Gay People Still Thankful for Marriage Equality, Nicki Minaj, Sandwiches This Sunday Funday

The turkey was delicious and the good news is still coming! Also I hope your Thanksgiving was full of images that are both sexy and festive!

So as you finish up your Thanksgiving break and finally reach the bus / train / plane terminal taking you far away from your family, you might as well take in some good gay news, too.

 Gay Couple Marries on Thanksgiving, Other Gay Marriage Updates

+ Christopher Sieber and Kevin Burrows got married on Thanksgiving.

+ Republicans are becoming part of the New Hampshire gay marriage conversation.

+ The gay marriage we’ve all been waiting for is happening – the one happening in Archie.

Lesbian Victory!

Two Baltimore County, Maryland police officers who happen to be lesbians were awarded the right on Tuesday to extend their health benefits to their spouses.

Happy Thanksgiving, Pass the Leftovers Please

Unless you’re Emeril, Martha Stewart, Oprah, or some sort of supercombination of the three, you’re probably stumped as to how to use that leftover Tofurkey / actual turkey / canned cranberry sauce all by yourself.

+ Jezebel’s open thread on Thanksgiving leftovers is chock-full of ideas for all kinds of dishes, and there’s even a reference to some sort of “chili.”

+ Slate‘s ultimate guide to cooking pumpkins made me feel great because I love pumpkins.

+ The ultimate inspiration can be found somewhere in the midst of “24 Beautiful Portraits of Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwiches,” courtesy of Buzzfeed:

Gay People Can Find Jobs Right Here

Proud Employers, an LGBT job search database, launched on Friday. If you live in Britain, it’s a great resource for you! Go on and find jobs, little gay graduates!

Christians Welcome the Gays

+ St. Mark Lutheran Church has opened its doors to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities.

+ An evangelical mother has become a gay rights advocate. You guys, it can really happen I’m telling you:

“It slapped me in the face,” said Baldock, remembering the first time she went to a worship service with gay Christians in 2007. “I ended up on the floor crying and being so sorry for all the prejudices I had. I realized that something was very wrong with my theology.”

Woman Wins Eating Contest

“The Black Widow” beat out six dudes in a turkey-eating contest in Manhattan.

Nicki Minaj Announces New Album

I am thankful for this gem from the Internet:

Let the good news roll in for Young Money! Not only is Drake predicted to top the Billboard albums chart with his latest effort, Take Care, but labelmate Nicki Minaj announced Tuesday night that her new album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, will drop in stores on Valentine’s Day 2012.

After thanking her 7 million-plus followers on Twitter for celebrating Pink Friday’s one-year anniversary, the recentAmerican Music Awards winner hyped up her fans for a very special announcement. “Its only right to announce it on the anniversary of Pink Friday right barbz???” she wrote.

There’s also been a recent Twitter announcement by MIA that she’s collaborating with Nicki and Madonna in NYC soon – whether or not it’s for the new album I bet it’s going to be completely and absolutely wonderful and I will need a cold shower and a desk fan:

Inspirational Muppet Story

“You are reading this article because of Kermit the Frog:”

More to the point, you are reading this article because the writer sat in front of PBS one day in the late 1970s and brightened immeasurably at the sight of Kermit the Frog doing a stand-up for the Sesame Street News Flash. In the moment, the frog—glamorous in his trench coat, stirring in his dauntlessness—gave the kid the idea that it would be fun to be a reporter. The child went forth from his native swamp and did just that […]

Occupy Oakland Lives On In Gay Porn

“Occupy My Throat,” a gay porn taking place at the Occupy Oakland protests, will no doubt preserve its importance in history for the rest of time.

The Story of Thanksgiving, As Told By Cute Animals

This is exactly what it sounds like, only even more clever and politically charged.

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  1. i am so fucking geeked for Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. I follow her on Twitter n almost sh*t myself when i saw that tweet. fer realz like the Roman rap personality is so nasty lyrically like so dope i just can’t stand it. She can rip up any cipher, kill any emcee in a battle with that Roman sh*t. Damn, the hoodrat in me comes out so hard when it comes to Nicki. That is my B-I as in my B*tch, my Business, my rap codeee.

    And Carmen, I just love you and your writing so much…and that picture of the chick on the turkey made me cough/wheeze/laugh all in one breath. xox

      • More than people who admitted to outright lying about being bisexual to gain fame? Nice! [/sarcasm]

      • yeah word…i guess i’m so used to hearing people speak that way when they have a problem with someone that i didn’t even notice it at first. right on for calling attention to it.

        “fake bi heffa”

        let’s break this down shall we?

        fake: as in too much make-up? fake as in not a real person? fake as in que? tell me.

        bi: well what does that have to do with hating her? i mean if someone said they hated me like this: gabby sucks, i hate that fake dyke bitch – that would be terrible and derogatory. it’d be better if you said: i hate gabby cuz she is a bitch and a know it all. :) haha

        heffa: i can see this as just a slang term for bitch cuz that’s how i hear it used most of the time. but i also understand where emma is coming from in that it refers to a cow and cows are big and therefore if you call someone a heffa, you might be saying they’re like a big fat cow which is mean and an unintelligent reason for hating someone.

        so i mean…at least give us actual reasons and not just slurs against my dearest nicki or anyone else for that matter. i’ve read your comments on here before and they are usually pretty on point.

