It’s Sunday Funday and We’re Walking on Rainbows

Happy Sunday Funday, queermos! I hope this week was really excellent and that you had your cake and ate it, too.

Inspirational Sh*t

+ Meet me in Montauk. JK! Meet me on HARVEY MILK STREET, MOTHERFUCKERS!


+ An 8-year-old badass:

The Education To End Poverty Act (aptly nicknamed “Starve The Children” by its many detractors) cleared the House and the Senate yesterday, but was ultimately dropped by the brain trust we have to thank for this exercise in cruelty, Sen. Stacy Campfield, R. Knoxville, who called for a further study of the families it would influence before ultimately passing it.

And yet, this SUPER-BASIC LOGIC and, oh, I don’t know, obligation to all the citizens of Tennesse may not have been the real reason that Campfield ultimately nixed the bill. Nope, it was probably because this incredible little 8-year-old girl followed him around the state Capitol with a 2,500-strong petition to stop the bill while asking some prettyyyy important questions.


+ They tried taking away the famous rainbow crosswalk in Sydney, Australia. But ain’t nobody got time for that. They do have time to make their own, though.




Solidarity for Silence

Support the Day of Silence! And f*ck Linda Harvey.

Beer for Queers

Just in time for spring picnics and summer barbecues, Redhook’s coming out in full force for the queers.


This is a marketing ploy I can get behind, TBH.

To make their stance on gay marriage known, Seattle-based Redhook Brewery shaped a collection of their bottle caps to resemble the symbol of the Human Rights Campaign. What was first going to be a fun take on the social media trend became a very popular advertisement.

“Creative was all done in house,” says Karmen Olson-Stevens, Redhook’s Brand Manager. “Field Marketing Representative Spencer Czapiewski and I grabbed a bunch of bottle caps from the packaging line and put together the image that we initially shared online. It was well-received by most, with a few folks who were really mad and threatened to reject our beer. One of our accounts in New York saw a post online featuring the original image and asked us to create a poster for his bar. Spencer came up with the taglines and Redhook’s graphics team pulled them together.”

Olson-Stevens reports that support for their stance on gay marriage has not been difficult to find.

“The feedback on social media has been overwhelmingly positive,” she says. “Any time you take a stand for a cause you believe in there are always going to be a few people who disagree. But we’re holding firm on this one.”

South Africa Steps Up, Montana Backs Off

A recent hate crime in South Africa motivated the government to speak up, saying they were committed to “fight[ing] all forms of hate crimes perpetrated against lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and inter-sex people.”

1365859839_7872_South Africa

Also, as of Wednesday in Montana, there’s no more rules on the books against butt secks. Just saying. Happy 2013!

People You Like to Drool Over

The Quin twins get close(r) to that dude with the chin:

Kaki King gets called a “fingerstylist” by Acoustic Guitar magazine without so much as a chuckle in the room – and graces their most recent cover.


Oh, and then Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden like, make out or something.

How Much Wood Would This Woodchuck Chuck If This Woodchuck Wasn’t Busy Eating Ice Cream

How about this weather?

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  1. for some reason even though i listen to kaki king all the time i never knew what she looked like and HOT DAMN was i missing out

  2. I think it’s actually so cool that advertisers and companies are considering us a viable market now, and one that they should pay attention and cater to. I guess it could seem pandering, but it kind of doesn’t, to me at least. And honestly, I fall for it, especially when it comes to liquor. Just ask the bottle of Absolut Hibiskus I polished off last night.

  3. A convention on marriage equality in Ireland this weekend voted 79% yes to recommend changing the constitution to allow for it!!! We might have a referendum on it soon as a result :)

  4. I’m finally 21 AND gay sex is no longer a felony in Montana?

    I’m pretty much a law-abiding citizen now!

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