Girls and Boys Play Dress Up With Switcheroo

So there’s this girl, Hana, who really gets how much fun it is to play dress up with your friends. Hana lives in Canada takes pictures of people and the clothes they wear. But Hana’s photos aren’t part of fashion spreads; she has her models swap outfits with each other so that she can take another picture to display alongside the first. After the switch, her subjects wear the same expressions and assume the same poses as their “before” counterparts. Her project, which she’s called Switcheroo, is as cute as its name and has a thing or two to say about gender, bodies, and fashion.

It’s not exactly Judith Butler-level stuff, but it’s definitely a small sartorial step into the performative-gender cave of wonders. The photos range from ridiculous (see massive hat and shorts above) to strikingly–and queerly–sexy. I mean, look at how rad these two look, post switcheroo:

What do you see when you look at Hana’s pictures? Who are your favorite switcherees?

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  1. I just realized that in some of these, the differences in the models’ heights are more noticeable in the second photos. I think it’s a combination of already taller men wearing heels, and an illusion of shorter legs on the women when they wear shirts proportioned for a longer torso. hm…

    Also I love that some of these have 3-4 people, and therefore 3-4 photos. Good find, these are pretty entrancing.

  2. My main feeling about these photos is that some of the models looked awesome in each other’s clothes. And they should share clothes more often.

  3. My best friend and I were going to do this for Halloween–just go as each other–but I was out of the country so it didn’t happen. This makes me want to be here this October.

  4. This is so cute. And of course I pretty much always prefer the gender-switched versions.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Leila & Azim win.

  5. So what I’m getting from this is that people look invariably hotter in opposite gendered clothes. Yes.

    Also I dig that one pair who both have thigh tattoos, it was destiny

  6. It’s funny how putting a man in a skirt makes him infinitely more attractive. Exhibit #1: Michelle and Trevor.

  7. Hmmm… here’s the thing. The women (post-switcheroo) aren’t wearing anything young white women don’t already wear wear in any urban or college town hipsterish setting. Not pushing boundaries in the least. And the young men… for the most part, would never been seen in anything like that or if they did would be in possible danger. Switching outfits for a couple of minutes (in seemingly very private settings) and taking cute little photos for the Internet is one thing, but I just hope no one’s thinking this is being a legit ‘gender rebel’ or somehow “like what trans people” go through, because it’s not.

    • I’m kind of with you here. It’s cute, but like the author said, this isn’t really breaking boundaries. It’s all straight couples, and it’s cute and jokey that their in different clothes…idk, I am just not feeling the love.

  8. um…where are the rest of the pics ya’ll are talking about? I only see 2 sets. (Laura/David and Lina/Jim)


    • Click on the link in the first sentence of the article, it will take you to a page of like 50 of these photos.

      Some of these pictures really cracked me up, whether it was how ill-fitting the clothes looked on the other people or how ridiculous in general a lot of women’s fashion is in general.

  9. Wow, most of the time look as good -if not better in many cases- when switched!

    Also, those men look hella sexy in women’s clothes. And I don’t even like men :’D

  10. I think the little kids were my favorite. My younger brother and I used to switch clothes when we were little (like 6 and 8). We were convinced our mom would not recognize us, and so we pretended to be some strange kids from next door that she had never met before. She played along for a while, so we really thought we fooled her.

  11. It was interesting how in a lot of the photos the women didn’t look that denaturalized when they switched clothes whereas the guys almost always did. It also seemed that a lot of the guys seemed more uncomfortable (maybe cause of the ill-fitting clothes) when switched. I just thought that said a little something about the flexibility of what women wear as opposed to men.

  12. awesome! i see the corner of my house (!!) and 3 of y friends. i had no idea this project was a thing.

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