Fan Fiction Friday: The Top 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Femslash Fics

Did you know this week was the 18th anniversary of the premiere of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? It’s bonkers to think that’s true! It was almost two decades ago, yet the show still feels groundbreaking and culturally relevant. And, of course, Buffy fan communities are as strong as ever, thanks in large part to the comic books that are keeping the canon going. Below are ten of the best Buffy femslash fics. Obviously most of them are either Willow and Tara, or Buffy and Faith — but I tossed in some surprises for you too!

Just A Counterfeit James Dean by impertinence

Pairing: Faith/Buffy
Plot: The apocalypse really messes with Faith’s plans to make Buffy into more than her roommate.
Length: 57,000 words

The hellmouth in Cleveland’s activity has been – Buffy calls it escalating. Faith calls it doubling down on the wackadoo. Either way, there’s a vamp on the outskirts of town who’s amassing followers fast, and he’s almost as tough as an ubervamp, with the important exception of being surrounded by an army of vamps. It should be a pretty straightforward kill, only right now, Buffy and Faith are alone. No trainees, no other full Slayers. It’s kind of like old times, and it’s wigging them both out.

Hence calling in the big guns. Also known as Willow.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Faith says. “You firebomb the place, we sneak in and kill the big boss. Easy-peasy.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but when has anything ever been that easy for us?”

“Point,” Faith says. “Still. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yep,” Faith says. “Wouldn’t say it if I wasn’t.”

“I see.”

Faith thumps her shoulder. “Buck up, Red. It’s Buffy’s night to cook, which means we’re eating tacos.” Tacos and meat loaf is pretty much all Buffy knows how to make. Faith can follow a recipe, but then, it was Buffy’s credit history – meaning, the fact that she had one – that made it so they could put a down payment on this place. Courtesy of the Watchers, who are really terrified of Slayers who’ve made it past thirty.

Point being, Faith doesn’t mind cooking most of the time. But they haven’t seen Willow in almost a year, and Buffy needs the busy work of cooking. So tacos for dinner it is.

Forging Bonds by rebelrsr

Pairing: Faith/Tara, Willow/Janna
Plot: Buffy and Faith take center stage as they tag-team to take down another Big Bad.
Length: 220,000 words

“I like the look.” Somehow, Buffy had snuck up on Faith. “The brooding loner, propping up the wall. Are you trying to attract a Dominant for the night? Or was this your latest attempt to scare us all away with your laser-like glare?”

“Must be the first, right? ‘Cause you’re here and not stumbling for the door in them stupid heels, B.” Not that scaring Buffy had been a possibility. It had taken only a single sparring session to show Faith why her original Watcher had sung Buffy’s praises. Buffy was wicked fast and far better trained. “You lookin’ for something with more curves than the X-Man?”

She’d pushed too hard. Faith knew it the second she’d brought Xander into the conversation. Buffy moved so fast Faith didn’t see her coming. A forearm to her throat held Faith pinned to the wall. “I’m trying very hard to remember why I like you. It’s like you can’t help yourself. One minute you’re normal. Just another Slayer to hang out with, another sister in arms. And the next you’re some bitch in heat I want to smack down.” Buffy pressed close, her eyes blazing with fury and enough Dominance to make Faith squirm. “Don’t make me smack you, Faith. You won’t enjoy what happens.”

Faith nodded as best she could. And the meek, clearly cowed, “Yes, Ma’am,” that snuck out in response humiliated Faith. She wasn’t afraid of Buffy, even if Buffy did wear her marker on the left.

Buffy peered into Faith’s eyes for a long, tense moment. “Jesus, you make me mad sometimes.” Releasing Faith, she took a few steps back and straightened the hem of her skirt. “If you can stop glowering, Willow needs our help. She babbled something about a woman on the floor and needing a doctor. Only I think Will lost her. I couldn’t really understand. I promised to help, though. She was pretty upset.”

Impossibly Delightful Flesh by Sadbhyl

Pairing: Tara/Willow
Plot: Post season-five fic that tackles sexuality, gender, and true love.
Length: 58,000 words

Buffy was pacing the room in frustration, but Joyce found she couldn’t look at her daughter like this for too long. She was reminded too much of young romance, first kisses, whispered promises that were destined to be violated.

Everyone was relieved when the doorbell rang.

