• Lizzie posted an update in the group Group logo of Filmmaking AutostraddlersFilmmaking Autostraddlers 8 years, 1 month ago

    Hello all! Anyone working on any projects right now?? I’m going stir crazy and need to talk film!!!

    • Myah replied 8 years ago

      Ya, actually! Getting ready to shoot a short doc. on a couple LGBT run churches in Alabama. Planning to start shooting in the next couple weeks so pretty pumped about that :).

      Also, I hope this doesn’t come across super sketch, but I’m pretty sure I took Spring Film with you last year in NOLA. If I’m wrong- I sincerely apologize for my awkwardness.

      • Hey that sounds awesome! I’ve always wanted to do a documentary. You should write a piece about the experience for Autostraddle. ;)

        Also, that was definitely me. Small world! Are you Myah from Florida?

        • Myah replied 8 years ago

          You should shoot one! :). Haha, actually, that’s a pretty good idea, I guess there’s a possibility ;).

          Haha, wow, look at that…sorry again for the creeper vibes that may have come off unintentionally in that question lol, but anyhow, that’s pretty awesome. It is indeed a small world. Yep! That’s me. I’m at UA about to graduate this semester, but you’re correct, Orlando born and raised…

          If you’re ever looking to talk more film on here, I’m always down. Hope you’ve been working on some awesome projects this year :)

          • Haha, no creepy vibes at all , promise!
            I like how small of a world it is, though, that we would run into each other again a year later on Autostraddle of all places.
            Good luck with your documentary!! And with graduation!