Drawn to Comics: Let’s Examine The Gayest Parts of the New Wonder Woman Trailer

This past week, a brand new Wonder Woman trailer appeared on the internet! So did a poster and some casting news! And I know it’s obviously not gonna be a queer movie, but the character is queer according to comics writers and, like, come on, the whole concept of Wonder Woman is inherently very queer. I love reading queerness into things, so I thought this week that’s what I would do. Read queerness into as many scenes of this trailer as I could.

Ladies Riding Horses

This is maybe the most classic Gay Lady Trope of all time. Here we see it being used to establish that all the Amazons on Themyscira are queer.

A Single Mom, Raising Her Daughter To Be a Strong Woman

Hippolyta, Wonder Woman’s mom and clearly a queer woman, is raising her daughter to be a man-hating feminist bisexual.

Just Two Girls Swordfighting and Gal Pallin’ Around in the Woods

Just Sword Wieldin’ Gals Being Sword Wieldin’ Pals.

Just Three Girls Swordfighting and Gal Pallin’ Around in the Woods

Here Diana is facing some advanced level Gal Pallin’.

“She must never know the truth about what she is”

The truth is that she’s a gay lady.

Fancy Rope Work

Everyone’s gay for a lady who’s good with ropes, right?

More Ladies on Horses

Diana shows that just like her mother, she’s very skilled on a horse, as well as presumably in other Gay Lady skills.

Sexy Lady Scaring Men Because She’s About to Beat Them Up

Her Single Mother would be so proud.

Not Knowing How to Navigate the World of Man

Diana doesn’t know how to go through a rotating door while holding her sword and shield, much like a lesbian doesn’t know how to hold a conversation with her girlfriend’s second cousin Chad at the family reunion.

Having a Funny, Clever and Adorably Fat Gal Pal Friend

Everyone has one, or if you’re me, you are the Funny, Clever and Adorably Fat Gal Pal Friend

The Poster

“Wonder” as in “I wonder if that buff girl wearing the fancy bracelets is bisexual?”

Champion Boxer Ann Wolfe Officially Being Announced as Playing Artemis

In the comics, Artemis is one of the most important Amazons and was even Wonder Woman for a while. In real life, Ann Wolfe is known as the having the hardest punch in women’s boxing history and also having some of the dreamiest muscles in women’s daydreams history.

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  1. This speaks to me on so many levels. I’m glad I’m not the only now who was saying ‘thats gay’ while watching the trailer.

  2. Excuse me while I go watch Ann Wolfe videos on YouTube for the rest of the afternoon ?

  3. Yeah, I am anti this being heterofied or whatever you wanna call it. This is the gayest of all concepts and explaining how Wonder Woman is somehow not gay is just…. like how.

    BUT I am 10,000 percent here for WonderGay The Gay Woman of Wonder and I will watch this movie yes I will and if I have to fill in the subtext myself I’m ok because obviously hetero-normativity has given me so much practice I could probably go pro at this point. BRING IT ON GAY SUBTEXT I am ready.

  4. If, you know, you mentally substitute a short, chatty blonde in for the random white guy, for every scene he appears in, you get a Xena/Gabs AU origin story.
    Just sayin.

  5. I just saw the trailer the other day and kept “arghhhh”ing at it. Guess I need a Xena fix.

  6. “Just Three Girls Swordfighting and Gal Pallin’ Around in the Woods”…
    so much Xena feelings, what’s not to love? BTW, you should do this more often, I mean, posting some others queerness reading of trailers and movie scenes! This made my day.

  7. I, too, am the Funny, Clever and Adorably Fat Gal Pal Friend!!!

    I might see this; I might not. I haven’t enjoyed any of DC’s other offerings recently (ugh, Zach Snyder, gross), but I am enjoying the Xena vibes WW’s got going on here.

  8. Really enjoyed this, and just want to say that it warms my little and much-abused bi heart every time I see you use the word bisexual in a piece like this.

    I’ve had some ugly experiences with invisibility recently, especially people talking about how Trump poses a danger to gays and lesbians and excluding the bi, trans and ace people IN THE ROOM at the time from the conversation, and this helps to heal the hurt. So thank you.

  9. “Everyone’s gay for a lady who’s good with ropes, right?”

    I’m VERY gay for a lady who’s good with ropes.
    *looks innocent*

  10. Glad I wasn’t the only one but then again, don’t we all see subtext in everything? ;) It’s fun. I fucking love it. And hate it at the same time.

    Also, bought Batwoman #1 (Rebirth). Loved it! @meyrude Can’t wait for vol.2! ^.^

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