“I swear it wasn’t me!” Willow insisted vehemently as she came into the house. “I was in the programming lab all . . .” She froze in her tracks in the door. “Holy goddess.” She scanned them, assigning names to new faces, focusing on one. “Tara?” She crossed over to the couch to sit next to her partner, taking Tara’s hand and touching her face. Tara tried not to flinch.

Giles remained in the doorway, evaluating. And coming up with an observation he was none too happy with. “What is Spike doing here?”

Spike grinned. “Why, Rupert, ‘m touched you recognize me, what with the new digs ‘n all.” His sweet soprano shimmered with amusement.

“Shut up, Spike.” Buffy backhanded him on the shoulder.

“Oy, watch the upper body strength, Slayer, I’m a delicate little flower now.”

“You’re a vampire, Spike.” She paused. “You are still a vampire, aren’t you?”

Je me souviens by zulu

Pairing: Buffy/Faith
Plot: Faith chooses getting Buffy over getting revenge.
Length: 60,000 words

Buffy nodded. She didn’t know what to say. Willow had shocked her, but it was wearing off. She wondered how Faith had known. What had Buffy missed seeing? Maybe it was just that Faith had been known to – again in her words – “scratch the itch” with whoever was handy. Faith knew, because Faith liked girls. Buffy thought again of Faith’s teasing, Faith’s flirting…but, that was so the wrong direction for her thoughts to be headed right now. “So,” she said. “Who did you want me to meet?”

“Tara,” Willow whispered, subsiding a bit.

“From your Wicca group, Tara?”


“Well…okay. Yes. I want to meet her. I want you to, um…follow your heart. But in a less Afterschool Special kind of way.” Buffy smiled. “And, with Faith…can you be okay with her? I mean, if she recovers, and she…hates us…that’s different. But, for now?”

Willow shrugged. She looked down for a minute. “It’s not that I don’t want to give her a chance, Buffy. I know she’s sick, and hurt, and all that. But we’ve given her lots of chances, haven’t we?”

“Maybe not.” Buffy struggled with her words. She kept having to face this issue over again. But with Faith being memory-loss girl, it just kind of changed the way she saw it. “We never gave her a chance this time. Because she was meeting us for the first time and already the deck was stacked against her.” Buffy sighed. “I don’t know, Will. I just want her to understand. Maybe none of us can forgive each other if she doesn’t know what she’s done, but if she remembers, I want us to be able to.”

Willow sent her a pained glance. “If she remembers –”

More Jean Grey, Less Wolverine by Jedi Buttercup

Pairing: Tara/Willow
Plot: Just your average X-Men/Avengers/Buffy crossover with Willow and Tara as main characters!
Length: 7,500 words

In the early days of her captivity, she’d held high hopes that the red-haired witch would find her. As much as her beloved’s lack of self-control worried Tara at times, that intemperance would have worked very much to her advantage when the powerful witch finally realized her girlfriend had gone missing, and Tara had imagined her rescue at the hands of the Scoobies a thousand times over.

But that was before Tara fully understood what had happened. The day her captor told her the full extent of what he’d done had been the worst moment of her adult life, worse even than the sight of Buffy sprawled beneath Glory’s tower or the weight of a spring of Lethe’s bramble across her palm.

It isn’t just that she isn’t on Earth anymore; the unusually bright sun, the extremely long day, and the three moons that chase each other across the green-tinted sky might not belong to any place visible from 1630 Revello Drive, but mere distance could never stop Willow from finding her. It isn’t even that she’d traveled to this place– wherever it is– on a spaceship instead of through a portal she or Willow might be able to recreate; that issue, too, might be overcome given enough time.

No, the real problem is: who would ever look for a woman already known to be dead? And not the magically caused, let me just talk to Osiris for a minute, only permanent if you’re unwilling to touch the darker magics, kind of dead either.

From Beneath You it Devours by leialovesfaith

Pairing: Laura/Carmilla, Faith/Buffy
Plot: A hilarious Buffy/Carmilla crossover.
Length: 15,000 words

Faith groaned. “That’s disturbing.” She turned back to Willow,” And yes, Mircalla Karnstein daughter of one Count Karnstein of Styria, a duchy of Austria. Born 1680. Turned 1698. Killed almost as many slayers as William the Bloody. Was known for her alluring looks and had a special liking for young girls. Cut a pretty destructive path across Europe for a couple of centuries and then boom- dropped off the face of the earth, presumed dead, around the end of the nineteenth century.” Faith took a drink of coffee. “Also was supposed to be like able to turn into some giant black cat or something.”

