CBS Says “Three Rivers” Future Uncertain, Now Shane Can Be With Carmen Again 4Evs

THREE RIVERS: Much like Shane’s tenure as the bro-mother of Shay-the-Milkshake-Eater, the lifespan of Three Rivers was shorter than perhaps its creators expected, and no iPods traded hands this time: “CBS announced today that Three Rivers, the Alex O’Loughlin drama about transplant surgeons, has been pulled from the schedule indefinitely and that reruns of NCIS: Los Angeles will take its place Sundays at 10 pm beginning Dec. 6. A CBS spokesman said the freshman drama will remain in production – the network ordered 13 episodes – but that no decision has been made about its future.”

Yeah we heard that one before. CBS loves us, but it’s not IN love with us right? She’ll be back. They always come back. I mean, Three Rivers is currently ranked No. 45 among all primetime shows, which seems pretty high compared to all the shows in the world. There must be like a bajillion shows in the world.

No but for reals-reals, as of November 30th (yesterday!) they’re still casting for the 12th episode, so this shit ain’t over ’til it’s over. Has anyone been watching? DID CARMEN COME BACK?

TEGAN & SARA: It’s a new episode of our favorite webseries, “REFLECTIONS,” starring Tegan & Sara:

Reflections – Episode 5 from Tegan and Sara on Vimeo.

SINGLE MAN: Tom Ford’s new film A Single Man opens in a few weeks, and you could win tickets to a screening party in New York! Modern Tonic also has some passes to previews at theaters in most major cities. Isn’t that exciting? Don’t you want to see Colin Firth play gay? And that guy from Imagine Me & You is in it!

NEW MOON: There’s a lot of problems in the Twilight movie that have nothing to do with Mormons. (@ohnotheydidnt)

LADY GAGA: Is Lady Gaga a hermaphrodite is one of the most asked questions on the internet this year. Really you guys really. People are starving somewhere, I bet. Like Lindsay Lohan and Somalia. (@dailystar)

PETTY: Tom Petty told Rolling Stone that his father used to beat him because he assumed the singer was gay. Sounds like he was actually just kind of a cool kid. “Looking back on it, he probably was disappointed that I was so drawn to the arts,” the rocker added. “He probably thought I was gay. I wasn’t interested in sports. I didn’t know the names of any baseball players. I liked films and books and records.”

ANI: IT’S ANI DI-FUCKING-FRANCO ON THE VIDEO, “I’ve fallen in love with girls, and I’ve fallen in love with boys, and I’ve sung about the gender dynamics, the power dynamics, the queer dynamics against the overaching conform homogenous soicety anyone who is speaking to that and being free about it can probably connect with all kinds of people who share that same struggle.” (@out)

COULTER DOLLS: Ann Coulter and Dr. Laura Schlessinger have been made into Barbie-like dolls, just in time for the holiday season.That’s creepy on many levels. Howevs, you could do what many gay girls do with Barbies, i.e. take their clothes off

THE REAL WORLD: The Real World Washington DC is starting December 30th, and there is a gay in it but are there lesbians or not? That’s really all we need to know!

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  1. I have been watching three rivers, well more like using it as background noise, while i slaved over this paper. It is so boring. There have been like 8 shows and NO character development. Someone needs a lung, someones wife doesn;t want to give it, patient could die, alex and kate do their persuasive thing and the transplant goes through. BORING!!

    In other news episode 5 of reflections was so good! Loved the call it off footage, i will soon be in that crowd. And the OD’ing and CPR was HILARIOUS!

    Also did anyone see episode three when sara had on glasses, a hat, and a scarf. She looked RIDICULOUSLY adorable, like tiny tim, if she had an accent I would have died!

  2. I watched three rivers with my mom. It is something we could actually watch together. She is not into Dexter or It’s always Sunny or even Mad men. She is under the delusion that Three Rivers was the Alex O’ show. I always thought it was the Shane show because I usually only looked up from my DS when Shane was on. It worked out very well for both of us.

    I hope Kate gets another show very quickly because I will miss seeing her on my t.v every week

    PS MsNJS, I agree the story-lines were boring.

  3. I used to do the website for the organ transplant team at UPMC (the real Pittsburgh hospital), and it was BORING STUFF. I couldn’t believe they made a TV show about it. (And the real doctors I interacted with were not sweet and compelling, they were demanding and a pain in the ass!)

        • omg me too, the teachers got seriously tired of us doing it. although i liked ask jeeves a lot as i heart pg wodehouse.

      • Sorry, that entered for some reason:
        I remember using it in 4th grade cause we didnt know what we were doing and our teacher told us we should. Then one girl showed us google, and life has never been the same.

        • i think a teacher told us to do it too. i bet they got commission on that shit. they pushed altavista on us too. like WHOA.

  4. oh hey ani. i was listening to knuckle down yesterday for the first time in a long time and i just wanted to say that there are some great songs on that album and oh yeah, thanks for getting me through high school. i’d like to have your babies, okay thanks goodbye.

    • Oh, my god.. Laneia! There was a LOT of Sarah McLachlan and Ani Difranco helping me figure shit out in my parents house 1999-2001.

      I think whether someone is an Ani fan or not is determined by their age and probs the year they came out.

      • I’m 30. I was introduced to Ani in…. 1996, I’m guessing? by my best friend (who did go on to come out as a raging hard core dyke in 1998). I didn’t really come out as much of anything for a long time after that, but Ani was VERY IMPORTANT in my life. And I will even say that I have a lot of committed straight friends who will tell you that Ani was/is VERY IMPORTANT to them too.

