Homesteady: DIY Mosquito-Repellant Candle


Living in New England can be somewhat synonymous with complaining about the weather. Now that we’re sneaking up on July, almost everyone has forgotten about the heinous winter we’re leaving behind in favor of bemoaning the new heat! It’s kind of crazy.

I’m enjoying the high temps, though, especially when they make spending evenings outside so darn pleasant. What I can’t stand are the mosquitos. Did you know some people tend to get bitten more often than others? Last night I got a big, itchy bite right on my forehead. It was super cute. Next time, I’m going to actually remember to light this candle first.


The ratio I used here is 1 cup of soy wax candle flakes to 10 drops of citronella essential oil and five drops of lemongrass essential oil. It took two cups of this combo to fill the jar I used. You’ll also need a glass jar, a clothespin, and candle wicks.


Heat the wax flakes in the microwave, checking often, until they’re totally melted. Stir in the essential oils with a toothpick.


Carefully pour the melted wax into your jar. Insert the wick, and use the clothespin to center it in the jar.


Let the candle harden for at least 4-6 hours, but preferably overnight. Remove the clothespin, and trim the wick down to about an inch above the wax.


Light it up and protect yourself from those annoying little buggies this summer!


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Hannah Clay Wareham

Hannah Clay Wareham blogs about DIY projects, recipes, and inspiration, over at the Homesteady, where Martha Stewart meets Liz Lemon (and LL picks the donut shop).

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  1. Just reading this gave me phantom itches — definitely making one of these candles in case the mosquitoes manage to find me on the West Coast!

  2. I should probably make one of these. Not only will it smell good but i will be bite free!! =)

  3. This is excellent for someone who wakes up in the morning during the warm weather season with 10+ bites, while everyone else in the house is bite free. Thank you!

    Can we add a bit of say eucalyptus or mint oil in there for extra scent? Or could that mess with it’s bug repelling powers?

    • Totally, Al! That’s a great idea. I’m actually thinking about adding a little bit of lavender oil to my next one for the same reason…

      • I have this moderately-effective* bug repellant that seems to be mostly lavender and vanilla, so I think lavender has repellant properties? So I’d say go for it.

        *Like, it’s the most effective non-DEET repellant I’ve ever found. But nothing repels bugs like DEET, unfortunately.

    • My Burt’s Bees bug repellant ointment actually has lemongrass and eucalyptus in it, so I would venture to guess that adding lemongrass improves the bug-repelling powers. :) And you’ll have to check me on this but I think maybe does rosemary oil does, too!

  4. thank you so so so so so so so so soooooo much for this i am DYING. mosquitos love me (obvi bc i’m so sweet or whatever)

  5. I woke up a few days ago to two bites on the inside of my thigh, one on a fingertip next to the nail, and a line along a major vein from wrist to inner elbow.

    Thank you for saving me from dengue.

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