Buffy eyed her incredulously. “Uhh…”

Faith shrugged. “Slayer handbook.”

“Seriously?” Buffy turned to Giles. “I mean really… how is it that everyone but me was…”

Giles held up his hand to stop her. “Yes, yes. You were never properly trained. We know. However, there are more pressing matters at the moment.” He nodded at Willow to continue.

Hope Has Wings (But Faith Has A Broadsword) by lettered

Pairing: Buffy/Faith
Plot: Pure Fuffy fluff!
Length: 11,000 words

Faith got the wings from a glowy guy. He had light-beam wings and his hair was molten gold; he had a crown made out of fire. He was really really hot—if you liked that sort of thing. Faith apparently liked that sort of thing, because when Glowy Guy floated down into the midst of a bunch of demons they were battling, she went right for him.

Buffy thought Faith looked—well, wreathed with light, to be honest—but also zombified, sorta walking in a daze directly toward the glowy guy. Just stopped everything she was doing, cross-bow falling to her side, then down to the pavement, and Faith was just walking, walking toward the light.

It didn’t seem like a good thing—well, except for the light was pretty, and really kinda mesmerizing when you thought about it, like a disco ball—or like a hearth, a fire, the kind Buffy imagined in olden days in Ireland with families beside them, and the cold outside, or sunshine at the beach, and you were in someone’s arms, and they held you like they loved you, and were alive.

Only it was better, like the Bronze after a hard night of Slaying and the light was dim but had a sort of glow, and Spike was there, and Willow never killed anyone, and Buffy’s mom was there and Angel and Tara and Giles and—and you were there, and you were there, and you. It was a light just like the kind at the end of a tunnel, but only getting brighter, brighter, brighter, and she was walking there with Faith.

Crashing Down by Asher Monroe (OneHundredSuns)

Pairing: Faith/Buffy, Willow/Tara
Plot: After the portal closes, Buffy finds herself in weirdly familiar territory.
Length: 100,000 words

Pain. Body shredding pain was the last thing she remembered. Body shredding pain and bright lights blinding her vision. She knew the sun had just rose, signaling a new day for those that she loved. From the moment Buffy Summers leapt off the shaky man made tower and into the portal of energy, she knew she would die. It all came together and stuck like glue; death was her gift and the only way to save her friends and her sister. As odd as it sounded she’d reached a sort of peace in those last few brief seconds as she told Dawn to keep living. Naturally she would die young; that was the curse of being a Slayer.

Yet as she laid on the cold, hard ground and stared up at the star filled night sky, one random thought filtered through her brain. Man, Heaven looks kinda crappy.

There had been no white fluffy clouds or angels with soft wings to welcome her to her final resting place. Nope, nothing cool and interesting like that. Just wet grass and a cramp that was steadily moving up her leg to her ass. And here she’d thought Heaven was a place of good feelings and fluffy fluffiness. Where she could eat all the cheese she wanted and never gain a single pound. Where she’d always have the latest fashions and her hair would never do that weird thing it usually did.

“If I’m in hell, someone is getting a strongly worded letter.” Groaning, she slowly sat up and rubbed at the back of her head.

Loved and Never Really Lost by igrockspock

Pairing: Willow/Tara
Plot: Tara always finds a way to survive in fan fiction!
Length: 1,500 words

The redhead in her Wicca group is a real witch. Tara can feel the power humming through her skin. At night, she imagines how other things would feel too: soft bright hair slipping through her fingers, smooth skin under her palms, tiny callouses where the girl — Willow — holds a pencil. In the dark, her imagination wanders further, to things that make her blush and stammer every time she tries to look Willow in the eye. Not that it’s hard to make Tara blush and stammer; she does that all the time, no matter whom she’s facing.

She skips Wicca group next Tuesday, and the one after that, until not going becomes a habit. Soon she has a girlfriend, someone more suited to her. Kate blends in; Kate doesn’t notice magic. Tara says she’s happy, but when Kate says “I love you,” she never can say it back. Every once awhile, she sees a flash of red and longs for electricity under her skin.

