GIVEAWAY: Would You Like to Own “Carol” on DVD? Of Course You Would!

Yesterday was an historic day in the United States of America. It was the day Carol, the Greatest Lesbian Movie of All Time, was released into the wild world on DVD, Blu-ray, and OnDemand. Which means if Carol didn’t make it to your city, you can stop crying into your spinach with poached eggs and start watching Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara fall in love over and over and over again from the comfort of your own home.

Thanks to the folks at Anchor Bay Entertainment, we have five copies of Carol to give away to you! If you win, you can choose between receiving a Blu-ray or a DVD in the mail, whatever suits your fancy.

Watching Carol will be a nice respite from checking our growing encyclopedia of dead lesbian and bisexual characters on TV, because — spoiler alert! — no gay ladies die in this movie. But you already knew that; it’s one of the reasons it got snubbed by the Oscars. When you watch Carol, you will not see:

+ Lesbians flinging themselves from rooftops

+ Lesbians getting mowed down by cars

+ Lesbians bleeding out from stabbing injuries or wolf attacks

+ Lesbians ingesting poisons

+ Lesbians being overtaken by brain parasites

+ Lesbians being mauled by feral ghouls

+ Lesbians choking to death on cheese crackers

+ Lesbians struggling to get free after being tied to some train tracks

+ Lesbians getting swept up and away into tornadoes

+ Lesbians being forced out of airlocks and into black holes

The only lesbian flung from space in this movie makes it to earth just fine, thank you very much!

To enter for a chance to win Carol on DVD or Blu-ray, comment below and just say why you want this movie in your life. The giveaway will be open until SUNDAY, MARCH 21. You must have a U.S. address to enter, and I’ll notify you by direct message here on Autostraddle if you win.

Carol is now available on Digital HD. On Blu-ray™, DVD & On Demand on March 15th.

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Heather Hogan

Heather Hogan is an Autostraddle senior editor who lives in New York City with her wife, Stacy, and their cackle of rescued pets. She's a member of the Television Critics Association, the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association, and a Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer critic. You can also find her on Twitter, and Instagram.

Heather has written 1387 articles for us.


  1. On a superficial level, I need this movie because Cate Blanchett’s cheekbones are the star of the show.

    On a real talk level, this film is the cinematic adaptation of an historic novel in the genre of lesbian literature.

    This story has flung me out of space.

  2. I actually just rented it on Redbox because it finally “came out” :P And, the only lesbian-related movie I own is “But I’m a Cheerleader” which makes me incredibly sad (but happy because that movie is amazing on it’s own). Otherwise, I have the “already seen a million times” selection on Netflix and Hulu. I agree with the person below who is also in Texas. We need some Carol in this state!

  3. Carol made it to my city but I was so emotionally exhausted by my job (and also broke) during that time that I missed my chance. The one time I was ready & able to make the trip there happened to be a really scary thunderstorm complete with tornado conditions(!!) so that didn’t work out :( I’ve desperately wanted to see this movie for so long and would absolutely love a copy so I can queer up my DVD collection/continue to nurse my high-key crush on Rooney Mara.

  4. I want this because I first saw it in the theatre with my wonderful girlfriend on New Year’s Eve, it was a magical gay time, and I’d like to own a copy so we can watch it together at our leisure. Also because I’m still healing from the Lexa thing and I need happy lesbian content.

  5. Why I want to own “Carol” on DVD:

    To watch over and over while I
    a. Yell at Harge
    b. Cry
    c. Admire Rooney & Cate
    d. Cry more
    e. Etc.

    Added bonus: when it arrives in the mail I can pretend it was flung out of space!

  6. Reason enough should be because I live in Texas. On the far south where people get confuse not knowing if it’s a weird place in Mexico or a forgotten town of the U.S. A place where a lesbian movie on the theater will never make it and is very likely that if it does, there will be people protesting with religious messages telling us that hell awaits after watching the movie.
    Anyway, I want it because the chance is there, got the no for granted and by taking the advantage of the opportunity I might get it before I go to hell.