        I saw her in concert last month. I thought the potential for hard-core crushing was long-past, you know since we had been acquainted for over 12 years and all, but no. No indeed. I sat there in the 3rd row and I burned up inside with excruciating crushing-ness….. I mean BURNED. ;)

        • She was heavily pregnant when I saw her, so I was sorta able to keep my crushing in check. I went with a gay boy who’s just as into her as I am.

          If you’re one of those people who doesn’t pay much attention to lyrics, you probably won’t appreciate Ani much. ANI = LYRICS

          • i saw her after little plastic castle, i think i was 16 maybe? she had like a full band with her, like horns and shit, and the sound was bad, it was at pine knob in detroit WHATS UP DETROIT REPRESENT JK IT WAS IN PINE KNOB WHICH IS IN SUBURBAN DETROIT, so it was kinda not that good.

            but all my hippie friends were listening to her in their cars when i was 15, and it annoyed me like WHOA, the parts when she’d talk on “living in clip” (whydontyouputasuggestionboxathedoor orsmething) and then something happened … i don’t know. i just opened up to the possibility of her and then i ate it all up and have been in love ever since, by the time i was 17 i fully just lived and breathed her lyrics. they’re in my head always.

            there’s like two albums that didn’t work for me.

            actually once upon a time i made a hideous website with a whole a kinda sorta ani lyric storage spot except now the colors are messed up and you have to highlight all the words to see them. but that’s HOW DEEP MY LOVE IS.

          • Last weekend I was at a birthday brunch, it was even a LESBIAN birthday brunch for god’s sake, and we were talking about the weather in Vancouver (where I used to live). Someone asked “but it’s a cold rain, isn’t it?” and I replied “yeah. It’s a cold rain, a hard rain, like the kind you find in songs.”

            And NO ONE batted an eyelash of recognition. I felt alone and unappreciated. Also, like they were bad lesbians. I mean really. ;)

    • The only reason I’ve heard Ani is because I was dragged to a concert and promised there would be lesbians there. That said, I do love Untouchable Face.

    • have you seen that movie lost and delirious? if you’ve seen that movie then you’ve heard ani difranco. also better than chocolate (um WHERE has THAT been in the queer movie lists GUYS? and don’t tell me it’s because it’s for queer movies that don’t suck, because lost and delirious was on that list) otherwise, it’s never too late. she’s got a little something for everyone. she has 5000 albums (and that doesn’t include live releases, bootlegs, and strange storytelling collaborations). some people don’t like her though, and that’s cool too. i guess.

      • jesus you guys are gonna kill me.
        i’ve never seen Lost and Delirious or Better Than Chocolate.
        should i go see if the strais will take me back now?

        • Have you seen All Over Me? Ani DiFranco’s “Shy” is playing after pink-haired Leisha Hailey’s band plays, when she goes over to the bar to hit on the main girl.

          THEY CAN’T HAVE YOU!

      • Lost and Delirious was featured in the 10 Queer Movies That Don’t Suck Part Two list as a special comment from Riese on why it Totally Sucked. But Better than Chocolate or whathaveyou I have never seen because Carly didn’t like it.

        • you guys should do a list of all the queer movies that DO suck. doesn’t that sound like something people would want to read and get movie suggestions from? only it would have to be in like 10 installments.

        • I think better than chocolate was the one that had a funny scene of a mom trying to hide her sex toys?

  5. Wow. I should really stay out of this conversation but I don’t like Ani. And it’s not because I’m not a lyrics person. I love lyrics but if I don’t like the voice then I’m not interested. I’ll honestly listen to just about anything except most folky type music and country. But don’t tell Julianne Hough I said that or she’ll never marry me. I do like Jason Mraz and Tori Amos but I don’t know if I would classify their music as folk.
    And if Sarah McLachlan is the person who sings that song during the commercial about the abused animals then I seriously hate her cause that shit is annoying. My confusion about Ani Difranco’s popularity is similar to my confusion about how country music sells so damn well yet I have not met one person who will admit to being a fan and I live in state that worships at the feet of John Mellencamp. Surely, they are out there somewhere and I am just asking the wrong people.

    • i don’t think Ani is popular in a general sense, I think she’s just popular amongst a very very tiny segment of the population that happens to be heavily represented on this website. I don’t think she’s ever gotten any radio play or anything, but I could be wrong?

  6. Colin Firth is a great actor and all but I really can’t stand his name. Maybe it’s because “Firth” makes me think of the word “girth” which makes me think of penises… which make me think of gouging out my eyes. So there you have it, Colin Firth. Your name makes me think of painful penis punishment. I need a good ole fashion lesbian loofah to scrub you away.

  7. Dear Autostraddle:
    I don’t know where to post this so I figure I’ll do it here, today I had my first funny doctor experience related to being gay:

    I was getting some blood tests and in the room a couple people will be in there getting them done at once. So the doctor’s taking my blood pressure, and a really hot girl walked in, and I tried not to think about it, but ended up checking her out. So the test is done and the doctor looks at the girl then at me and goes “you’re heartbeat’s really slow, I think you need to relax and we’ll have to try again”.

    I think I over compensated trying to stay calm.

    • I’m glad this is the go-to place for gay stories! Sounds like you were able to play it cool. When you started off with “doctor experience”, I was worried it would be the ol’ “Sir, you need to wait in the lobby.” SRSLY has happened to 4 of my friends (one of whom isn’t even the least bit butch).

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