Grease Bats: Astrology Is Real And Meaningful

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I'm a cartoonist living in Minneapolis. I'm also a server at a really amazing dive bar. I don't own a car and enjoy winter biking. I drink a lot. I don't feel bad about it. If I'm not working I'm socializing. If I'm not out with friends I'm drawing. If I'm not doing any of those things I'm probably depressed. Support me using Patreon.

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    • When I was an exchange student in Japan, a girl in my class tried to figure out what my blood type was based on my personality (I didn’t know what it was at the time). She eventually decided that I must be an AB, since, according to her I had a strong mix of A and B traits. In college, I found out that my blood type is actually O. Astrology feels like that to me.

      • the confirmation bias is pretty heavy, yeah. I understand some people find it fun. What mostly makes me uncomfortable is the idea of sorting people into “types” based on something they have no control over. I doubt Straddlers would be down with someone who goes around saying stuff like “you’re a woman so you must be gentle,” “you’re so dramatic, what a blonde,” or “people born in Saint Louis and I don’t get along” but they regularly make the exact same kinds of comments about star signs. It seems dehumanizing to me compared to personality tests that actually ask questions about your personality.

  1. honestly all these anti-astrology folks getting so irritated re: live & let live, i have literally never ever forced a person to talk astrology with me if they don’t want to AND YET i would lose count if i tried to list all the people who told me i’m an idiot for my set of beliefs. WHATEVER guess i’m just a capricorn sun / gemini moon / virgo rising WITH A MARS IN ARIES COME FIGHT ME xoxo

  2. This was wonderful! I generally stay closeted about my dalliances with this kind of stuff, I just don’t see the point in discussing it. I don’t feel like I need to convince anyone of anything and I certainly don’t need to be patronized. I like to explore and consider the possibility there’s something to it without having to defend or explain the urge.

  3. I don’t be meant to be a jerk to people who DO believe in astrology but also at this point “believes in astrology” is a huge red flag for someone who wants to tell me that being positive and eating tumeric will cure me and I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THAT.

    I do have time for people who wanna live and let live. I just haven’t met many of those people–people fall pretty far on the extremes of belief re:astrology in my experience.

  4. Oh man, this really bothers me. I absolutely don’t advocate telling anyone they are stupid for their beliefs because it’s fucking rude. And people who do that are fucking rude. But I am really over the idea that people who show healthy skepticism are hollowed out soulless shells, who can’t “believe in anything”. You have people in the queer community who ARE non-religious. Who ARE skeptics. Who ARE atheistic, and the only way Autostraddle chooses to represent them is as scarred, hardened, mean people.

  5. This is… weird.

    To me, Gwen would’ve been completely in the right to say “no, I don’t want to put a ton of time and effort into doing this for you if you don’t actually care”. I don’t do astrology, but I do have other hobbies where what I’m doing is often difficult to explain (writing, game development) and it’s immensely frustrating when people ask to hear about what I’m doing without thinking about whether explaining will be difficult for me to do.

    But there’s nothing wrong with solidly not believing in astrology, either, and Andy shouldn’t need to keep an open mind. Respecting Gwen means respecting her time and letting her have different beliefs without needling her about it, but it doesn’t obligate sharing the same beliefs at all.

    • Heather and squrrelsrevolt make good points about why I have been so upset lately. The references to astrology and witchcraft and whatever else on this site have reached the level of proselytizing, and these things are now regularly defined as intrinsically queer.

      I don’t like the idea that queer people should be using the same style of thinking as trump supporters and anti-vaxxers. And I especially don’t like the idea that people who agree with me should be made to feel like they aren’t sufficiently queer.

      And further, it’s hypocritical for this site to continually encourage this idea that it’s great to reach conclusions that contradict evidence while simultaneously criticizing other groups for using the exact same logic to reach conclusions that happen to be inconvenient to the autostraddle audience.

  6. Y’alll! One person’s belief system and experiences around that belief system are not ever some kind of sweeping proclamation about how Autostraddle feels about a thing. There are a bazillion people of various intersecting identities with loads of different life experiences who work and write here. Lots of people are really into astrology. Lots of people aren’t. I am one of the people who is not and I’ve written about that so many times on this website. Not in a mean way, just like, “Eh, this isn’t really my thing. It doesn’t fit my life.” Just like there are things I’m SUPER into — ASMR, for example — that other people aren’t into. I love cats; Riese hates cats. I love beer culture; Riese hates beer culture. I love the Heaspace app; Rachel hates that guy who narrates it. There are people who work here who love Riverdale! And people who work here who didn’t like Wonder Woman! You guys, I think onions are Satan’s vegetable and all the other senior eds put them in everything! There are TV shows our writers love that have built queer movements and I think some of them are the worst TV shows in history! Yet, we’re all very great friends and co-workers and members of this community and none of our loves or hates are a reflection of Autostraddle’s loves or hates! It’s just our own personal experiences! No one’s trying to force you to believe something you don’t believe or trying to tell you you’re not part of the community if you don’t believe it! Okay? We love you, we support whatever you believe! This is Archie’s comic and they can write whatever they want about what they believe, or what their fictional characters believe!

    • i just wanted to take a moment out of my cross-country move to clarify that i’m not into onions or astrology

      and also heather reading these comments made my head explode and then there you were, making my head feel calm

      it’s wild how we’re expected both to cover and cater towards a wide range of people from a vast array of backgrounds and interests but also to agree on a unilateral ideology and sets of beliefs and disbeliefs an priorities that are forwarded in everything we publish

  7. I am truly sympathetic to all the folks who have been shamed for believing or not believing in astrology. That’s shitty and not ok. I think being more spiritually inclusive (including non-spiritual or atheist folks) is one of the biggest places we need growth in the queer community.

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