  7. So I desperately need this movie because I live in Myrtle Beach, SC and there is basically nothing queer about this place.
    Great pickup line idea: come to my place and we can carol and chill? I meannnnn it would only work if I had the actual DVD in my possession :P

  8. Hi! I’m Crystal and I live here in Los Angeles, CA. I want this movie because I didn’t get to watch it in the big screen because I had no one to go with me. There was a girl who asked me out on a date and said she liked me, wanted to get to know me and then give me a goodnight kiss. I’m going to be 25 and never have been kissed or kissed anyone. This movie was going to be my special moment but now, I just want this movie to be all mine. My special movie when someone else breaks my heart. I really need this movie, Autostraddle. I won’t be able to get this movie until maybe Christmas (money is a bit tight) and I don’t think I can wait that long to have this movie on my shelf, facing my bed.

  9. Reasons this movie (particularly in physical form) needs to be in my life:

    1. The second I found out this glorious story existed I ran to the library to get it in my life in text form ASAP, until I could experience it in full cinematic glory

    2. I still haven’t seen it! I never managed to justify the 4 hour round trip drive – new book title: The Price of Gas :/

    3. My general distrust for the internet (barring Autostraddle obviously)- if I can’t hold it, I’m just not sure it exists

    4. I’m potentially moving to Europe soon and what better way to make new fantastically queer European friends than a Carol movie night!?

  10. I actually want this for a friend, not myself. She’s been having a REALLY hard time lately. She has to work two jobs, she went through a really awful friend-breakup, and in the last week her girlfriend broke up with her really suddenly. She LOVES this movie, she is in love with the book, and has been looking forward to this movie coming out since before the current actresses were cast. I know a blu-ray copy of this movie would really cheer her up.

  11. Because my girlfriend moves here next month from the other side of the country, ending the worlds longest U-Hauling (2 weeks took 7 months), and there would be nothing better than to celebrate by curling up on the couch in /our/ home watching a lesbian movie we both desperately want to see, haven’t seen, and isn’t going to end with “of course they all die, they always all die.” While petting our cats. Because we already co-own cats before we live in the same state. And because we’ll need to rest after the “lesbian bed death? HahHAHAHAH, no such thing” marathon (and before the next one).


  12. I saw Carol in the theatre 4x and was deemed the ambassador of Carol since every conversation with any lesbian started with have you seen Carol and ended with I’m happy to go with you so you can see this amazing film. This yielded 4 escorts including one with my mom. I bought a copy recently though and would love to have one from you for a) bragging rights this came from HH (notorious lez writer) and autostraddle (notorious lez site) and b) use it to start my new Carol library which would much more happily be lent out to random lesbians to borrow and enjoy the joy that is Carol.

  13. I’m from a good-sized city in Texas, but Carol showed only twice near me (both at awkward morning times in the middle of the week, in a theater over an hour away). My then-girlfriend-now-fiancé and I wanted to go see it, but couldn’t due to the extremely limited options for showings. I can’t think of a better surprise for her than a copy of the Greatest Lesbian Movie of All Time from y’all here at autostraddle, which is frequently a happy queer lifeline for us.

  14. I go to college in rural Vermont* and I would hold a private screening of the movie for Queers Luvers and Homies, a hangout for queer female-identifying and non-binary friends, and then potentially send you a photo if you wanted / people consented.

    *read: so I haven’t seen it

  15. Not sure if you gonna send it overseas, but I gotta try somehow..
    Actually I just came back from watching this movie.. ‘Carol’ only came to my country Mar 04, and I had to force myself to wait almost 2 weeks cos I hate crowds but most of all, I can’t concentrate on the big screen with people around me – talking, whispering, eating, drinking, texting, etc.. Today, there were only 4 of us in the entire cinema, and we sat discretely apart..
    In a region that still treat LGBTs as pariahs/diseased, I would love to have a copy of this movie to share it among us whom are still (forced) to be closeted…

  16. Because my DVD collection is barren without a film starring the bewitching Cate Blanchett in a splendid period piece and shimmering in fur, Sapphic desire and gorgeous red lipstick. It also features the incredibly talented Rooney Mara and my local boy from Massachusetts, Jake Lacy, and being a gay man I am more empathetic to the theme of lesbian love than the average Joe. So GIVE IT TO ME!!!

  17. I saw a matinee of Carol on a Sunday afternoon with two other queer-identified people, and until that point I hadn’t realized how much I desperately needed to see happy lesbians on screen in the daytime rather than at three a.m. when D.E.B.S. airs on LOGO.

  18. I need a copy of Carol because I need to see that it’s not just my love life that’s complicated. I can’t keep my greatest love, and I need to know I’ll not only survive but thrive when I have to let her go.

