It’s Hot In Australia: Gotye

Gotye (pronounced gore-ti-yeah) is Wally De Backer, an Australian electro-pop-ish musician who first won the hearts of his countryfolk with the release of the 2006 album Like Drawing Blood.

Goyte’s music is slightly strange and yet somehow entirely accessible to all kinds of people. The indie and rock fans in my life can’t seem to get enough, while the electro-pop lovers would give their first-born for tickets to his sold out shows. Even the metal fans quietly cop to Gotye being their jam. As such his recently released album, Making Mirrors, has become a pretty big deal.

The first single off the record, “Somebody I Used To Know” (featuring New Zealand pop artist Kimbra), is for anyone who’s been loved and let go. Check it out >


Also worth hearing is the latest single, “Eyes Wide Open”.


Gotye’s Making Mirrors is out now on iTunes. You can also listen to the entire record on Soundcloud.

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  1. They overplayed ‘Somebody that I used to know’ so ridiculously that I can’t handle that song anymore! I saw him live last year, it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. I still like him though!

  2. I’ve seen this video so many times (in NZ), yet I’m still fascinated by it.

    Shades of early ‘Sting’ in the vocals…

    It’s so refreshing to see a character face these days. Natural teeth (no porcelain veneers). Sexy Ugly, like the rock stars of old :-)


  3. How did I just notice you guys had a section on music from down under?!? I love Aussie/Kiwi music! Quite frankly, I generally love any non-American music; Danish, English, French, Swedish, Japanese…seems like music hasn’t totally gone to the shits outside the U.S…

    Also, anyone listen to Hungry Kids of Hungary and The Good Fun? Because they are amazing.

  4. I don’t know why they’re bothering to hold Hottest 100 next year, JJJ could just call it now and save themselves a whole lot of effort counting votes.

    Meanwhile, hooray for a little bit of Oz on AS.

  5. baaah kimbra is friends with my ex-gf. she went to our church (before we got kicked out and then gave up entirely). new zealand is ridiculous. i’m glad she’s doing so well lately but mother eff if i haven’t heard that song a gajillion times in the past few weeks. so overplayed.

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