Women, Fire and Other Dangerous Things by TigerDragon

Pairing: Buffy/Faith
Plot: The Scoobies take London (and Buffy takes Faith).
Length: 42,000 words

“Is it just me, or are the London vampires extra stupid?” Buffy was lightly sheened in dust, running the faintest sweat, two floors down an abandoned subway station and two vamps ahead on the night. Life was good.

“It’s the transient population.” Faith rolled left, retrieved her compound bow from where she’d dropped it earlier, came up on one knee and drilled off three shots in four seconds. Perfect heart shots, every one. “They don’t get enough time to get to know the place before we kill them again. Up one.”

Another vampire thought that made it an excellent time to go for Faith’s back. Buffy grinned, vaulted an old Underground rail and introduced his heart to Mr. Pointy. “Still,” she mused, brushing the dust off her jacket, “Sunnydale brought in the tourists too. You’d think…huh.” She heard the flat snap-twang of Faith’s bow again, working like a metronome, but didn’t have time to check the results. Apparently, vampires in London liked dropping from the ceiling. It made things a little exciting. “Maybe these ones just want to un-live in peace. Vampires who aren’t looking for the big-league trouble that is us.” Five vamps, eight moves. Faith was right – group action was totally a rhythm thing. “Weird.”

“So,” Faith said when the dust had stopped raining down out of the air, “when I said it was just a little vampire nest, I maybe might have misestimated just a bit.”

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  1. My favorite fic writer, who has written some of the biggest, most acclaimed fics in the Rizzles fandom, is unfortunately pretty shy and private. I’ll still tell her about this though.

  2. Ugh. Je me souviens is one of my favorite fics of all time. And now I have to go read that Buffy/Carmilla crossover fic because it looks hilarious. Thanks, Heather!

  3. I remember reading so much Buffy fan fiction as a teenager. I read a massive amount of femslash all while desperately clinging to the belief that I was straight. Even though I wasn’t ready to come out to myself at the time, let alone anyone else, I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Buffy. Buffy gave me stories (in canon & in fanfic) about girls falling in love with girls and saving the world at a time when I really needed them.

  4. I’m not sure how one could compile a top ten list like this and totally miss out on adding Tempus Fugit (alternative S7) by witchpunk, but maybe because these are all AO3 links and Tempus Fugit is only on FFNet (afaik). It’s definitely worth checking out, though! over 90K words, MacRosenberg pairing with some background Fuffy, it’s very beautifully written and executed

    Honestly, I just pretend like S7 was some bad leftover induced fever dream I must have had and this fic is canon S7 lol

  5. My favorite Fuffy fic is by far and away Omega Rising by aliceinwonderbra. It’s an awesome, unique and well written zombie apocalypse story. I think she is only on and, though, and you only pulled from ao3.

    • I love her Chutes and Ladders. They should have mentioned Electra too. Ah soo many nice fics.

  6. I just had to take a break away from the computer and sigh after reading Buffy was 18 years old.

  7. 10 fanfic writers? I think that’s impossible, Heather. You’ve even left out some classics in this section.

    You posted Xena fics and you never mentioned Melissa (Missy) Good, and she even wrote 2 freaking episodes on that show (Coming Home and Legacy on season 6).

    Never posted a thing about Nikki & Nora, and that fandom was created with just 1 unaired pilot and kept alive until the webseries came out on 2014. Inspector Boxer is one of the best writers and you can also find Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ stories from her that are awesome.

    Never a thing about Mel & Janice (Vivian Darkbloom’s stories are one of the best out there). And, yes, I know, this belongs to Xena’s universe.

    Star Trek is a huge fandom, GL Dartt’s Just Between and Millenium series are one of the best things I’ve ever read.

    But I think I’m seeing a pattern in this, related to age, websites and length of the story.

    The age pattern is obvious.

    The websites you choose to visit while making your selections seem a little limited (Archive of Our Own and Fan Fiction Net), but you have a bunch of places to take a look at, like Academy of Bards, Passion and Perfection and The Athenaeum (this places include multiple fandoms, crossovers, über and original stories, etc.).

    Long fics are not a bad thing, just takes a little more time.

    And if you are looking for amazing original stories, just check Windstar & Zee.

    • Had to respond to second the Inspector Boxer rec because she is such a great writer. I’ve been following No Rest for the Wicked since it was first started in 2009 or 2010? And I ain’t even mad it hasn’t been finished yet. Every time it gets updated I squeal in delight pretty much.