  19. I haven’t seen this movie yet and I NEED to, you know?
    I would redesign my living room into a blanket fort, invite some queers over (AS hang out, yes???), maybe make some snacks and we can all cry into our popcorn, revel in the delight that I’ve heard this movie is.

  20. I think this quote from one of my favourite books, “The Price of Salt”, with some slight modifications, says it best:

    “I feel I stand in a desert [of disappointing queer films] with my hands outstretched [for something beautiful and meaningful], and you [‘Carol’] are [the film of my dreams] raining down upon me.”

  21. …b’coz WHY NOT!!! WHY would I give up on this opportunity to own this piece of ART that I keep hearing it is! I need to vicariously LIVE through every moment in this movie, a movie that has been all over the media. It saddens me to an indescribable way that I missed out on watching it at the movies and to feel like an outsider when Carol is discussed or obsessed about EVERYWHERE… Please help a fellow hopeless romance fanatic out Heather!!!

  22. I have a US address but I don’t spend much time at it so I have no chance what so ever to see Carol in theaters. Having a DVD would mean I’d be able to watch it in a tiny remote village in the middle of Bulgaria as well as show it to friends who can’t stream stuff.

  23. I need this movie in my life because of Rooney Mara’s nipples. I mean seriously. Side Effects and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo are not enough for my Rooney Mara nipple fix.

  24. I would love a copy of “Carol.” It is probably the most important, beautiful movie I have ever seen. As someone who was raised in a rather unhealthy Lutheran school, watched her own sister be ostracized when she came out to the family, then took off to college in Kentucky and pretended to be a heterosexual cowgirl until I fell (hard) for a blue-eyed hipster and had to come out, myself, this film is the most glorious reminder of self-acceptance and, more importantly, of the fact that love is always around–you just have to be fearless enough to recognize it.

  25. Carol is already ‘in’ my life. However, I need a hard copy to confirm all the nuances of filmcraft (writing, directing, cinematography, costuming, hair, make-up, editing, composing, and of course, ACTING) that make this film come together so beautifully.

  26. I want this movie in my life because watching it twice in movie theatres didn’t cut it. My girlfriend and I want to watch it again together. I want to write a review of it, and so want to re-immerse myself in its world. And I want it to remind myself that it’s power and beauty make me happier than its snub at the Oscars made me angry and despairing.

  27. Ah, Carol. Carol (well, “The Price of Salt”) became a part of my story in the fall of 2013.
    No, this wasn’t my first lesbian novel, but it was a profoundly important one for me.

    You see, I read this book during my year studying abroad, which is when I
    1) became unashamedly out somewhere for the first time in my life and
    2) elected to take a Queer Theory and Literature class, which would nnneeever have been offered at my conservative southern university. It was in -this- elective course that I did a course project and textual analysis presentation of “The Price of Salt”, along with the only other obviously queer girl in this course (this chick knew EVERYTHING about queer film/characters, and she was a phenomenal, vocal addition to the classroom). Not only did I love the book and strongly identify with Terese’s youthful struggles of discovering what it is that I want in life, through doing the course with a primary focus on Carol, I developed a desperate anticipation for the release of this film! Along with my project partner and new queer friend, I eagerly monitored its development, from the casting, to the setting selection, to release dates, etc. I waited two years for “Carol”, and gosh darn it I didn’t wait 10 minutes from finding a link online to watch it. So yes I have seen it, not in theaters and not with any degree of quality to do the director justice, but I saw it. Yet [clearly] owning it would be living the sentimental dream.

    On the more practical side of things, one of my primary means of casually advocating for myself and the community over the last two years has been hosting series of weekly “Lesbian Movie Nights – with a Lesbian!” for my predominantly heterosexual friends/their friends… who now at this point have been subjected to enough tragic lesbian film culture to have been awarded kitschy titles (no joke – I thought it was funny, like it was film course or something) for becoming “honorary lesbians” in my book. We’ve always had a fantastic time together (Girl Trash: All Night Long drinking game, for example), and while I think it has been a valid learning experience for them to see what limited cinematic classics/representation queer women have to enjoy, I want to be able to show more films like Carol. But of course the original release didn’t come to my state or any of the surrounding southern states, and we never got to have that cute little eL Movie Night excursion. Even sadder, I never got to reuse my Powerpoint presentation.
    :( BUT THERE IS HOPE. I could at least get “Carol” on DVD.

