It’s Not Too Late to Get Into Your “Twenties”! An EXCLUSIVE Clip of the Season Two Premiere

Let’s talk a minute about Lena Waithe’s Twenties on BET. It entered the game already making history, with Jojo T. Gibb’s Hattie stepping into the spotlight as the FIRST Black masc lesbian to ever serve as the protagonist of a major television show. They ended the first season walking away with multiple Gay Emmys nominations (Outstanding Comedy for the show and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy for Gibbs). And now it’s back! And we have an EXCLUSIVE CLIP of it’s Season Two premiere, thanks to BET!

Before we get into it, where did we leave off? Season One followed Hattie (Gibbs) as she worked as a writers’ room assistant for Ida B. (Sophina Brown), Black Hollywood mogul and legend. Ida and Hattie have an extremely.. well there’s no way to put this, but HOT flirtationship happening all season that’s mildly inappropriate for the workplace, and it ends thusly:

“Hattie heads home only to find Ida B. on her doorstep. It’s not just a surprise to see her, but also that her hair is pulled back and her cheeks streaked with tears, Hattie’s script in her hands. Ida’s power mask is off and she sweeps Hattie up into a hot, hot final kiss for the season.”

OK! And NOW! Here we go….

I straight up started rolling laughing somewhere around Hattie badly singing Anita Baker (“my angellllllllll”), and I didn’t stop right until the end of the clip.

I did the math on this, and if you somehow missed the first season of Twenties, there’s only 8 (just 8!!) half hour episodes, which is a short 4-hour binge. A sprint, really. You could both start it and end it tonight, and STILL have plenty of time to be prepared for the Season Two premiere tomorrow night on BET.

And trust me, you’re gonna want to do that. Not just for Hattie’s dimples, though I mean look, ok — you see them, and not just because Ida’s hot enough to melt lava, but because WE ARE BRINGING YOU FULL EPISODE RECAPS OF TWENTIES, RIGHT HERE ON AUTOSTRADDLE. STARTING WITH THE SEASON TWO PREMIERE, THIS WEEK!

It’s pretty rare that we do full episode recaps of half hour comedies, it’s even more rare that we start full recaps in the second season of a show. And that alone should tell you how hype we are for this one.

Season Two of Twenties airs October 13th (that’s tomorrow!) at 10pm ET/PT on BET and BET HER.

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Carmen Phillips

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