Glambert, Gaga & Glee Tell All – It’s a Very Gay Pop Tuesday


Adam Lambert sat down for one of his best interviews in recent memory and reflected on some possible missteps with For Your Entertainment and the goal for his follow-up next fall:

“One of the things that I reflected on over the last year and that I’m going to steer a little bit differently with this next album, is that there’s a bit of intimidation that happens when you come off a big show like that and all of a sudden you’re famous and there’s all this expectation. There’s a little bit of overcompensation that might have happened. I was wearing A LOT of make up, I was like ‘I have to make this conceptual’ and this and that. At the heart of it, I love pop music, but I’m a singer first and I think this next album is probably going to focus more-so on the voice and on lyrics and energy that is genuine, honest and personal. Yes, it will be a little glam here and there and there will be a little camp, but I want those other things to be at the forefront and have the rhinestones and all of that [in the background]. I think this one is going to be a bit more personal, a bit more real. But don’t quote me — watch — I’ll come out with feathers on the next cover!”

Hmmm… just as we predicted! To bide some time while crafts his next musical masterpiece, Adam is releasing a combo CD/DVD package of his Glam Nation tour on March 22.


Jay Leno made himself useful for once and actually asked a real question! He made Gaga address the elephant in the room regarding the “Born This Way” / “Express Yourself” debacle. And, rather than distract with a tangent about Whitney Houston, she gave it up:

“There is really no one that is a more adoring and loving Madonna fan than me. I am the hugest fan personally and professionally. Well, the good news is that I got an e-mail from her people and her, sending me their love and complete support on behalf of the single and if the queen says it shall be, then it shall be.”

Do you think Madonna’s getting royalty checks off “Born This Way?” JK, I think I’m over it. Who’s excited about Gaga’s HBO Monster Ball Concert on May 7? Do the new bones in her face turn you on?


Darren Criss is Out Magazine’s new coverboy and the subject of a profile peppered with his usual sweetness about not playing gay or straight but rather just a character. More interesting are the insider Glee comments from show creator Ryan Murphy, when discussing Blaine and his future storylines:

“Blaine will openly question whether bisexuality is real,” he confirms. “I think that some people will love that discussion and some will not love it.” In reference to whether or not Kurt and Blaine will ever hook up, he says: “It’s my job as showrunner to keep them apart as long as possible… When that moment comes — if it comes… I want to treat that relationship like we treat all the other relationships on the show. I want it to be as flawed and as exposed as everyone else’s.”

After the internet exploded in response to the idea of Blaine hooking up with one of the girls for a hot second, Murphy quickly fired off a statement:

Blaine is NOT bi. He is gay, and will always be gay. I think it’s very important to young kids that they know this character is one of them.”

Don’t get invested. This show will go to crazytown before the day is done.

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  1. Is Lady GaGa a Monster? No! and Adam Lambert is not a Glambert. Monsters are Gaga fans and Glamberts are Lambert fans. I wish writers would at least look like they know what they’re talking about. Article was great but using names you don’t understand undermines your credibility.

    • erm…. people were calling Adam “Glambert” a while before it became a nickname for his fans. I wish commenters would at least look like they know what they’re talking about. ;)

    • 1. Gaga calls herself “mother monster” all the time.
      2. Everyone calls Adam Lambert “Glambert.”
      3. At no point in this article does anyone call Gaga a monster anyway so your point is moot.
      4. The writers of this site are the biggest Gaga/Lambert fans I know and definitely know what they’re talking about.

  2. Loved the Adam interview, glad that Gaga didn’t shy away from the question.

    I know Ryan Murphy probably didn’t mean it the way it came across, but when he said “I think it’s very important to young kids that they know this character is one of them.” it made me think, “So you mean it’s not important for bi kids to have someone to look up to?” I get not wanting to change the storyline of a character who is out and proud but the way it was phrased was a little hard to swallow. Maybe just oversensitivity on my part.

    • My fucking thoughts EXACTLY. (Especially with Glee’s history in this.) Jack Harkness is aces and everything but like, am I allowed more than one single solitary character?

    • I totally agree with you, bisexuality is misunderstood and seems to garner little discussion in the gay/straight media. Perhaps some feel it’s too complicated to portray?

      I’m not saying that as a way of dismissing gay pride at all, just that bisexuals need representation too!

  3. I loved Adam Lambert’s FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT, and loved the Glam Nation Concerts this summer, but can’t wait to see what he will do next. He has always said that boredom is his enemy, so as he evolves and changes, we know whatever comes next will be incredible. Now that he has had a successful international tour and gotten nominated for a Grammy, I think it has legitimized him in his own mind to the point that he can take a deep breath and know that we are all with him for the long haul.

    • I am jaded right now but I am for sure that the minute her album comes out I will fanboi to the nth degree.

    • \o

      Super jaded. The song is uninspired (with bonus racism! AWESOME), the egg was OTT and not in her usual good way, and then the performance wasn’t anything special. She needs to take a page from Cee-Lo’s book.

  4. I would like Glee to have some lesbians, but at the same time I am terrified of how they would be portrayed…

  5. I dunno if you people have seen this but a friend of mine posted it on my wall and YOU GUYS, AN 8 YEAR OLD RAPPING TO BORN THIS WAY. I can’t even. it’s just so adorbs. And then I started watching all of his other videos. I suggest like a g6 purely for entertainment value.

    Anyhoo HERE is the Lady Gaga one:

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