    SO IN CONCLUSION, Autostraddle… Carol would be the perfect film to be the commemorative start of my VERY OWN LGBT film collection. (I definitely have been streaming my film series from the internets. A lot were from Netflix and such, but uh… not all of them. But I want to change. Really. I do. :P) If you don’t choose me, at least enjoy the thought of some young queer lady out there doing the above and the fact that you have a new no-longer-ghosting member of your website.

  28. I didn’t get to see the movie when it was in theatres (it didn’t play anywhere near me…). But my name is Therese, so I feel like it’s fate for me to own it and see it. The fact that there is a depiction of a lesbian in a movie with my name… simply incredible.

  29. This would be stellar to receive because my partner and I didn’t get the chance to see the movie in theaters (bad gays, I know) but we would certainly love to hold each other and cry and eat tai food while we watch it. We are also both social media managers and could provide you with a LOT of sweet tweets to retweet.

  30. I need this movie because I went to see it in in a small theater in upstate New York with my parents and literally knocked the popcorn over during the sex scene. I now need to watch it in the privacy of my own home and not be clenching fists/gritting my teeth the entire time.

  31. My first love was a “Carol” back in a time when things weren’t as open as they are now. I’ve seen the movie twice…I lived a similar story. The looks, the unspoken questions, does she, doesn’t she, will she, won’t she, it all brings me back. It is a beautiful love story ..a story of hope and I would love to have the movie.

  32. I need this movie because the Carol to my Abby has seen it upwards of six times and I’ve only seen it once, and I need to catch up. I also need to show it to my mother and my mother’s friends.

  33. Because I was home when the movie was in theaters and while I have come out to my mom, she once said that the thought of me being with another women made her queasy, so I have never brought it up again. She did tell me she liked The Danish Girl – maybe that was an olive branch?

  34. I want a Carol DVD because it’s so hard to create a collection of decent lesbian movies…
    And because, when I was in college, I was reading The Price of Salt (the movie Carol was based on) and watching The Talented Mr Ripley… I had to wait years for the film version of Patricia Highsmith’s lesbian story to come out! (Luckily, this one also featured Cate Blanchett.)

  35. Ooh, a giveaway! I need this movie in my life because, well, y’all at AS have written this so much more eloquently than I ever could. But it’s to do with queer friendship, and queer strength, and queer survival, and me seeing that on my screen any time I want.

  36. Because my GF is in Scotland and due to copyright laws we can’t really watch anything over Netflix together. We saw this in theaters sitting next to another lesbian couple, the butch half of whom kept making amazing comments and agreeing with my amazing comments. All-in-all it was the best experience of my life, tbh and I’d like to relive it.

  37. In darker time’s I used to watch Imagine Me and You and Kiss Mig over and over again and think the fact that those stories existed was reason enough to keep living. The few decent lesbian movies I’ve seen have probably literally kept me alive. I’ve never seen Carol. I don’t live near anywhere it was being shown and I can’t really afford to buy it now. But I would love the opportunity to see it.

  38. Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara) spots the beautiful, elegant Carol (Cate Blanchett) perusing the doll displays in a 1950s Manhattan department store. The two women develop a fast bond that becomes a love with complicated consequences.

  39. I want a copy of Carol because one, I absolutely NEED more lesbian movies in my life, and two, I absolutely LOVE Patricia Highsmith — I have been reading her books and short stories since high school and she has had a great influence on my life.

  40. Oh god I would love this DVD because I was so engrossed in the book that I missed my bus at the airport and had to pay 18 dollars to take another and that’s about the right cost, no? And then I sat on my expensive bus and finished the book and cried and re-read the last page four times and felt things.

  41. I would love a copy of this movie. I have not seen it yet, and I am fascinated by Patricia Highsmith, who wrote The Price of Salt, the book on which the film was based. And don’t be fooled by the nickname; I am female.

  42. I need a copy of -Carol- so I can watch with my first ever ladyfriend and we can hold hands and sigh together that the world is so beautful and hard. Neither of us is a teen or twenty-something; we will especially appreciate that one of the lovers is closer to our age. Please help us out!

  43. I want this movie in my life because I am still having trouble dealing with Lexa’s death and I need some lesbian happiness to remind me that happy endings are real and that we can have them too.

