Emily’s Team Pick: Vote Mob


As you are hopefully aware of by now, Canada is having a federal election on May 2. Please let our leaders know that WE EXIST and OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD.

Rick Mercer is telling you to vote.

The University of Guelph organized a vote mob which I’m still not really sure what it is, but it looks like fun and they waved around a Canadian flag which always makes me feel good.

Concordia University in Montreal is having a vote mob on Tuesday, April 19 at 12pm. If you live in Montreal you should come (really, I don’t think anyone will know/care if you don’t go to Concordia)! It’s possible that your university is having a vote mob too, or has already had one, which I hope you will go to/went to.

You have a right to vote. Please use it.


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  1. University of Toronto is having a vote mob too!

    I am glad you posted this, people our age do not vote enough.

  2. the video started and that girl whipped off her jacket and i was like “oh this is going to be good” and then the video continued and exceeded even those lofty expectations

  3. hahahah. month of may…too appropriate. i hope people actually vote. k maybe just people under 30.

  4. Heck yeah, I will be voting on May 2nd.

    Love love love the Canadian coverage! Damn straight (damn gay? damn queer?) we younger end of the population must vote.

    Read everything you can about your local MP as well as each party’s platform. Xtra West is holding a Vancouver town hall event with politicians discussing their stance on gay-related issues. I can’t make it to the event, but I will make sure to follow up on what was said (or not said) by each contender. Conservative politicians routinely choose not to comment on Xtra’s questions (i.e. in articles in the paper) regarding issues that are important to the queer population. Shame on you. (You know your answers would not hold up).

  5. Thank you for all of the Canadian election content!
    You guys, Calgary even had a vote mob. Seriously!
    I’m so excited to vote!!!

  6. I voted today by special ballot! It’s worth looking into if you can’t make it to the advanced polls and you want to avoid the crowds on election day. (Seriously, though, please, please vote. If you want to make a point by not casting a vote, at least go and spoil your ballot, because otherwise they’re just going to go “Yeah, all of these people are lazy and/or apathetic” and no point gets made.)

    • It would be kind of hilarious (impossible too, I know) if the majority of ballots were spoiled. And Canada voted…. that they hate the government.

      • haha I do hate the government but I just voted NDP today because I will be in vegas on election day.

  7. I can’t wait for the Concordia vote mob! For some reason, videos like these make me tear up. I hope a lot of people do vote. I’ve been pestering all my friends.

    • yeah stuff like this always makes me tear up. i think that’s why it’s so powerful. there’s nothing like a large group of people all fighting for the same thing.

      hope to see you on tuesday!

      • i would so be down for this but it seems like EVERYTHING potentially fun at concordia gets cockblocked for me by some form of test/exam.

        fml. <3 u concordia

        • idk if i’m going to be able to go, either. i only have an hour and a half break at 12, which is not a lot of time to get into the island, run around in a flag being all inspirational and shit, and go back to school..

  8. Thanks for all the Can-con. It’s nice to know that some US folks are informed and give a shit about the scary stuff happening up here.
    And also, thanks for the Concordia vote mob info. I have to be there tomorrow morning anyway so you know, two birds and all that.

    • i am canadian, and i’m betting most people in the US have no idea we’re having an election.

      • yeah, I guess it’s the fact that this is up on a non-Canadian-ish site that is making me happy. And so you know some folks are maybe getting some info that they might not get (or probably won’t get) from other places in their daily lives.

  9. Good grief, look at all you Montrealers! Montrealites? Montrealiners? Anyways, judging from this article, I could confidently say that 60% of young lesbians live in QC. I am jealous.

  10. Hi fellow Canadians! Glad to see all this voting excitement. I work at the Canadian consulate in San Francisco – if there are any Canadians reading this who are in the US and don’t know how to vote, email me and I’ll help you: sfran [at] international [dot] gc [dot] ca.

    Big shout out to Concordia, I’m missing Montreal these days.

    • I’m sorry, I don’t know why the link starts the video partway through.
      The internet is too confusing for me

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