41 Geeky Women to Follow on Twitter #ladygeeks

Dannielle Owens-Reid [@dannielleor] is a friend of Jenny Owen Youngs [@jennyowenyoungs] (and that whole zany crew of musicians), and she’s the creator of the Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Beiber tumblr.

Ingrid Michaelson [@ingridmusic] is another J.O.Y. crew geeky musician, and she wrote a song about Twitter. If you’ve watched the commentary video on her newest album, Everybody, you’d see what kind of weirdness she is capable of. It’s great.

Molly Green [@cashmolly] is another J.O.Y. friend. Honestly you need to follow them all (Bess Rogers and Allison Weiss, too) and read some of the exchanges that are had. Also, she loves Autostraddle Goddess Lady Gaga so you have to like her.

Janina Gavankar [@janinaz]: Actor. Musician. Geek.” Maybe you all only know/love her as Papi, but Janina is so much more than that. She’s a member and very active participant in DeviantArt. She’s a gamer. She was Ms. Dewey on the short lived search engine by Microsoft. We were also students at UIC at the same time (for a short overlap) but I never saw her on campus, to my knowledge.

Kristen Bell [@IMkristenbell] was the brilliant, sarcastic Veronica Mars that so many of us loved, and she was pretty geeky in ‘Fanboys.’ I don’t know how much of that carries over into real life, but anyone who gets this excited over SOMEONE ELSE getting a robot is good in my book.

Kim Evey [@kimevey]: Producer of The Guild. Wife of @MediocreFilms. She’s scrappy but full of moxy. Jazz hands. Have you ever watched the ‘Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show?’ It’s a hysterical mock Japanese game show. Go watch some now, I’ll wait.

Rachael Hip-Flores [@hipflor] plays Vivian in the awesome hit webseries “Anyone But Me. She and her co-star Nicole Pacent did a lovely, geektastic interview with us and Rachael often tweets about acting, Shakespeare, books, music… and she asks the really important questions in life:

Ariel Schrag [@arielschrag] has toured with Sister Spit, written for ‘The L Word’ (seasons 3 and 4) and we has also written a series of autobiographical/queer comics about high school. And sometimes she live-tweets old episodes of 90210.

Olivia Wilde [@oliviawilde] is an actress, and activist, an environmentalist. Plus, she is friggin’ in the ‘TRON’ remake!

Michelle Paradise [@michelleparadis] is a celesbian writer and actress, who at least plays an awkward A/V geek and writer. I sort of think she might actually be something of an A/V geek in real life though.

Maude Garrett [@maudelicious]:TV Presenter, Geek Blogger, Writer, MC, Music Appreciator and Video Games Addict.

Katers17 [@katersoneseven] is an adorkable British YouTube ‘Star’ and gamer, and she makes her own WoW & Harry Potter movies (and the like).

Allison Adler [@aliadler]: Writer, Executive Producer of Chuck, hungry, sleepy, malcontent… How can you not want to follow someone who is at least partially responsible for Family Guy and Chuck, especially when she is also the partner of Sara Gilbert [@THEsaragilbert] and a general tweeter of geekery and hilarity. And she manages to bring the interesting and serious as well.

Kat Dennings [@officialkat] defies explanation, really. You probs know and love her from various Judd Apatow (& Apatow-esque) movies. She is one strange gal. Her YouTube videos are quite amusing, especially when she vlogs about playing Katamari Damacy.

Aeire [@aeire] wrote and illustrated the webcomic Queen of Wands, and now she writes the sequel, Punch an’ Pie.

Jenny Romanchuk [@thezombiehunter]: I am a horror webcomic artist and writer! I am also an Illustrator and Graphic Designer…and thats about it.” Jenny is most well know for her webcomic, The Zombie Hunters, but her geekery doesn’t stop there.

Adrianne Curry [@adriannecurry]: Bi Polar Angst Ridden Child of The 90’s obsessed w/fantasy 80’s movies Adrianne was the first Top Model, she’s the wife of Christopher Knight (yeah, I don’t get it either), a huge ‘Star Wars’ fan, and quite the movie nerd.

Jaime King [@jaime_king]: Actress, Writer, Producer, Lover, Filmmaker, Wife and Geek. I’m sure most of you know this geek as James King, the model. But she’s also an actress, and she’s been in some pretty geeky movies. ‘Bulletproof Monk,’ ‘Slackers,’ ‘Sin City,’ ‘Fanboys’ and she’s a voice in ‘Clone Wars.’ We can forgive her that ‘Pearl Harbor’ travesty, everyone thought it was going to be epic, and not in the negative sense, right?

Last, but not at all least, Tech Editor Taylor’s #bonusgeeks!









