#AutoAri: This Week’s Real World Q&A is Deeper Than Bromance

This week on The Real World: Ex-PlosionAri’s presence is limited and everything goes to shit. Typical.


Although this week’s episode featured Ari for about 50 seconds, things definitely still got gay.

bro time

As in, I spent the entire first ten minutes of this show ready to invest in a new gay subplot for the show.

bro 1


I’m not fucking around.



But Brian and Cory weren’t alone in their pre-gateway-to-Hell elation. Turns out before watching their lives dissolve, everyone had time to do their own thing.

got some color

exhales deeply

In Ari’s case, she got a few got poses in.

aris fucking hair

Later on, Jay and Jenna dive first into the nine circles of Hell, circle one being “the very public dissolution of everything they ever held dear,” when Jenna sees video footage of her man kissing on another lady at the club. Turns out he also sends really not-sexy-at-all “sexy emails.”


Ari also secretly plots with Tom to have him ask Hailey to leave the house, which lights fire to the bomb that will be the last thing their relationship ever saw. While Hailey plots her slow descent into envy-induced insanity, Ari and Ashley get their shit together.

stay here


Don’t think nobody notices, especially later on when Hailey is drunk and crying on the ground.

the only two people

are ashely and arielle

(Don’t worry, Tom. It’s a lesbian thing.)

The episode ends with Tom and Hailey engaging in a multiple-commercial-breaks long segment in which she paces back and forth cursing his existence and attempts to beat his ass. MTV decided that the situation called for a PSA, which closed out all the lessons learned in this week’s episode of The Most Unreal Thing Ever Resembling Real Life.

what have we learned




Here’s your weekly questions (with answers!) for Ari And Ashley Are Forever Perfect Fitz.

On Ari’s Antics

LOL! Someone is incredibly observant. Let’s see here… bropocalypse, twerk, ratchet, friendzoned and one more I seriously cannot remember.



Honestly I forgot. I pranked the boys at least 4-5 times, one time pranking Brian with a tube of lube. I pranked Jenny once as well. What can I say… I get bored easily.

On The Startlingly Unreal World

I think my conversation with Tom and Jamie on the bed was taken out of context, but you come to expect that kind of thing nowadays. They also didn’t show a very unsettling comment that Hailey made when she was drunk, but outside of that it was pretty dead on.


Haha… I always wanna say “or nah” to those questions. But yeah he def is. He’s like one of those emotional indie rock lead singers or ya know, Drake.


Whoa about your new hashtag (#CutaHo). Personally, dancing means nothing to me. I dance with girls all the time and I’m in a relationship. Ashley knows it means nothing to me. That said, it’s Tom’s job to say, “chill”. And, of course Jamie went too far.

Hardest question to answer! There were SO MANY GOOD FUNNY MOMENTS, especially little inside jokes with all of us. I’d still say my fave funny moments were our pranks: scaring Cory or the fake roommate, Kyle.

BRUH! Yes. I just felt hella responsible, like it was my job to make sure they all had a good time and saw important places in the city. That also added to me feeling like the mom of the house.

want you here

Everyone knows I like to fuck with people. I play pranks on everyone and most of the time it’s in jest. I’m good friends with Hailey today and I know she would’ve taken anything I did towards her as a joke.

Regardless, this was taken out of context. My point: if TOM didn’t want Hailey to stay in a house and she refused to go, he could have made it easy for her to want to leave.

I didn’t care at all either way.

We got cell phones from production to film things, take photos, etc. They weren’t our personal phones.


It’s hilarious. I just sit and watch while eating hella popcorn waiting for people to explode on each other.


Great question. Nope, not at all. Tom hasn’t cheated on anyone neither did Jamie. Jenna never cheated on Jay. Ashley never cheated on me. Jenny technically never cheated as well.

Have no problems with Hailey at all. We’re actually really cool now too. Only time I had a concern was when Tom and I chatted off camera and he made me raise some doubts about her intentions.




Of course, my girl Rih_IsLife would know. I know it’s hard to believe but I was…. WORKING.

Basically – especially at this moment in the season – if I’m not shown or I’m not around it’s because I’m working on my next film. I’m either trying to get some sleep because I have a meeting in the butt-crack of dawn or I’m at a rehearsal, etc.

You’ll see all of this come together in just a few episodes. justa

On Ari


I try to, but most of the time I get looped in anyway. Sigh…

That’s a winning question. It’s a difficult question to answer because legacy sounds so permanent. I’ll just say this.

Everything is a story. My “character” on the show, the films I make, the conversations I have with other creators, the weird videos I put on YouTube. These are all stories I’m giving to the world. My medium will always evolve, but I’ll always be a storyteller.




You’re amazing and I love this question. My first thought was copy! Haha, but there’s some truth in this. Find the work that you look up to, appreciate and try to emulate it. You’ll start to find ways to improve those works, add your own style to it, etc. Soon you won’t look around because you’ve cultivated something unique to you.


*raises hand*

At this moment in the season, honestly Ashley. Next on the list is prob a tie between Tom and Jamie.


Not much, lol. But I dance. I used to teach hip hop in high school and now I house


Best Qs of All Time

Haha! This question is hilarious and almost feels like a trap.

I phoned a friend for help on this one. She says people assume all lesbians are predisposed to be kind and gentle, so being vegetarian and stopping animal cruelty seems fitting.

But as a carnivore sitting here eating a pork banh mi, I have no freakin clue.


Been trying to figure that one out for years.

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  1. you know, i kinda wonder if Ari and ashley were the stable ones by default. If the real world producers had brought in an attractive individual(read attractive to Ari) and they had hit it off, would Aria and Ashley’s relationship been so “easy”?

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