        • I don’t hate cows @ all lol…

          As I mentioned above, I dislike Nicki because she comes out as bi, then flip-flops for MONTHS before going on Rolling Stone and admitting that her bisexuality was just an act to gain fame.

          I take stuff like this VERY seriously as bi people have a hard time being taken seriously even without a hetero entertainer like Nicki exploiting the community for personal gain.

          Nicki will always leave a bitter taste in my mouth solely for lying about being bi for personal gain.

        • yes! i would have benefitted from a more straightforward account of the story.

          also, my objection to the word heffa was actually cause it seems sort of fat-hating to me. but i am not sure if that’s accurate.

      • by which i mean, i’d rather you not refer to any person with a derogatory word that means cow and that implies it’s bad to be large. you can not like nicki all you want but COME ON PLEASE.

      • Not for nothing, but seriously get over my use of the word “heffa”. There are far worse things in the world that I could do than that.

        • aww really? “get over my use of the word”? as like a basis for a counter argument? that’s so lame dude. #imjustsaying

          and how do you know she lied about being bisexual? i mean i’ve been a nicki fan since before beam me up scotty when she was running game on chicks in queens so…how do you know for sure?

          cuz there are interviews of her admitting to only dating women too….

          • I’m just a little irritated about being accused of being a “bi hater” and being jumped on for the use of the word “heffa”. In my social circles, that particular word is offensive (maybe to cows?), but not necessarily the worst thing you can call a person.

          • mmmmm, ok. i’m sorry. i live in an area where i rarely hear that word, so i probs did jump on you unneccesarily. i get so reactionary! ug, sorry!

            i honestly know hardly anything about nicki minaj so your original comment seemed kinda harsh out of context (and i think would have still even if you had said “bitch” or something). also i guess i just hate all those words that are used only for insulting women (and thier bodies/looks)? even if that is not the intent of the individual speaker/writer, which i don’t think it was for you.

          • ALSO, god jeez, i’ll stop after this promise but – i didn’t think suburban was hating on fake people or bi people, i got that she was hating on FAKE bi people.

            as for the issue of faking being bi or queer for personal gain or attention – i have mixed feelings. i understand the idea that it makes people who really are bi look wishy washy or look attention-seeking or whatever. on the other hand, sometimes sexuality does change over time. and, if faking being gay is cool, it seems like BEING gay is an ok thing, which is good. i think the more annoying thing might be that she (apparently) recanted when the attention was not positive.

          • No worries, Emma. I rarely, if ever, hear of the word “heffa” used against one’s size, so I was kind of confused about the anger towards it (I mean, I know it’s not a nice word and all but damn lol).

            And yes- that was the jist of my post. I was speaking of people who intentionally use bisexuality for personal gain, not those whose identity & orientation changed over time (I mean hey, isht happens).

            And now I feel like I’ve inadvertently trolled this post which was supposed to be about thankfulness and thangs. This makes me remorseful.

          • She said she’s not bi. She said she doesn’t date or sleep with women. How much more do you need to not be bi?

            You can keep loving Nicki for the rest of your days but at least know that she’s not bi and just did that for attention. She can tear some shit up with her rhymes. I would love her sooooo fucking much without the fake lesbian/bi thing she did. But because she LIED about something that other artists are discriminated against for …. It’s not right.

  2. In the words of Nicki (my one true love) – SHE AIN’T A NICKI FAN THEN THE BITCH DEAF DUMB!!

    Y U Mad video dropped today. Anyone else going innn on the female weezy thing? Hot.

    • ooohhh where?? ::running to youtube::

      and how many times have you watched the ASS video? ::droooollllll::

      it’s a terribly un-feminist thing of me to enjoy…but i do love me a girl with a nice @ss….

      • OMIGOSH That A$$ video is terrible and the worst part is for a good week all I could hear in my head was ass ass ass ass ass ass oh no I talking about it made it come back again darn it!!

  3. It’s on

    And like a 1000 times #twerkteam. Hahah, like what big sean says, her ass is colossal!

  4. Hahahahah! I’m always tryna do my best. Gotta let the barbz know, yano?
    All i’m sayin is i cannot wait till she comes back to the UK!

  5. That was hot. Like when she toured with britany and she give a lapdance to that girl. I mean i just can’t even cotemplate it! What i’d give!!

    • omg mami, i saw her and britt at the Izod center in August and practically lost my ever loving mind during the whole damned thing like seriously the way little girls go schizo for Bieber n Twilight – that was me for nicki n britney

      i was so glad she mixed up her pg-13 pink friday stuff with her hard ass remix/guest spot tracks.

      and can we just take a moment to say how dope britney was too? like that chick puts on a crazy ass amazing show.

      their collab on til the world ends at the end of the concert had me gasping i was rapping so hard hahaha

  6. Proud Employers looks liked it’s just for LGB and not T, actually, sadly. I was hoping to forward to my partner :\

  7. I know there has been rumors about Nicki Minaj being bi, but did anyone see the victoria secret fashion show (I know it’s awful but it is hard to change the channel), anyway, Nicki was definitely checking out 2 of the models a lot.

  8. In the interview where she said she doesn’t date or sleep with women she paused and said i don’t date men either but you only ever read the quote when the journalist has chopped it up to make the story they want to tell.


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