Calming Manatee is Calming

Lizz’s Team Pick:

It has been an insufferably long week. Do you have any idea how many things I have to do this weekend? All the things. Every last one of them. Also I’m getting increasingly concerned that Obama’s pro-gay marriage stance will hurt in in the general election. Also–

Oh! Hey there! What a nice little manatee you are. You must be a Calming Manatee. I do feel a bit better now, maybe I will just go sit on my couch and take some deep breaths.

Do you feel calmer now? Yes, I thought so. Also, your hair looks great. This manatee told me so.

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  1. I love manatees! Especially when they compliment your hair. I swam with the manatees in february…I wanted to hug them, but apparently that counts as “molestation” which I’d rather not have on my record.

  2. Excellent timing as usual. I have to get the hand in the nearly final draft of my thesis on Tuesday. Guys, do you know how close tuesday is? It’s really close.
    But the calming manatee told me i was smart and pretty. aaah.

  3. Do you know the Barbara Manatee song? You need to go look it up on YouTube – right now! Do it! It’s a cucumber singing of its love for the manatee 🙂 Srsly.

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