  8. This reminds me that “The Body” is one of the Top 5 best episodes of TV of all time. I have never seen a better portrail of grief and how it feels to lose someone suddenly.

  9. Thanks for all of the time and effort that must go into these articles. I always find something I haven’t read before :-)
    Also, come on people that’s the beauty of the comment seaction; we can share our collective wisdom and fic recommendations. There’s no need for the negative criticism. I usually love reading the comments and suggestions as much as the article but the tone this week is awful. Keep up the good work Heather.

  10. These fanfic articles are just the best. I’m reading from more fandoms, and I particularly like the long fic recommendations. Long fics are so worth it but I’m hesitant to start one if I’m unsure of the quality. Also the great thing about these articles is its never just ten recs. The comments are always full of alternatives!

  11. Ok so I was wracking my brain for the name and storyline of the Faith/Willow fic I copy and pasted to my now defunct PC when I was but 19 and seasons 6 and 7 hadn’t happened yet…and then I remembered it was basically porn so never mind…ah youth. Great list here I will definitely have a read.

    • Nothing wrong with reccing “basically porn.” I mean. A lot of good fic is basically porn.

      The best fic, in my opinion, is stories with character-driven plots that don’t fade to black on the sex scenes, but I def remember that PWP & porn-with-minimal-plot were sort of the main draw for me when I started getting into pairing-based fic.

    • OMG. Hers was the first fanfiction I ever read, 12+ years ago, but I could not for the life of me remember her screenname or web address. Talk about a blast from the past!

  12. You’re doing the Lord’s work.

    (Also yay! A fandom I’m actually more than passingly familiar with!)

    Am I the only one who got wicked sexual tension vibes from Buffy & Faith but zip from Willow & Tara? (…not to mention that Willow & Tara’s relationship was way unhealthy and I’m proud of Tara for leaving. :/) Like, I was a queer girl during my Buffy-obsessed years, and I really wanted to get into Willow/Tara, but honestly I was more into Faith being hot, Spike being hot, and Andrew being fucking hilarious. So many feelings about this show.

    • Full disclosure though: I was def a Spuffy shipper back in the day. What can I say? I was 16. And I can’t stand it now. In general. I don’t know. I don’t really ship anything on the show now, not really. I just want everyone to be nicer to each other and stop self-sabotaging. But I mean, the show is adolescence writ large, so that’s like telling a teenager to grow the fuck up, when it’s perfectly natural for them to be self-obsessed and melodramatic. Plus I’m probably seeing it through the haze of my own adolescent obsession with the show.

      I definitely wrote 10 pages in my journal, front and back, about how much I hated the season 7 finale.

      I want to say a lot more things that are not at all relevant to this thread, sooooo probably I should go yell about it on tumblr instead.

    • !!!!

      Just finished “Just A Counterfeit James Dean” – it was amazing! Thanks for putting it on this list.

  13. Impossibly Delightful Flesh was an excellent read, thanks! Now to check out the others.

  14. Top Ten Lists of fictional topics are always, *always* personal endeavors of the author and their relationship with the franchise, as well as a reflection of their time spent with the characters and the fandom. Because of that, and despite my fervent belief that there is always a place for analysis and (gentle) critique, I can’t fault Ms. Hogan for excluding anything on this list.

    That said, allow me to make my own contribution!

    Any discussion of BtVS femslash has to include Different Colored Pens, the fanfic section of the Willow-Tara dedicated discussion board “The Kitten, The Witches, and the Bad Wardrobe” ( ). This site was my home and my refuge after the horrific trauma of Season Sux, and has seen some of the most creative and enduring fanfic of the community written often in real-time with feedback from a fervently loyal fan base.

    And while any number of fics on that site are more than worthy of praise, I have to give special mention to the sprawling, intricately detailed, intimately characterized, deftly plotted, and emotionally resonant story of “The Sidestep Chronicle” by Katharyn Rosser. ( )

    Clocking in at a monstrous 600k words, this truly epic story tells of a wish!verse wherein a hardened and war-wearied magical vampire hunter named Tara finds herself inexorably drawn to Sunnydale. Once there, the woman who despises all vampires and their butchery meets the woman who had been Destined to be her soul-mate before being turned into a vampire herself, Willow.

