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About Alison Rumfitt

Alison Rumfitt is a writer and semi-professional trans woman. Tell Me I’m Worthless, her critically acclaimed debut novel, was published by Cipher Press in 2021 and is coming out in January in the United States, published by Nightfire. Her debut pamphlet of poetry, The T(y)ranny, was a critical deconstruction of Margaret Atwood’s work through the lens of a trans woman navigating her own misogynistic dystopia. It was published by Zarf Editions in 2019. Her work has appeared in countless publications such as SPORAZINE, datableed, The Final Girls, Burning House Press, SOFT CARTEL, Glass Poetry and more. Her poetry was nominated - twice! - for the Rhysling Award in 2018. You can find her on Twitter @hangsawoman and on Instagram. She loves her friends.

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