    /mopey sad comment

  44. I want this movie in my life because Lexa’s death truly wrecked me. Not even because she was killed off but the lazy writing behind her being killed off. I saw Carol in January, far before the writers of The 100 got lazy with my favorite character. I was stunned by all the beauty, elegance, and love contained in the film. And, honestly, I wasn’t rushing out to go see it. To me, Hollywood lost my trust with The Kids are Alright. That was the last time a big, buzzworthy film had lesbians in it and it was so completely disappointing to me. I didn’t trust that Carol wouldn’t fall into the same tropes: having a lesbian sleep with/end up with a man or killing a character off. It was actually Heather Hogan’s review that piqued my interests. I trusted Heather and I knew she wouldn’t leave me astray. I thank her so much for her review and for renewing hope in my life.

  45. I need this movie in my life because I got into an argument with my aunt last night where she told me that media representation doesn’t matter and sociological evidence that it does isn’t real, I haven’t seen the movie yet and tbh that argument was a high point of my week so far. It’s been quite the week.

  46. I need this movie because our queer book club, which I facilitate, read The Price of Salt, and our next meeting could be a fun movie screening party! *spoiler: the movie was just as good as the book!

  47. I would love to have a copy of Carol because I have just come out of the closet as a lesbian. I grew up in a very disfunction LDS family and my father spends about 90% of his conversations commenting on either my weight, my diet, being a racist white male, or how awful gay people are. It is not a fun environment to live in but I am still a few months away from graduating and moving out. I want a copy of Carol so that I can share it with my high school GSA club and organize an inclusive movie night where we can see a lesbian relationship that isn’t full of sadness and woe. I would also want one because I am obsessed with Cate Blanchette, Rooney Mara, and Sarah Paulson. I’ve seen everything Sarah Paulson has been in except Carol and I saw the AHS seasons with her int it at least three times. I also loved Rooney in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Last but not least, I adore all things vintage. Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca still makes my heart go pitter patter as does Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. A period lesbian romance is literally my dream come true. Thanks for reading!

  48. I LOVED “Carol”! A Beautiful & FANTASTIC Film in every way! there hasn’t been a film like this in a LONG time! Hope to win! I really would love to own this Beautiful masterpiece! Thank YOU for the opportunity! :)

  49. I need this movie because the one and only time I watched it, was with my straight bff (aka girl I was madly in love with), and she compared it to a horror movie (for the suspense, not for the gays) but there was still no making-out. If I had the DVD, I could stare at Cate Blanchett’s beauty and forget about all that. Also, maybe even watch it with girls who are not-straight?

  50. I need it because even though I’m an American with an American mailing address, I’m currently studying abroad and there’s a cute girl here that keeps asking me if I’ve ever seen Carol, Brokeback Mountain, Tangerine… Basically a whole list of really queer movies and I need to understand any sapphic references she might be sending my way for reasons and stuff. Being in China means I’d have to pirate the film in order to watch Carol and see what everyone is talking about, and this movie sounds too good to pirate! Help this poor babybi win the girl, yeah?

  51. I saw this movie twice in theaters and had to resist going back a third time. No other movie has touched me as much. Carol came in a pivotal time in my own coming out process and helped me accept myself as I watched the two women accept their love. I want to be able to watch it again and again!

  52. HI! I’m 17 and this movie made me so happy. There aren’t a lot of movies I can watch that I relate with,and aren’t cliche or full of lesbian death tropes/or misogyny at every turn. These are two women in love who find their way back to each other in a real life situation that could happen. When I watched it I felt so happy. Everything was beautiful from the way the story was told to the cinematography and visuals. This movie allowed me to dream my own dream,one full of the hope that some day more movies like it would be available to me and my community. Owning it would mean the world to me,and it makes me really happy that now I have the chance.

    Thank you,

  53. I need this dvd because Ineed watch an hq version of Carol (2015) dir. Told Haynes for my survival. Each time I watch this movie essential hit points are restored to my life force.

  54. I need this Blu-ray in my life because it looks like a powerful statement about forbidden love. Also, it brings a sophistication to the LGBT film. I do love the films of Todd Haynes; they’re so haunting and transgressive.

  55. My fiance and I recently moved to the US. I had to come 1.5 months after her si that I could finish school. While we were apart she saw Carol around 3 times. I was finally able to see it with some friends back at home. It was sooooo beautiful. I laughed at some parts and cried at others. As much as I liked it, my fiance was blown away by it. She couldn’t stop telling me all about it. I want to win this for her. She means the world to me and I don’t know where I would be without her. I would do anything for her…like move across the world.