    Despite being natural enemies, Tara cannot find the strength to end the perverse bastardization of the woman her soul-mate had become, even knowing that doing so meant that the vampire would continue to feed on innocents. Simultaneously, vamp!Willow cannot bring herself to kill Tara either, being too enamored with the beauty of the woman and too amused by how much her mere existence as an unrepentant murderer tortures the blonde’s conscience. The two enter into a sadistic love affair that both acknowledge cannot last, but for the moment refuse to give up because the alternative simply cannot be contemplated.

    All of this happens while a larger power struggle erupts between the overconfident Master, the cheery Mayor, a desperate Watchers Council, and the scheming Wolfram and Hart law firm, all of whom attempt to use the fated connection between the two women to their own ends…

    I cannot praise this story enough. If you can stomach some darkness in your story, you’ll find yourself rewarded with exciting plot twists, shocking betrayals, and a genuinely satisfying ending that –for the most part– redeems all of the death and carnage that led to it.

    Blessed be!

  15. I was just wondering when you were going to get to Buffy, which is the only fanfic I ever got into. There were a ton of fun, hookey epics, but really only one I remembered having genuinely good writing and being deeply affecting.

    And it’s been a decade, but lo and behold, nothing on the internet ever disappears. This was shockingly easy to find, and even more surprisingly, even better than I remembered:

    If you haven’t seen Buffy, I highly recommend watching through season five, reading that fic, and stopping there.

    ALSO. So glad this is still on the internets as well. Very nsfw:

    • Ha, thanks so much. Captain Red was so wacky I didn’t know whether anyone would actually like it.

    • My most favorite BtvS fanfic is for sure “Swings”, by Electra:

      It’s the type of story that never leaves you, 32 chapters of pure Fuffiness, so well written, so breath taking… And yet so heart breaking. I had to actually stop reading at some point, because this story is so beautiful but so intense… Totally worth the time and, eventually, the tears. Quite possibly the best thing I have ever read, including non-fanfiction works.

    • After the Fall is so freaking amazing ! I can’t listen to “Let the flames begin” from Paramore now without thinking about the EPIC battle !!

    • Hey Carina, Thank you so much for the nice shout-out for Night of Broken Glass. I realize I’m coming along late to this story and comment thread… but better late than never! So glad you liked the story. I also loved Alcy’s Captain Red, which you mention!

  16. Instead of posting articles/fanfic from other authors, can we PLEASE have last week’s PLL recap? I need it. Also, I miss #booradlyvancullen. Bring it back. Sad Faces and stuff.

  17. Ah, Buffy fanfiction – the hallowed ground. I must confess that I didn’t really stray from Willow/Tara centric fic so I don’t have any pearls of widom to offer beyond that pairing.

    However you can’t really go beyond JustSkipIt for some of the best to be found. Her ‘Paths Diverged/Divulged’ or ‘W/T Season 3 Y’all’ are amongst my favourites. Another to reccommend is The Dark Rose by darkmagicwillow – an angsty, (obviously) dark take on Willow and Tara’s reunion set 19 years after season sux.

  18. I know I’m late to the game, but I’m reading “Impossibly Delightful Flesh” and chapter 15 is really speaking to me as a bisexual cis-woman:

    “You know, Willow, you could do us all a favor and make up your mind. Jumping back and forth like this just makes you look tacky.”

    “It’s none of your business, Katie,” Willow replied coldly. But Tara could see the tears welling up in her eyes.

  19. I am reading Crashing Down and enjoying the storyline overall. My minor complaint is that the author has some conjugation issues with the verb “to do” and my major complaint is that there is a scene that is, well… rape. Not labeled as such in the story, but it is one character tied up and saying no while another penetrates her, so… yeah, that could be triggering.

    I really enjoyed Just a Counterfeit and Je me souviens and I hope with all my heart that my thesis director never ever finds out how much time I spent this week reading Buffy fanfic.

  20. My most favorite BtvS fanfic is for sure “Swings”, by Electra:

    It’s the type of story that never leaves you, 32 chapters of pure Fuffiness, so well written, so breath taking… And yet so heart breaking. I had to actually stop reading at some point, because this story is so beautiful but so intense… Totally worth the time and, eventually, the tears. Quite possibly the best thing I have ever read, including non-fanfiction works.

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