Fan Fiction Friday: 8 “Faking It” Stories That Are The Realest

Faking It is coming back to MTV for a second season later this summer (August 31, to be exact), so it’s time to start gearing up for the drama bombs. Below, you will find eight Amy and Reagan, and Amy and Karma, and even Amy and Lauren fan fictions to get your head and your heart into the right place.

1, 2, 3, 4 (tell me that you love me more) by may_tricks

Pairing: Karma/Amy
Plot: “Lightning can strike the same place more than once as long as you don’t move. Karma and Amy kiss when no one’s watching.”
Length: 9,000 words

Karma pecks Amy on the cheek before rushing off to class.

It leaves Amy momentarily stunned, like she’s been tasered.

She’s heard the saying before, ‘lightning never strikes the same place twice’ but Amy wonders if maybe that was just common sense? If you were struck once wouldn’t you just move away? More than likely, the reason no one has been hit in the same place again is because they ran so far away after the first time. Karma’s the one fleeing the scene though, on her way to class, leaving Amy in her wake.

Decidedly, Amy tries not to think of why she doesn’t move right away, as if she’s waiting to see if the expression is true.

Breaking Character by tox09

Pairing: Karma/Amy
Plot: “Not everybody buys that Karmy “got back together” after the whole threesome fiasco. Shane convinces the two fake up girlfriends to step up their acting game if they want to convince the school they’re really together. It becomes a bit of a competition for them. And Amy is winning. And Karma’s not sure if it’s a game any more.”
Length: 18,000 words

“Have you noticed that a lot of girls have been watching us lately?” Karma asked. They were walking down the hallway to lunch, hand in hand, and Karma could no longer ignore the blatant stares of some of the other students.

“No more than usual,” Amy said. “I suppose it’s just part of the perils of being super popular though.”

“Maybe. . .” Karma said. “But I swear that Robin girl was staring at us in Spanish earlier. Like every time I turned around, she was there, just watching.”

“Maybe she has a crush on you.”

“I mean, yeah, that’s probably it,” Karma said. “Too bad I’m already taken.”

“Haha,” Amy said. “Well, we’re gonna break up soon anyway, I give you permission to cheat.”

“No thanks, she’s not really my type,” Karma said.

“Well neither am I, yet here we are,” Amy lifted up their intertwined fingers.

Bound To Be A Bad Idea by tizzyspin

Pairing: Karma/Amy
Plot: “While things with Karma start spiraling out of control Amy keeps finding herself stuck with her soon to be step-sister.”
Length: 35,000

Amy Raudenfeld has not talked to Karma Ashcroft in 16 hours and 26 minutes and it feels like she is breaking out into hives. In the entirety of their friendship this is the longest they have gone without speaking. The strangest part to Amy, is that she is the one not talking. She has thirty-eight unanswered phone calls from Karma and roughly eighty texts – her phone buzzes on her nightstand – make that eighty one texts. She wants to answer every single one and apologize for starting a fight about Liam, for acting weird, for not being the kind of friend she wishes she could be.

Instead she lets the calls go to voicemail and the texts eat up the memory on her phone. Everything has gotten so complicated since she gave in to Karma’s latest plan for world domination, and Amy feels like her heart is being squeezed in a vice. In terms of crazy Karma schemes, being fake lesbians in order to win homecoming queen is actually pretty mild. It requires no pyrotechnics or ethically questionable fake disabilities, which is a relief. But then again, none of those plans ever made Amy have to rethink her entire identity.

Before kissing Karma, Amy had been convinced she was just too smart for the typical high school romance. She looked around at all of her idiot classmates doing stupid things to impress one another and thanked god she was above all of that. Now she knows she is just as much of an idiot as anyone else. Maybe even more of an idiot, because what kind of moron agrees to fake date her female best friend and then finds herself falling for her. That is beyond high school stupid. That is straight up romantic comedy stupid.

The worst part is that Amy desperately misses Karma, but she can’t figure out how to be around her.

