Fan Fiction Friday: 7 Pretty Little Liars Stories to Set Your Heart (and Pants) on Fire

Four Times Emily Tells Alison She Needs Therapy, and the One Time She Actually Listens by OccasionalTalent

Pairing: Emily and Alison
 Emily really wants Alison to talk to a mental health professional about constantly getting murdered and buried alive, so she can be whole and healthy and make sweet mask-less love to Emily.
Hotness Level: Completely in character and something to actually root for on the show, plus implied scissoring. :two thumbs up emojis:

She’s still in her towel, dripping wet and Emily’s breath hitches at the sight in front of her, she doesn’t mean to stare, she really doesn’t, but she’s mesmerized by the way the water rolls down Ali’s neck.

When she notices Ali flush under her gaze, she quickly shakes her head and looks away. The tension is thick in the air as she slides up on the bed and lays down on her back; less then five seconds later Ali crawls into bed with her and Emily’s all too aware of the fact she didn’t put on any clothes, and that there is only a flimsy white towel between her and Ali’s naked body, and holy-shit why does she feel 14 again?



“Can you…” She takes a deep breath, obviously struggling with her words, “Can you hold me?”

(Editors note: She can do a lot more than hold you, girl.)

Compete Against the Stars by drivingincircles

Pairing: Paige and Emily
Plot: Paige and Emily meet each other on the way to Wayne Fields’ military base in Texas, during — wait for it — the actual apocalypse! (Also, they have a dog, who is still very alive.)
Hotness Level: Unf!

It started with the lightest brush of lips against the back of her neck. So light, that at first she thought she’d imagined it.
But then she felt it again. Her body was instantly alert, hyperaware of every movement Paige was making against her. Was Paige awake? Did she know what she was doing?

The question left Emily’s mind the moment Paige kissed the nape of her neck again, harder this time. Paige’s hand moved languidly up and down Emily’s side, Emily humming quietly and arching back into Paige as she fleetingly touched the side of her breast.

Emily felt Paige’s groan vibrate through her as her hand slid down over her stomach, fingers brushing the hot skin of her abdomen where her t-shirt had ridden up. Paige’s kisses travelled around to the side of her neck, Emily’s skin burning in their wake, Paige pulling Emily’s hips back against her so that there wasn’t an inch of space between them. Paige’s hand moved upwards over the material of Emily’s t-shirt, Emily’s stomach flipping as she confidently smoothed over her breast.

Paige sighed against her ear, cupping Emily gently, dipping her head to nip Emily’s neck, her tongue soothing over the skin.

Emily moaned quietly, her fingers digging into the mattress as Paige’s thumb rubbed over her hardened nipple through her clothes. “Paige,” she gasped. A subtle throbbing had started between her legs, intensifying when Paige moved her hand back down, her fingers softly teasing the skin of Emily’s lower abdomen just above the waistband of her jeans.

she was ready, and happy, to be hurtled along to her destruction by Immortality

Pairing: Emily and Alison
Plot: Emily wants to know if Ali is kissing her for real or for practice.
Hotness Level: Solid sexy angst and needs.

Emily thinks it’s a bit cliché, the whole cherry lipgloss thing.

Or is it chapstick? She can’t quite remember right now, not when her mind’s hazy with alcohol and Ali’s kissing her way down the slope of Emily’s neck, her knee pressing up and between Emily’s thighs. There’s delicious friction there, but Emily’s trying not to think too much about it, because, really, Ali is a tease. Emily’s more than aware of this fact and it makes her cringe a little, thinking about how ridiculous she must look to Ali. Flushing and flustered and desperately hoping for more. Hoping that Alison will take things further, just once.

Hoping that this isn’t what it usually is: a preview of something she’ll never actually get.

Pictures of Success by Roonie

Pairing: Spencer and Paige
Plot: Two years after high school, Paige comes home from Stanford and ends up saving Spencer from sleeping with Noel Kahn at one of his ragers in the woods. While Emily is away, they start to play.
Hotness level: This may actually be the hottest non-canon PLL ship on earth. Like so hot, it makes me want Spencer to be queer on the show even more than I normally do, which is ridiculous, because I have wanted her to be a lesbian from the moment she said, “Hope breeds eternal misery.”

At that moment, Spencer finally felt herself coming alive. Like seeing a light at the end of a dark and suffocating labyrinth. She didn’t care if it was the end or just a lamp. She needed to get there. Paige McCullers was moving against her. She was kissing her neck. She was asking if it was okay for her hands to be on Spencer’s ass, asking if she could take off her shirt.

Spencer wasn’t sure she’d ever been so riled up. “Of course,” Spencer whispered every time she caught her breath. Just like that, her shorts were gone. Paige was pushing her down into the mattress. She was kissing down her stomach, just to move her hands and mouth back to her breasts, kissing over the lacy bra, causing Spencer’s nipples to strain against the material. She wondered how Paige’s hands could simultaneously be everywhere but not touching her nearly enough. Spencer squirmed, pushing her legs together and moving her hips to create a little friction. Paige must not have noticed, because she put herself between Spencer’s legs.

Sencer groaned and pushed the girl back. Paige eased off, looking concerned. Spencer was too far gone to smile. She was thoroughly foreplayed. She pushed up so she was leaning on her her elbows and pouting. “Why are your clothes still on?” she whined in that low tone she’d long perfected. Paige chuckled and helpfully put her arms up so Spencer could remove her shirt. Spencer continued undressing the girl, tumbling them over so that she was on top. She sighed, relieved. She’d been missing so much from the bottom. The idea of watching Paige’s fingers slide inside her made her shiver madly as she tugged Paige’s jeans off. She pushed her bare thigh between the girl’s legs and could feel wetness under her cotton underwear. Both girls gasped at the contact.

