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Will Healthcare Reform Lure College Grads Back to The Parental Units?

Some are ‘worried’ that extending family health care under Obama’s plan to 26 year-olds will encourage ‘slackers,’ many more find this safety net ‘awesome.’ New provisions will make it harder to kick gays out of the army ’cause of DADT (like your ex-girlfriend can’t do it for revenge, etc.) while they decide what the f to do long term. Also; the redacted memo, web 3.0, prom in New Orleans? & marijuana legalization on the ballot.

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Health Care Reform Passes: What’s Next, Gaymos? (Is Rush Limbaugh Moving to Costa Rica?)

Health care reform passes — what do gays & ladies think of it? Constance goes to prom court and her school plans a private prom at a furniture mart and doesn’t invite her. Also; tea partiers protesting in DC manage to be horrifyingly disrespectful to everyone ever, gay sex might be decriminalized in Delhi, and reports on homophobic professors, companies, and bed&breakfasts.

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Johnny Weir Be Good, Johnny Be Robbed

Awww Johnny Weir! The judges may hate you cause you’re flamboyant but that’s why we love you.
Also; is the world ready for same-sex Olympic figure skating, hurdles facing LGBT Americans of color, an Oklahoma student wants his license plate to read IMGAY, and Rachel Maddow will deliver the commencement address at Smith and the lesbians go wild.

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Healthcare: The Autostraddle Roundtable

You’ve heard the propose policies, the pundits, the fear-mongers, the critics and the cynics — now hear the people. Autostraddle talks about the future of health care with true stories from the unemployed, laid off, employed, students, underemployed, stuffed dogs, government-aided, Canadian, Australian, British (a boy, even!) and Intern Daphne from Belgium, Offering the Greatest Healthcare in the World.