Roundtable: From Our Shelters, Places to Yours

It’s a weird time, friends and loved ones; we’re all feeling disconnected and scared, and many of you are, too. We’re here to share a little about how we’re spending this time and what rituals, routines and practices are helping us get through this period; share yours with us too?

We Took REI’s Extended Sizes Apparel Out for a Hike, a Zombie Attack, and a Photo Class — Here’s What We Learned

REI invited Abeni, Vanessa, and Heather to choose one of the zillion classes they offer and sent them some apparel from the extended sizes line to test drive. Afterward they got together to talk about the gear, the outdoor sessions, extended sizing in general, and what it’s been like to work with REI at Autostraddle over the past year.

Fantasy Football Isn’t Scary! Here, Let Me Show You!

As you may already know, this September, sports gays like myself in offices and friend groups across the country need YOU to be one of the 4+ people on their fantasy football league. Never fear, this guide is here to give you the briefest overview of what you need to know about fantasy football so you can sign up and make your pal’s day, win your office league, and claim the clout you deserve.