Next week, we’re going all in on Lost Girl. Recommendations are both welcome and necessary. I’ve never even waded into Lost Girl fandom; there’s a chance I’m going to drown.

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  1. 1) Spencer is latently queer. Just watch the way she treats Aria. She doesn’t treat any of the other liars that way. I have head canon that Spencer has had sex with Aria. Aria told Ali, and she used it to taunt Spencer. That’s why Spencer broke from Ali.
    2) The hottest non-canon couple is Hanna & Mona (PinkDrink).
    3) I’m personally offended by the fact that you didn’t include any PinkDrink fanfics.

    • Come on now! Hanna and Mona are at LEAST half-canon, right?

      (No one sent me and PinkDrink fics! Link me!)

    • I clicked this specifically because I wanted some Hanna/Mona love in my life. Sad day. Otherwise great job Heather!

  2. The only PLL story I’ve gotten into so far is “The Queen has been Overthrown” which is a Paige/Emily/Spencer thing, and I don’t even know who to root for anymore. Very recommendable.
    On a side note, I misread the last line regarding the “Lost Girl” ff comment due to bad uh, computer screen resolution as “down” instead of “drown”.Doccubus FTW, either way.
    Can’t wait for the Swanqueen recs, those should get rather interesting.
    And, uhum, may I use this space to recommend the pairings of Ivanova/Winters and a special section for Star Wars and Star Trek or just nerdsbians in space? Disney Princesses? Werewolves/Witches?
    In that vein, after the smutty recs have fizzled out, could we go the epic storytelling route? Or the most creative/crossover/poetic/AU, whatever?
    Love this!

  3. 1. Spencer seems to be a favorite among queer ladies. Smart is sexy. Although, I also know a lot of women (myself included) who like Hanna. So… figure that one out. (Also Spencer/Hanna as a couple. Spanna.)

    2. I really would like some Emily/Hanna recs. Anyone?

    3. If we’re talking crossovers (please can there be a post about crossovers?), possibly the best idea I’ve ever heard is Spencer Hastings & Quinn Fabray. Fabrastings. Like, just think about that for a second.

    4. There is some *seriously* steamy Lost Girl fic out there. Like, you might want to be near a cold shower while you read, just in case. And don’t just stick to Lauren/Bo. Check out other f/f pairings: Bo/Tamsin, Lauren/Tamsin, & Lauren/Evony are my favorites. There’s also Bo/Lauren/Tamsin threesome fic. Because of course.

    • Fabrastings is AMAAAAZING. Actually, I think it was Heather who first brought them to my attention. They just work so well together, I don’t even know why.

      Fic recs for you:

      – Life After Rosewood by CapeCodPheonix

      – Her Silverlinning by ExpectationsAndDisappointment

      – All Mine by HastingsxFields

      – a sweet little bullet from a pretty blue gun by Possibilist

      – Pangea, or The Entire Earth by Possibilist

      Actually, pretty much just every Fabrastings fic Possibilist has written

      • I just love the idea of them as roommates (turned lovers) at Yale. I feel like Spencer would wear a lot of blazers and Quinn would be super into that.

        • This is not something i ever considered… but i’ll have to check it out. I love QFab in most incarnations, and the character in canon lends well to crossovers/ varied application, considering there was little to no consistency to her, ever.

  4. Um… I’m gonna need links to those McHastings gifs Heather. Please.

    And yeah McHastings is my favorite crackship ever! The screen sets on fire whenever they interact.

  5. You only including one about a pairing that’s not officially canon on the show.

    The fun of Fan fics to me is exploring what the writers don’t. I can see Emily and Paige or Emily and Ali be romantic with other on the show, I don’t need fan fic for that.

    My favorite PLL ships are all ones that involve aria strangely enough. Sparia, Arison (or would Alia work better) Aria and Mona ect.

  6. I’m just disappointed by the missed opportunity for “scissor me timbers” on that pirate fanfic.

  7. Spencer and Aria, sparia is the cutest sexiest thing ever. Also spencer and Emily would be really interesting. Mona defs likes Hanna, not sure if it’s returned. Toby and Caleb for sure. I think Toby Emily spencer together which is already almost cannon.

  8. This column is just the best. I can pretty much ship anything with legs and boobs if the author is convincing but I just can’t ship Alison and Emily. I can ship Spencer and Ali even. I just can’t get down with Emison.

    If you’re not currently wading in Lost Girl fiction, this Paily set at Hogwarts is quite good Heather:

  9. I’m still reading that one Glee fic about the evil trio where they just take turns screwing and angst-ing all over each other for like 15 chapters. I can’t even deal with Spencer and Paige right now. I imagine their sex would look like rolling down a hill. Just one constantly flipping the other over on her back.

    • ….this is probably the best description of that fic, ever. I knew exactly which one you were talking about.

  10. That horrible moment when you’re reading this column and a banner pops up on your phone to let you know your Mum txt. :|
    Why does this feel so awkward.

  11. Ok but whoever wrote that pirate Paily fic where they’re after each other’s booty took all their fics down and this is not the only time they’re listed in these lists, so the decent thing to do is to like, re-upload all their Paily stuff. Or edit the list and replace that story, and add a few more Paige ones cause the girl is just so shippable. It feels a crime there isn’t any Paige x Melissa Hastings.

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