Homesteady: Embroidered Engineer Prints (Two Ways)

Got a black and white photo you just loooove and some embroidery floss in your craft stash? Stitching a design on an engineer print is a very affordable gift idea, or a way to take DIY decor to the next level. I used two of my fave wedding photos (by Love & Perry Photography) to share two different ways to decorate engineer prints with embroidery floss!


You will need:

1. Make your image black and white. Be sure to save it in the highest resolution possible.


2. Go to a copy shop (like Staples) and have them print it as an engineer print. They offer a few different sizes; I chose 18″x24″ for this project.

3. Cut a length of embroidery floss and separate it so that you have two pieces, three strands each. Thread your needle and begin stitching oh-so-carefully! The paper is flimsy and you don’t want to tug too hard and rip it. I decided to stitch over the petals in my peony.


Want to try it another way? A pencil comes in handy to add your own design to an engineer print.

1. Draw your design with a pencil. I chose the constellations for Libra and Sagittarius (my wife’s and my astrological signs), and freehanded them above us in the photo, then stitched along the sketch.



Happy stitching!



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Hannah Clay Wareham

Hannah Clay Wareham blogs about DIY projects, recipes, and inspiration, over at the Homesteady, where Martha Stewart meets Liz Lemon (and LL picks the donut shop).

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  1. THIS IS SO BRILLIANT. I LOVE embroidering (I embroidered a handkerchief with images from the school for one of my college applications cause I’m the coolest), and these would make great gifts for people! Awesomeness!

  2. As a needle worker I can see the true meaning of art just by looking at them even without using sense of touch, specially the picture 6th I love the color combination, they are totally suited.

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