  56. When I first heard about Carol, I had this pulling feeling in my stomach—this ache that maybe something good+queer this way comes. We all know that hope in some way because the evidence is all over this site—discussed and debated in the comment sections, critiqued and analyzed by AS, and poured over through instragrams, all in the name of our fragile hearts longing to see love+truth+hope for us (and those like us).

    In many ways we are just aching to see beauty as simple as two women falling in love and letting that love grow. So, of course, how could we have not rejoice seeing that very thing happen in Carol? How could we not wrap ourselves up in all the moments that such a film creates—the moments as beautiful as Therese Belevet sipping a beer, painting her home, and casually declaring how she is not afraid? How could we not be pulled in by the magnificence of a friendship with Abby Gerhard, who could hold our hands and inquire about our hearts through laughter and tears? And then, of course, there is just the brilliance of letting love breathe (quite literally) by allowing these women to be with one another. And then grow. And become their best selves. And eventually come back to one another through choice and understanding. How remarkable it is to see this and know it is a rare treasure. How absolutely stunning it is to share this love and beauty with each other, as we recognize ourselves in it–as our hope is finally manifested.

    I honestly feel so immeasurably lucky that I saw this film twice—especially under the circumstances I did (once, on the opening night in a theater full of lesbians+queers in San Francisco next to my then human of adoration [merely a crush—a comic book related one I gushed all over AS priority box about] and another with another former crush who I had one too many glove lunches with, but still managed to have a good time with). And I certainly encouraged all I loved to see the film, managing to grow deep and memorable friendships within minutes of our Carol-related exchanges. All of this is to say that I had the privilege of seeing this film with aforementioned heartache-ers (not heartbreakers) and have been impacted by its magnitude.

    But, of course, holding a copy of this film, sent from the goddesses of Autostraddle would, in many ways, feel like my own love flung out of space. Because as much as I love and need this movie (gaze upon the 200+ comments, we all were so starved for quality, we all need it so desperately), you, Autostraddle, are my steady heart line. You are the brave and enduring Abby being true to herself in a world of heteronormative chaos—encouraging us to be a bit braver and truer to ourselves one article at a time. It would be a true circle of life queer dream come true to receive this movie from you—the website, the community really, who first confirmed that my feeling in my stomach was true—that something wonderful and queer did come. Despite the heartachey company that accompanied my two moments of Carol splendor, I know receiving this magic film from you would galvanize me to walk away from the so so party and walk into the room of my beloved (so to speak). It would feel like some cosmic justice in my (not so) private world of half hearted queer take offs. I would want this film and need this film like anyone of us—to share, to love, to be inspired. But to get this film from you—well you I’m sure you wouldn’t mind it. Would you?

  57. I need Carol in my life because at 45 I’ve suffered through the likes of The Children’s Hour, Personal Best, Desert Hearts, Fried Green Tomatos, The Color Purple, Go Fish, and let’s not forget Claire of the Moon. Some of the films were fantastic and completely closeted. Others were horrible, tragic and super-lesbionic. But the struggle has been real…I’ve waited 45 years for a queer film about women and it finally arrived from the 50s. In addition, I am a university sexuality and gender resource center director and that is where this fil will be used.

  58. Everyone needs a copy of this classic in their life! This is the storyline I have been waiting on my entire life. The beautiful screenshots and emotions unearthed through art are simply breathtaking. I usually don’t watch movies more than once,but upon renting Carol,I viewed it three times and each time seeing or feeling something a bit different. As I have been touched by the acting, I also have been intoxicated by the music and am now reading the novel. Carol, the movie has left me wanting more.

  59. I would love to give this movie to my girlfriend. We saw it in theaters, and then went back and watched it again the next day. It’s one of her all-time favorite movies and I want her to be able to watch it over and over (and over).

  60. This is my first comment on Autostraddle, that’s how excited I am at the thought of winning. I never managed to see it in theaters because of my family situation, so I am extremely excited to see it from the comforts of my house.

  61. My girlfriend and I may or may not have cried at the theater after watching Carol because…we all know lesbians rarely even get a semi-happy ending.

    I would love to be able to give her a copy of the movie. :)

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