I and Love and You by tamaraface

Pairing: Karma/Amy
Plot: “Karma’s so grateful then that she has the kind of best friend who would totally take one for the team and be lesbians with her. Karma tightens her fingers, the ones still wrapped around Amy’s hand, in a gentle squeeze that she hopes accurately conveys her message of thank you thank you thank you, and kisses along Amy’s jaw.”
Length: 6,000 words

They are going to be late, so late, Karma doesn’t know what time it is because she didn’t have a watch to match this outfit, but she’s 110% for certain sure that it’s past curfew. Well, Amy’s curfew. Karma doesn’t have a curfew so much as the gentle but pointed suggestion that she be home before midnight or one o’clock, honey, if you’re having a lot of fun, but call me and be safe, make good choices! Karma’s mom’s voice sounds too high and supportive even inside her own head. Karma’s so drunk. She had no idea she was such a lightweight. And they’re going to be late. She tells Amy.

“I know, Karma.”

“We’re gonna be late.”

“I know, Karma.” Amy runs a hand through her hair to push it out of her face before putting it back on the steering wheel in the two o’clock position and maintaining cruising speed at exactly the residential speed limit. Amy got an A in Driver’s Ed. Karma remembers because she copied Amy’s notes after class more often than not because the teacher was really hot and really British and Karma had found it exotic and distracting. Amy is such a good driver, Karma thinks, as Amy guides the sedan smoothly into Karma’s driveway. The best.

“Home again, home again, jiggety-jig,” Amy mumbles when they stop, because she’s weird. She’s so weird, Karma loves her so much. “Need help inside?”

Just For Me by Secretmonkey

Pairing: Amy/Reagan
Plot: “Amy attempts to move on with Reagan. But after two months of dating, she still hasn’t told Karma about the new girl in her life.”
Length: 112,000 words

But before she can chime in, Amy’s speaking again. “She tried, Shane. Really she did.” It’s a lie. Reagan really trying would have involved more than a texted ‘please’. There’d have been donuts. And kisses. And, lately, increasing amounts of bare skin.

Amy blushes again at the thought.

“But,” she says, pushing away thoughts of Regan and her lips and that thing she’s been doing lately with her tongue. “It isn’t happening. Not this weekend or next weekend or any weekend that starts in week and ends in… end.”

That sounded so much cooler in her head.

“Come on, Amy.” He’s treading dangerously close to whining and, no matter what others may think, Shane hates whining. Almost as much as he hates begging. “It’s the perfect time. My parents are gone for the weekend, I haven’t had a party in almost a month, she’s got the whole weekend off…” He tilts his head again, fixes her with the closest thing he’s got to puppy dog eyes. “This is the perfect time for Reamy to make their public debut.”

Amy sighs and fidgets with her fork. She knows she’s going to give in, hell, Shane knows it. But she wanted to put up a better fight. She’s about to cave when Karma, sensing this might be the only opening she gets, blurts her way into the conversation.

‘What’s a Reamy?”

And it’s as if Amy had forgotten she was even there and, in truth, it wouldn’t be the first time Karma has slipped her mind in recent weeks. But now she remembers. Remembers that Karma’s been sitting there listening to the entire conversation. Remembers that she and Karma are probably way overdue for a talk about the developments in Amy’s life. Remembers that Karma doesn’t know and Shane doesn’t know that Karma doesn’t know…

And oh, fuck, this is going to end badly.

it feels better biting down by justimpolite

Pairing: Karma/Amy and Karma/Reagan
Plot: Amy attempts to move on with Reagan.
Length: 3,000 words

You walk away from Karma because it’s the right thing to do.

You love her more than anything and you just want her to be happy. Ironically, you’re the one thing that’s stopping her from having that happiness.

So you walk away.

You still regret what you’ve done (you always will) and you still have your issues with Liam, but you feel a little differently about him after the party the other day, and he makes Karma happy, so you do what’s right.

But fuck, if walking away doesn’t break your heart all over again.

full of that fire by KelseyO

Pairing: Lauren/Amy
Plot: It starts with Lauren accidentally hacking Amy’s Netflix account and ends with her accidentally dying her hair pink.
Length: 25,000 words

She doesn’t mean to hack Amy’s Netflix account.

