe how cool Tegan is.

  8. You know, there’s a podcast on Glee (Sara and Aimee do Glee) that is done by a lesbian and a straight girl and Ian Brennan actually wrote them and said he liked them and now apparently they’re friends and he hung out with them and bought them drinks before the concert in Phoenix (Hello run on sentence!)! I’m guessing people have mentioned them on here; Autostraddle’s Glee recaps are strikingly similar to their podcasts.

  9. I commented about Deb way before I saw the Liz Feldman interview with Tegan. I love Tegan, but I think I love her mom more…

  10. I’ve never seen ‘Dexter’, but from this clip, Deb is totally a dyke. Her and Shane would be amazing. I agree with the poster above that said more androgynous Katherine is a better look, but I still hope they develop her character’s relationship with Deb.

    And yeah, go La Lynch!

    • PS Did anyone else notice the headline on More’s cover is ‘Your Personal Best’? Good to know that not only do they give Jane a cover, but they’re also up for referencing classic queer-girl films :)

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