Gabby’s Team Pick: xQsi Magazine – Queer Latin@s

xQsi (Porque Si) Magazine is a brand new online media publication that embraces the diversity of interests in the Latin@ LGBTQ community.  Bottom line: this site is f*cking rad.

For instance, xQsi Magazine recently interviewed The Sirens, a super hot all queer Latina punk band about their music, involvement in the AIDS Walks Los Angeles and their thoughts on teen bullying.

AND THEN xQsi sat down with the awesome queer couple, Ivette Alé and Crystal González , who are creators of  Marimacho the Brooklyn-based masculine clothing line for female and transgender bodies.

xQsi also posts news from its own site and others in order to provide up-to-date queer news from  The Caribbean, Latin America, The U.S. and everywhere else queerios live.  Por ejemplo, I didn’t know Puerto Rico was awash in a wave of trans and queer murders, but a blurb on xQsi sent me to that article at The New Civil Rights movement.

Media, fashion and queer politics from all around the world, yes, todo el mundo mi gente.  Oh and one other thing: xQsi Magazine is bilingual.  I’m actually jealous of them for that one.  (I try reading the articles en español and then I give up and just read the ones in English. )

Check out and make friends with xQsi on Facebook! Unicorns of color, all colors, unite!

(Don’t worry Dora, whenever you’re ready to come out we’ll all be here waiting for you…)

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Gabrielle Rivera is an awesomely queer Bronx bred, writer, spoken word artist and director. Her short stories and poems have been published in various anthologies such as the Lambda Award winning Portland Queer: Tales from the Rose City and The Best of Panic! En Vivo from the East Village. Her short film "Spanish Girls are Beautiful" follows a group of young Latina and Caucasian girls who like girls as they hook up, smoke up and try to figure sh*t out. She also freelances for while working in the film and television industry. Gabrielle is currently working on her first novel while bouncing around NYC performing spoken word and trying to stick it to the man.

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  1. I’m really excited about this. Even though I am a queer Latina, I feel like I am never both at the same time (if that makes any sense). Not only can this help me start merging what feels like two different identities, it can help me brush up on my Spanish!

    • girl, i feel you! it’s like you’re the only homo at the latino event or the only latina at the les meet n greet but it’s your real life. lol

      everything you said makes sense. people can be shitty too. but that’s why i like queer spaces emphasis on QUEEERRRRRR haha cuz most people in them are open to all the parts of you.

      this latina queer thing isn’t one expressions. it’s all of us merging and sharing how we do sh*t.

      and yo, my spanish needs more than a brush up lol it needs an overhaul

      • I read one of the articles in spanish and I only had to look up like 5 words. Score! But I was always pretty good at reading the language. Speaking it on the other hand- I am a mess.

        I’ve struggled with my Latina identity for a long time now. I grew up in the Bronx and I was always “the white girl” within my group of Latina friends (which I can go on and on about how racist that was and not to mention destructive to the Latino community now that I look back on it) but that mentality just kind of stuck to this day to the point where I struggle relating to that part of my life. But yeah, it’s the whole, feeling like I don’t fit in not matter who I am surrounded by.

    • YES YES YESSSS on the merging of two identities!
      Tired of being the only Latina in a group of queers, tired of being the only queer in a group of Latinas. So happy about thissss

  2. I’m so happy that I’m not the only one whohas been saying that about Dora the Explorer! Even my 9 year old daughter has been comparing her to “a lot of Mommy’s friends!”
    Thanks, Gabby, for pointing this mag out!

  3. 1. dora the explorer is totally gay
    2. every time there’s a new queer magazine situation i am excited
    3. i saw all these photos online yesterday of Marimacho and thought ‘i like this’

    • Turns out I know one of the Marimacho models. I found this out through Marimacho, though, not through her. It’s a small queer world.

  4. Marimacho looks AMAZING I can’t wait to see more stuff from them (though they’re a bit out of my budget.)

    Vests vests vests.

  5. me again! i was able to log in.

    i am glad you all like it <3

    thanks for the love gabrielle and autostraddle

    • jacky guerrero, hey girl, heyy! i googled you for like a day haha. glad you like the piece. thank you for everything you do, sounds mad simple, but i mean it. much love.

      • Thank you!

        Lol thats funny..i just googled myself to see how hard i am to find.

        thank you for spreading the love!

  6. xQsi looks awesome. And thanks for helping me figure out how to pronounce it (porque si)

  7. Yeah!
    Im one super marimacho.
    Since i have memory, love to know that the latin gay comunity is is growing and evolving fast.

    Feliz de ahora pertenecer a esta comunidad y de ser parte de un gran movimiento :D

  8. yes!!!! it just got really exiting in the midwest for this girl!! millones de gracias for the post

  9. i want to hug all of you beautiful colorful unicorns.

    (when did “unicorn” become a daily part of my vocabulary….)

  10. So excited about this, thank you for sharing. And I want those button-down shirts from Marimacho so badly.

  11. Marimacho! loved the name, I really liked this post, it’s cool there’s a website for queer latinas, didn’t know that and will definetely check it out

  12. This is killer. The Marimacho vest is killer! It should come in more colors because high-quality, properly tailored vests like that are next to impossible to come by!

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