It’s not her fault the moron has her email address on her Facebook page, or that the password is “croquembouche,” of all things (though she has to give Amy credit for choosing something that 99.9% of the population would never guess), but once she’s in, and done rolling her eyes at the queue of social justice documentaries waiting to be watched, she decides she might as well stay.

She starts off with New Girl, doing a few episodes a day to eat up the time she would’ve spent hanging out with Tommy, and even though Jess annoys the shit out of her, Lauren still appreciates her efforts to move on from her douchebag ex-boyfriend.

(Nick’s antics kind of make her wish she had a well-meaning idiot trying to cheer her up, but then she remembers the cheesy breakup mix that Amy left on her desk last week, and abruptly decides it’s time to take a break.)

She makes her way through a chain of obscure romantic comedies next, glaring at every single happy ending and yet still going right on to a new one, mostly because it’s a lot easier to be annoyed than sad and she’d rather grit her teeth than subject herself to a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

If Amy notices the additions to her viewing history she doesn’t say anything, but Lauren can’t help scrolling through to see what Amy’s been up to. There’s a few eighties classics, and scattered episodes of Pretty Little Liars, but the most recent activity is Glee, and she actually gags a little bit at her computer screen. As far as she knows it’s Hester High in musical form—thus, two of her least favorite things combined—and she’s completely unsurprised that Amy’s eating it up, what with her bleeding heart and recent “revelations”.

Is this how it goes? by wellsjaha

Pairing: Amy/Reagan
Plot: “Lauren walks in on you two making out two days after becoming official. Your mom catches you a week later and enacts a new open door policy. Lauren laughs until she applies it to your stepsister too. Things between her and Theo have been going pretty well apparently.”
Length: 3,000 words

Reagan. The name caused to you to grin unconsciously and for a moment, you hated yourself for it. You were never that kind of girl, the kind who got dopey over crushes. You hadn’t acted this way when you had a crush on Joshua Grey in the 7th grade and he offered you some of the leftover Halloween candy his mom packed with his lunch. You didn’t act this way over the very minimal feelings you had for Oliver or the failed date with the cute girl from SYZRR or even the hot Brazilians, even if you did enjoy just how talented Fabiana was at kissing.

Perhaps you could say that you got dopey over Karma, but that was a totally different situation. The years of friendship made the whole situation so intense. It wasn’t your typical love story and now you were slowly getting over it. It still hurt to think about Liam and Karma, but the sight of her smile made it easier. Karma was happy, and now you could be too.

After that night at the club, you and Reagan had exchanged numbers. You were fond of your phone, but you never were the type to be glued to it. The past few days texting with Reagan had you excitedly anticipating every time your phone buzzed and alerted you to a new message.

Reagan was a busy girl so the two of had a date planned for the following Friday since she was free from DJ and catering duties. You were happier about this date more than you anticipated. Texting with Reagan along with snap chats, face timing, the occasional phone call and talking over instagram comments had really made you warm up to the idea. Clearly Reagan was beautiful, in a way that was so different from Karma. You hated that you compared them at times, but Karma was the closest thing you ever had to a girlfriend even if it was all a lie, well kind of a lie (you still think Karma felt something the night of the threesome and you clearly had feelings for the girl but there was no denying that the two of you were never “dating”). Reagan was also funny, had great taste in music (she would send you songs some nights and insists you listen, she hadn’t led you wrong once yet), and was into movies almost as much as you.

Don’t forget to leave recommendations for your favs in the comments!

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  1. I thought my week end was going to be productive, with a lot of work for my school, playing my trumpet, and seeing my friends.

    Then I read “fanfiction” “Faking It”

    Thank you for giving a new direction to my week-end.

  2. Oh man, this show makes me so emotional. I was in love with my straight best friend in high school too…it completely sucks. I can’t say I ever got over her, even though it’s been nine years. I’d probably tell her if she weren’t living with her boyfriend (she ALWAYS has boyfriends. That girl is never single). I secretly hope that they’ll break up one day and she’ll realize she’s gay. LOL. That would never happen. Ever. Only in fan fiction.
    I’m really curious how they’ll deal with this situation on the show.

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