EXCLUSIVE: “Below Her Mouth” Opens in the U.S. Today, Here’s a Peek at the Pre-Nailing Nailing

After a steamy tour around the festival circuit, Canadian indie film Below Her Mouth opens in the States today and we have an exclusive clip for you to watch while you wait to read Erin’s review on Tuesday. Here’s the setup: Dallas (Erika Linder) is a gay roofing contractor and Jasmine (Natalie Krill) is a fashion editor who recently got engaged to her boyfriend. Jasmine sees Dallas hammering up on the roof and it quickly becomes foreshadowing for nailing. Lesbian nailing. Honestly that could be the subtitle of this movie, which features very loving shots of Toronto and a little bit of clothed dialogue and just a whole lot of sex.

I’ve seen a lot of reviewers compare Below Her Mouth to Blue Is the Warmest Color, but April Mullen directed Below Her Mouth with an all-women production crew, which immediately makes it not like Blue Is the Warmest Color, and also there’s no spaghetti. What I haven’t seen a lot of people say is that from the right angle, Erika Linder looks like Kate McKinnon and Kristen Stewart’s adult lesbian baby. I’m excited to hear your thoughts on both issues after you watch the movie for yourself.

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Heather Hogan

Heather Hogan is an Autostraddle senior editor who lives in New York City with her wife, Stacy, and their cackle of rescued pets. She's a member of the Television Critics Association, GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics, and a Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer critic. You can also find her on Twitter and Instagram.

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    • She must have been born like the goddess Athena, who sprang out of Zeus’ split-open skull fully grown and wearing armour.
      Erika must have sprang out of McKinnon’s skull when her mind was blown by the sight of KStew filming the Totino sketch.

  1. I saw this in October I think, in a LGBT film festival in Madrid. Honestly, I really didn’t like it. The “storyline” was the usual. Lots of sex, yes, but it just seemed unrealistic and honestly it just got boring. I went with like 10 lesbians and nobody liked it.

    ALSO when Jasmine has an orgasm in the bath it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen….like who can hold themselves up like that for sufficient time??!?!?!!

    I just can’t express how happy I am Erin is gonna recap this. I just wish it was before I’d already seen the movie

  2. oh how i wish this had been written better because the chemistry between these two was ridiculous, truly, truly ridiculous. I mean, i have no words to describe the first kiss. if you told me they had sex and it wasn’t simulated i would believe you. but the dialogue, what a disservice.

    natalie krill played the emotional upheaval well, tribbing a woman you just met while engaged to someone else should definitely make you question your life choices when you’re on your 15th orgasm

    krill on top of a woman, naked, i think i’m being harsh. this was a great movie.

  3. The preview doesn’t look appealing. It looks like it’s badly written and acted. I really wish when they make “all woman” production films they at least pick good scripts because it makes us look bad when they pick terrible projects like this. If this film really is mostly female-to-female sex then I suggest they just make lesbian porn for lesbians and leave regular films alone. I want a good story, acted well. Not just a women’s film just for the sake of it being a women’s film. Almost Adults wasn’t that good either. A lot of over acting in that one as well. We just need better films.

  4. I saw this movie with my partner when it was out in Canada and we were shocked the lack of story line and poor execution of the movie.

    It portrays Dallas as the pushy lesbian who converts straight girls as a hobby and doesn’t take no for an answer, and Jasmine as the tortured straight girl who couldn’t say no and has to deal with the consequences. I honestly wouldn’t recommend seeing it as it left a bad taste [below our mouths] for the representation of queer women in media.

    I love that there was an all female crew but we were disappointed with the movie overall.

    • T h a n k y o u. I’m so tired of trans masculine folks specifically and lesbians in general being portrayed as predatory and unconsensual. I’m tired of movies playing to that boring trope where the lesbian “steals” a straight woman from a man bc the chemistry! It’s just so much! The sex is sooo much better! Yawn. Also, can the masc person as player trope die with it? And all of this is beside the fact that the acting was wooden, and i did not see the chemistry, personally, but that could be because i don’t find ignoring clear no’s (aka sexual assault) to be sexy, personally. We can do so much better than this.

      Save yourselves the time and buy some good porn.

      • 10000% agree! I found Dallas to be aggressively desperate in the beginning and hated the idea that the writers thought it was a potentially hot characteristic. I also felt like it was too easy for the main characters to have casually encountered one another at the bar? Maybe I’m salty that my friends never drag me into clubs for “ladies night,” but this felt like a movie about two women meeting and it being a big deal. It’s funny though because by the end I was like, “that was kind of well done!!” and slept like a baby while my partner thought I’d lost my mind. And now, by the light of day, I remember that mediocre queer movies don’t necessarily deserve praise just because they missed fewer marks than others have. Erin is also my literary idol so do your thing, grl.

  5. I didn’t hate Blue is the Warmest Color, but I was SO EXCITED to hear this billed as everything that movie isn’t. BUT this isn’t playing anywhere near me and I am DEVASTATED.

  6. What was up with her playing with the gum in her mouth in that clip. It was super annoying and distracting.
    Also was it because Natalie as Willa was more plain and here she is more made up that she looks hella different and sounds kind of different too?
    If Blue is the Warmest Color and Imagine Me and You had a baby it would be this movie.

  7. Natalie Krill does a half-decent job with the material, but Erika Linder basically mumbles through most of her dialogue (she is a stunning human being but sadly cannot act). The story was uninspiring and the characters were not compelling in my opinion. The film was well shot and the sex scenes were well-choreographed (stark contrast to Blue), however, they really ought to have been more dialogue and better dialogue at that. Feels like a waste of a decent film crew to be honest.

  8. I keep rooting for more lesbian romance and lesbian comedy films, but the quality of the dialogue and acting in this clip seem like it would be hard to get through watching this one.

  9. “You grew up in Sweden?”

    “What gave it away, my English?’

    No, you literally just said your Swedish parents named you after the American TV show, while living in Sweden.

  10. I saw this film last night and am still pissed off about it. I’m so sick of the glorification of narcissism and the perpetuation of the “bad girls/boys get all the ass they want” trope. Dallas treats women like garbage; women allow themselves to be treated that way because she’s just SO hot. But wait! She meets a straight woman, and suddenly she can love! All it takes to make a dyke capable of intimacy is converting a straight girl! Sure, the sex is hot, but a film hasn’t made me this angry in a long time. (Maybe because the last person I “dated” was a total Dallas, and I’m still kicking myself for it.)

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