It’s Sunday Funday and We F*cking Love You Homos

Hello! Happy Sunday! I have been the worst this week multiple times. I really don’t wanna talk about it. Thank you for understanding. Happy Pride, though! Let’s contemplate love, life, and porcupines together. OK?


Idaho Loves You

Idaho passed two LGBT anti-discrimination ordinances this week.


Prince Harry Loves You

This isn’t even hyperbole at all.


Trooper Wharton went to find the Prince and tearfully told him “I think I’m going to be murdered by the infantry,” the Mail on Sunday reported.

As he explained what had happened Harry had a “complete look of bewilderment” on his face and responded: “Right I’m going to sort this —- out once and for all.”

Delaware Loves You

In Delaware, a new era of transgender protection under the law has officially begun.

The Delaware Senate on Thursday approved a bill that would add gender identity and expression to the state’s anti-discrimination and hate crimes laws.

The 11-7 vote came after lawmakers debated the measure that Senate Majority Whip Margaret Rose Henry (D-Wilmington) introduced late last month. Senate Bill 97 would specifically ban anti-transgender discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodations and works contracting and insurance…

“This bill lets people know that Delaware will welcome you and that, in keeping with our highest ideals as Americans, we will not tolerate discrimination or violence against a person based on their race, color, religion, sexual orientation or now based on their perceived gender,” Henry said after the vote.

The Church of England No Longer Wants To Invest Resources In Fighting You

The Church of England is OVER IT.

The Church of England has said that it accepts that there is a clear majority in Parliament to introduce same-sex marriage and that it will therefore end its opposition to changing the law.

Rt Revd Tim Stevens, the Bishop of Leicester, who convenes the Church of England bishops in the House of Lords said that their role is to “join with other Members in the task of considering how this legislation can be put into better shape.”

Nike Made Sneakers For You

A gay pride sneaker? Shit.


Nike’s latest line of sneakers under its #BeTrue Free Run 5.0 line were released as a nod to gay pride and LGBT people.
Profits of #BeTrue sales will go to the LGBT Sports Coalition, which has set the goal to end the practice of anti-LGBT discrimination in sport by 2016.

This Corgi Loves You

And had a rough fucking week.

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  1. And of course those shoes are only in men’s. Ironic, really. (they are pretty but they could be SO MUCH PRETTIER.)

    • There are so many sneaker-loving dykes and nike decides to produce their pride shoes in men’s sizes exclusively? They sure are missing quite an opportunity to make some money.
      And by the way: marketing the ultimate genderneutral shoe (sneaker) exclusively to men or women via the available sizes is kinda annoying.

  2. I have always liked Harry…he is a real person unlike his brother…and the rest of the family….

  3. Ooh, its nice to see England-stuff on a US based site! And good for Harry – particularly considering that people (not very -nice- people) I imagine will probably take this to be some political move and judge him for it.

    And yay for the apathy of the Church…? Not, of course, that we could still actually get married -in- it, but at least they won’t stop us trying to get married elsewhere. (Feels a bit nyer that the Church of England doesn’t abide by English laws? Every other Church is allowed to opt-in or opt-out by church going by the views of the reverends and congregations, but the heads of the CoE have exempted the whole Church and removed that choice. Also, given they’re the Church -of- England, they should follow the laws of England. Or at least separate themselves and stop getting all the funding that comes from being The Church as opposed to A Church)

    But yeah, love for homos! Woo!

    • The thing with the CofE is a bit frustrating. I know the ban on gay marriage in the church of England in the bill was designed to stop people freaking out and blocking the bill, but the thing is before the ban some ministers were already performing blessing ceremonies or even non-legal marriages which are now officially and explicitly prohibited by the church authorities.

      I always imagined I would marry in a church one day. Of course I’m grateful that I should be able to marry one day, but I don’t think it will ever feel quite right if I’m not in a church.

      • Quite. Not that I have a particularly strong religious affiliation anymore (I was christened CofE, but I’m not practicing, and won’t get confirmed), I know a fair few ministers who performed blessings etc who are dissapointed by this ruling, and even more ladies-who-like-ladies and men-who-like-men who are quite upset by this.

  4. Nike is such a shitty company so I don’t feel great about them being the ones to create a sneaker for us, even if those are some cool ass sneakers. But I guess it is good they’re giving it to a coalition to end discrimination in sports, so it’s helpful and I don’t feel as commodified. I don’t know. I’M ALL MUDDLED.

    • me too. I was looking at the shirts and the shoes going “ooOoooohhh” but then stopped and thought: wait, why should I pay them to graciously put rainbows on a too-expensive product? I can do that myself!”

  5. Yay! One of the Idaho cities is the one I live in! It’s a new version of the non-discrimination ordinance that failed a few months ago that I was talking to everyone about at camp! They almost put this really messed up amendment saying that you have to go into the bathroom that your government issued id says, but, thankfully, they stayed up past midnight and did some political compromising and got rid of that part. But if I talked to you at camp about my hometown, here’s an update on that situation!

    • Well if the AS homos don’t enjoy fucking other homos then they must be quite sad homos (unless of course they’re ace homos, in which case, that’s quite fine)

  6. Carmen, that first photo is of a hedgehog…

    Also, super impressed that the Church of England is laying down arms.

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