Dolly Parton Turns 70 Today, Let Us Rejoice Together

Dolly Parton is a gem, and also turns 70 years old today. Her music and general personage have lit up the lives of so many, and between her outspoken personality, control over her own career, and work like 9 to 5, for many people she’s a feminist icon. Also, she is just so great! I think if you hung out you would like her a lot. Would you like to know more about how great she is? Here, you can watch Casey Wilson portray her.

If you enjoy ambitious shoulderpads and seasonal kitsch, great news: so does Dolly! This is her 1990 Christmas special.

Dolly also spends time both socially and professionally with many of your queer and queer-adjacent faves. For instance, did you know Miley Cyrus is her goddaughter? Look, here they are performing “Jolene” together.

DID YOU KNOW she was also a character in Hannah Montana! This is an episode where she was, I believe, in love with Elvis, or something.

Look, here she is performing with Melissa Etheridge. Dolly tells Melissa “don’t make me have to kiss you” FOUR SECONDS IN. Not a drill.

Oh just Dolly Parton and Rosie O’Donnell chatting, and perusing a range of Dolly Parton merchandise. There’s a throw rug with her face on it, nbd.

On her own show, The Dolly Show, Dolly’s multi-part relationship with Miss Piggy.

Please feel free to share your favorite Dolly moments in the comments, and/or what your ideal Dolly Parton tattoo is/would be.

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    • Same. I went to a free preview & the media guy in front of me spent the whole time slinking further & further down into his seat. I was sorry he could not appreciate the PURE CHEESE & ridiculousness of that flick. It was TERRIBLE and also AMAZING.

  1. the first concert i ever saw was dolly parton when i was 10 years old. i’m pretty sure that’s the last time she played in vancouver. and straight up…i couldn’t give a fuck about celebrities, but it’s my dream to road trip to dollywood for opening day where i’ll meet dolly and hug her.

  2. I love all the rumors – apparently partially confirmed? – about her tattoos. I’d like it to stay this way, so that she probably in truth just has a few simple easy-to-hide pieces but there’s always the *possibility* of more.

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