Be a Good Guy or a Bad Guy With These Nerdy Halloween Costumes

You all know. You. All. Know. How I feel about Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday. That’s really all the preface I’ve got for you on this one. Here are awesome nerdy Halloween costumes that are relevant to your interests.


Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 2.29.00 PM

Literally the easiest costume. Bonus — this is pajamas, so basically you will go out drinking and it will be like drinking without pants on.

Buy this onesie for $18-$37, depending on size. Don’t like Pokémon?

Team Rocket


Jessie Costume, $44-$50 // James Costume, $55-$60 // Magenta Hair Chalk, $16 // Purple Hair Chalk, $16

The Eleventh Doctor


I don’t care if Moffat’s writing remains not to my taste, you will pry Matt Smith as the Doctor from my cold, dead headcanon.

Brown Plaid Blazer, $30 // Fez, $12 // Red Bow Tie, $7.50 // Sonic Screw Driver, $13

Don’t like Doctor Who?

Weeping Angel


Weeping Angel Mask, $15 // White Choir Robes, $26 // Angel Wings, $25 // Fabric Stiffener, $7

Hogwarts Student



House Robes, $31 (I swear, they’re in adult sizes too) // House Tie, $20 // House Scarf, $30 // Alivan’s Finneas Choice Wand, $22

Don’t like Harry?



This costume is expensive. Apparently it’s expensive to be Voldemort.

Voldemort Mask, $50 // Wizard Robes, $52 // Dark Mark Temporary Tattoo, $7 // Alivan’s Yew Wand, $49

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  1. I dunno if they still carry it, but I a few years back I got a Harry potter wand(Hermione’s to be exact) from Ahhhhs for under $12, it could be worth a look. Plus, I think it made noise too.

  2. I think I might be going as the Eleventh Doctor because I can cobble an outfit together from items already in my wardrobe. I wonder if I can fashion a sonic screwdriver out of one of my whiteboard pens and some tin foil…

  3. The company churning out the woolen House wear for the Harry Potter movies is still going strong, in case you’re looking for a costume you can wear more than one day a year.
    I got myself a Gryffindor sweater vest the other day, that I’m now stealthily wearing to congresses.
    Combine that with the correct tie and you’re set for Halloween.
    Or science.
    The possibilities are endless.

  4. Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!
    Surrender now and prepare to fight! (Meowth, that’s right!)

    Ideally, as Team Rocket, you have someone else go with you and say the other half of their speech.

    I still have my old Yuna costume from Comic-Con that I wear for Halloween (her summoner’s robe from FFX, that is, I’m not brave enough to her wear any of her costumes from FFX-2 in public), though that was kinda expensive, like Voldemort. Except Yuna is, of course, always good.

    • Whoops, messed up the quote. “Surrender now, or prepare to fight!”

      Guess I’m not cut out for Team Rocket. >_<

  5. No Way. My GF and I were already planning on being Team Rocket for Halloween. I was Ash Ketchum last year and it was awesome.

  6. This costume is expensive. Apparently it’s expensive to be Voldemort.
    I read this great trick to save money on this, just rip your soul in half seven times and you don’t even have to pay for shipping and handling

  7. I legit thought that fabric stiffener was fondant for a minute.

    If you have graduation robes from a BA or MA (if applicable) or choir robes, you could use those for HP as well!

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