I’m sure I missed a few dozen lady-geeks that the rest of you @technostraddle friends & lovers follow. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind sharing? The ladies I’ve listed certainly reveal what kind of geek I am, which is apparently a politically-minded Whedonite with a weakness for a funny lady. What kind of tweetgeek do you fancy? Or are you a tweetgeek yourself? Do tell.


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  1. Hold on Olivia Wilde has a Twitter? This is almost as amazing when I realised that Jillian Michaels has a Twitter after my constant tweets about wanting her to beat me up for eating taco fries. WIN!

  2. I recommend @maureenjohnson

    That’s Maureen Johnson as in the YA author, not the Rent character. (She wrote the book Bermudez Triangle which has lesbians) She interacts with her followers a lot and posts tweets like this:

    “Unrelated, has there been a Star Wars parody with chickens called The Empire Strikes Bock? If not, why not?”

    Oh and this is her bio: There’s a fine line between good eye contact, and the piercing stare of a psychopath. Maureen is on the wrong side of it. – a fan

    (If you already follow her and have skype you should let me know because you should totally join the gay recruitment headquarters)

  3. @GailSimone ! She had a run on Wonder Woman, is currently writing Secret Six and the new Birds of Prey. She’s fantastically snarky and generally awesome and hilarious.

    @CorrinaLawson is a writer and tweets about comics and generally geeky things.

  4. I was about to be really sad that you missed Danielle Corsetto and Erika Moen, but you snuck ’em in at the bottom :) Excellent list– certainly gave me a few more fellow lady-geeks to follow!

  5. Oooo! You need to also check out actress Rileah Vanderbilt’s twitter @rileah! Michele Boyd’s character “Riley” on The Guild is based on her! She also plays Buffy in the webseries Ultradome and is amazing with a lightsaber in the web video Saber on youtube!

    Tweet: “I’m the FPS Yin to @thegamerchick’s RPG Yang”

    God I love geeky chicks:) Great list!

  6. what about @meaghano ? the self-descirbed “double x chromosome at tumblr.”

    i MEAN:

    “When text-to-voice started going on @ashleygates computer she was reading that Stephen Hawking article abt aliens & we were sure it was him.”

  7. I second Jane Espenson and also recommend new eurEka ep Amy Berg (@bergopolis). She has frequent Twitter conversations with various geek items (@wilw, @grantimahara… you name them) and is just fun to read her tweets

  8. Another great geek gal is Whitney Matheson, who writes a pop culture blog for USA Today, “Pop Candy”.

    Follow her @popcandy.

    She’s funny, smart, and is incredibly well-versed in one of the geekiest of past-times: comic books!

  9. so I’m flattered to be listed but two things. One, I’m not doing a scyfy movie with Felicia Day called Red, though I keep hearing I am which is weird. Two, why am I the only geek you listed without a twitter photo and sample tweet? What did I do? ahaha..keep up the good work. peace.

  10. @ginatrapani will tell you more about google than you ever needed to know and is currently doing awesome things in the non-profit/government world (http://smarterware.org/5187/thinktank-is-now-at-expert-labs). She was also the founding editor of Lifehacker, and occasionally offers tweets like:

    “guilty pleasure: dropping the “my wife” bomb on unsuspecting straight people, mid-conversation.”

    @zephoria is a brilliant researcher at Microsoft Research New England who studies digital culture (addressing things like racial divides between facebook and myspace and the troubles with bullying on Formspring). She has also hosted an Ani Difranco lyrics site for more than a decade, which is irrelevant but wonderful.

  11. If you’re my kind of tweetgeek, and you seem to be :D, I strongly recommend @mariancall. She’s an indie singer-song writer who’s an amazing geek. She did an entire cd with songs based on Firefly or BSG, fangirls over NPR, chats with fans constantly and is just incredibly adorkable (I’m very glad someone else uses that term!). Plus she’s about to embark on a self-run driven tour of all 50 sates, so I’m sure her tweets are about to get really interesting!

    “Haha! Just found a first draft of the only fanmail I’ve ever written, a thank you letter to @nathanfillion. It amuses me now. 11:53 PM Apr 27th via web “

  12. I have a twitter account that I don’t use, but I unofficially follow people sometimes* and I appreciate a lot of the women on this list very much, especially the ‘political nerds’. And Ariel Schrag. I probably appreciate most of them and just don’t know it yet.

    Also, I declare @ConanOBrien an honorary #ladygeek:

    “I just ran into Ellen DeGeneres on the Warner Bros lot and we played ping pong. I think she’s really into me.”

    “Just got the new iPad. This amazing device has already revolutionized the way I use a calculator.”

    I guess I just wanted to share that first one ’cause it really amused me. But, he has also mentioned Gaga and had/has some sort of ‘feud’ with Bieber so… there you go.

    * Fact: social networking terms are intended to make me/you/everyone we know feel severely creepy/unstable… rightly so, I say. ))((.

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