The Glorious GLAAD Media Awards Happened In New York City, Was “Happening”

This Saturday night in New York City, all the stars of earth, stage and screen aligned for a magical evening celebrating homosexuality and other glorious aspects of the LGBTQ experience. It was called The Glaad Media Awards!

The evening was hosted by Naya Rivera and Cory Monteith, who play Santana Lopez and Finn Fucking Hudson on everybody’s favorite television program, Glee! If you’re not familiar with Glee, the important thing to know is that Santana Lopez is the lesbian, and we all love her, and Finn Fucking Hudson is a talent-free potato sack, and we hate him.

Dancing With the Stars, which featured trans megastar Chaz Bono and homosexual galaxy smasher Carson Kressley this year, won Outstanding Reality Program. Pariah, which should’ve also won an Oscar but did not Because Of The Patriarchy, was rewarded with “Outstanding Film – Limited Release.” I’ve been looking into becoming a limited release myself.

Katy Butler, the delightful teenager from Ann Arbor, Michigan (my hometown!) who campaigned for the MPAA to change the rating on the documentary Bully so that the kids it’s about could actually see it, snagged The Special Recognition Award, and Zach Wahls, the child of two lesbian Moms whose impassioned plea for marriage equality at the Iowa House for Representatives went massively viral last year, gave a Special Presentation. I bet it involved magic tricks!

Bernadette Peters presented the Vito Russo Award to Broadway and “Smash” producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. The Vito Russo Award honors “an openly LGBT media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting LGBT equality.” Also, our friend Mombian won for best blog! Isn’t that nice?


The most important thing that happened all night long was when somebody paid $5,000 to kiss Naya Rivera — personally, I would’ve paid $5,000 to have Naya Rivera and Heather Morris kiss each other more often on the teevee, but that wasn’t up for sale.

Nor was the $15,000 towards punching Finn Hudson in the face on the auction block, but it was there for kissing Cory Monteith. Other people who sold their lips for money include: John Stamos.

Other things that got awards include Ricky Martin, Battle Against Bullying and this article from The Boston Globe.

Other people who were there include: Dakota Fanning (Runaways, Twilight); hip hop icon Russell SimmonsMegan Hilty (Smash); Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef); Adepero Oduye and Kim Wayans (Pariah); Olympic figure skater Johnny WeirTracey Gold(Starving Secrets with Tracey Gold); Laverne Cox (Musical Chairs); Jay Manuel and Isis King (America’s Next Top Model).

hey there, romeo

At the end of the ceremony, everyone felt really happy.

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  1. After the heart episode I kept thinking about how Naya and Heather had to practice their kiss before shooting that episode… they probably got some wine, some weed… went into one of their trailers, got a little high and a little drunk… giggled a lot, and practiced for the make out scene, in their cheerios uniforms… candle light and shit… to the sound of Lick by Joi.

    That is something I would pay obscene amounts of money to see.

    • You’re kidding, right? They don’t need any intoxicants… They’ve been making out for years.

      • Well… it was part of the whole ambiance within my mental fantasy, because you’re right… they don’t need them.

  2. Funniest article I’ve read in ages! Wouldn’t mind punching Finn in the face but I know I’d feel really guilty if I did! Naya’s dresses were sensational!

  3. Naya looks like sex, but I’m still really fucking mad that Cory was presenting with her. Way to passively condone Finn outing Santana, GLAAD. Bra-fucking-vo.

  4. I usually never leave comments but I had to agree with Lynne “Funniest article I’ve read in ages!”

    “Santana Lopez is the lesbian, and we all love her, and Finn Fucking Hudson is a talent-free potato sack, and we hate him.” -ROTFL!

  5. This totally reminds me for some reason, I had a dream that the Franky and Mini episode of Skins finally arrived and Franky and Mini finally made out, in their underwear. Also I was Mini for a moment. And all through the dream I was thinking “I CAN’T WAIT TIL RIESE HEARS ABOUT THIS!” And then I woke up, and I just checked on Wikipedia and that’s not what happens, at all, and I almost cried.

    I realise this is as off-topic as a topic can be, I just wanted to share.

  6. For some reason I kept reading ‘Bully’ as ‘Buffy’ and going ‘whaaa?’

    The bits about getting it a rating so kids could see it was particularly odd, since I didn’t know Buffy was an ‘adult-only’ show.

    And now I’m going to leave to enjoy that visual. You’re welcome.

  7. I feel like y’all might be picking on corey monteith, or however you spell his name, a little bit too much. I find his role to be a very problematic modeling of how-to-be-a-straight-ally too, but the poor guy didn’t write the part, he’s just playing it!

      • Yeah, but Naya is there b/c SANTANA is a lesbian, right? I mean unless Naya is too which ZOMG all my dreams are true/we will clearly now live together in love forever but ahem, off-topic. So Cory must be there b/c FINN is seen as a good example of a straight ally. Which, no.

        • Um what I meant to say is, it doesn’t matter whether Cory is a good person or not, which I personally could care less about, he does not deserve to be at an event celebrating LGBTQ characters/actors in media when FINN is not a good example of that. Does that make sense?

          • Yes, thank you, that was what I was alluding to above with my anger at him co-presenting.

    • Having someone play a homophobic character co-host an award show that celebrates the positive media portrayal of LGBTQ* characters and stories does not make any fucking sense.

      Yes, we are aware that Cory is involved in Straight But Not Narrow.

      Yes, we are aware that Cory doesn’t control his character on the show.

      But GLAAD should be held accountable for how they portray the Finn/Santana storyline. They have no once made any public comment on how horrifying homophobic and misogynistic I Kissed A Girl was, so for them to have both actors hosting the award show is GLAAD’s way of indirectly or passively condoning what happened on the show.

      We don’t have the actor who plays Azimio hosting GLAAD, so why the fuck should the actor who plays Finn host?

      • Heh. Finn may have made some very questionable judgement regarding the whole Santana storyline, but I’m not buying the homophobic the label. It’s not like he intentionally outed the girl. Who (this is not related to the outing ) by the way is just awful to everyone and I don’t get the love for her.

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