Get Baked: Ice Cream for Breakfast

Inspired by Carolyn’s 3 ingredient recipe for peanut butter cookies (Which, by the way, are delicious! Especially the day after.), I decided to finally give The Kitchn‘s much-touted 1 ingredient ice cream a shot. Can you guess what the ingredient is?

It’s a banana! Skeptics can skept on, but the ice cream was delicious and surprisingly smooth and creamy. I’m starting to think that maybe you vegans really are onto something after all. We ate it for breakfast, but there’s nothing stopping you from eating the ice cream as dessert, lunch, second lunch, or a midnight snack. What do the Taco Bell commercials say? “Fourth meal?” Yes. That.

To make it, all you have to do is slice a banana and freeze the pieces for a few hours. Pop them into a bowl, food processer, or blender and mix them until they morph into ice cream. You can add peanut butter, chocolate chips, peaches, or whatever for extra fun.

Check back next week to find out if someone figured out how to make nachos with 0 ingredients.

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  1. Ok..My Mom is a kitchen gadget freak..Which means she is complled to buy me any gadget she can’t justify owning herself..Enter the “Yonanas Frozen Treat Machine” which is basically a machine that turns any frozen fruit into a frozen “ice cream like” dessert! Is it a necessary item?..No..Do I use it and love it?..Yes! Plus..I really like saying “Yonanas”!

  2. 1) I love this vegan love here. I was all like “Aw crap, I don’t eat that.” Then I was all <3<3<3.

    2) This works with frozen raspberries as wel, you just need to add a little (cold!) orange juice and smooth it together in the kitchen aid. :)

  3. When I make this for a girl some day, she’s going to ask me what it is, and I’m going to say:

    This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

    Who am I kidding, she doesn’t even have to ask. I’ll say it anyway. Even if I’m eating it alone in my house. (Which I probably will be forever because of this reference to Hollaback Girl.)


    but also, if you add vanilla extract, will that make it less banana-y and more vanilla-y? (my significant other HATES bananas and i want to make this part of a date because it’s so kawaii.)

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