Also.Also.Also: ‘The L Word’ Reboot Has Its Showrunner and It’s Not You and Other Stories for Your Short Week

My favorite thing about this upcoming American holiday is when people who’d originally said they weren’t going to make [X Traditional Food Item] decide, at the eleventh hour, to 100% totally make that thing. It’s the giving in! The reckoning! Raw human honesty distilled into one beautiful cheese ball! It’s beautiful.

Stay hydrated out there and remember: it’s never too late to be honest with yourself about what you want and need!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Support Abeni’s surgery fundraiser! Everyone who wants boobs should have boobs. That’s the future liberals want. Read Abeni’s work on Autostraddle right here!

+ I’m a Trans Teenager in Northern Ireland, Where Bigotry Is Taught in School.

+ EU Fails to Identify and Protect LGBTQ Asylum Seekers.

+ How Two Reverends Are Queering the Modern Day Church.

+ Turkish Capital Bans All LGBT Screenings, Exhibitions, and Events Over Public Sensitivities. Ban straight people.

+ Showtime’s ‘The L Word’ Revival Finds Its Showrunner.

+ Protest, Marriage Equality, and the Future of Activism.

+ Seven Trans Women Share the First Makeup Product They Wore.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ ‘Christian Values’ Leader Helped Cover Up Alleged Assault Committed by Closeted Anti-Gay Lawmaker. A doozy!

+ I Spent My 20s As an Obama Speechwriter. Here’s What He Taught Me About Growing Up. Related:

Doll Parts

+ NYT White House Correspondent Glenn Thrush’s History of Bad Judgment Around Young Women Journalists.

+ Woman Targeted By Sheriff For ‘Fuck Trump’ Decal Says Fuck That Guy, Too. Beautiful.

+ Nigerian Bobsled Women Qualify for Winter Olympics.

+ Why We Need to Talk About Violence Against Women When We Talk About Cervical Cancer Prevention.

+ Scandal Paved the Way for Imperfect Black Female Protagonists.

Keep Up

+ Jeffrey Tambor is Leaving Transparent.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ An Unabashed Appreciation of Smitten Kitchen. Yes.

+ How Culinary Propaganda from a Women’s Magazine Made Thanksgiving a Thing.

+ So You’ve Sexually Harassed Or Abused Someone: What Now?

+ The Motherboard Guide to Not Getting Hacked.

+ Airbnb Is Making Travel More Accessible.

And Finally

Meet Doug Jones, One Of The Biggest Movie Stars You’ve Probably Never Seen. Hi IT’S THIS DUDE:

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  1. Jeffrey Tambor’s statement about leaving Transparent is so fucking wild. The “political climate” on set has made it so he can’t continue to be apart of it? What does that even mean? Oh, I have an idea of what he means and the implication is disgusting to me. Dude, just take responsibility for your own goddamn behavior. This is why I can’t stand when people like GLAAD and these gay media publications bend over backwards to give people like this awards for “being allies” cause I know it’s all for show at the end of the day. This guy never deserved the recognition and should have never been playing a Trans woman in the first place.

    • I very much agree. I was there when the LA LGBTQ center gave him a trans ally award during trans pride(he was there via fucking skype not even in person). Even as a then fan I thought it was weird he was getting an award, a cis man play a trans woman should not be getting an award for being an ally. I wonder if they will strip him of his awards.

  2. I keep seeing tweets from actors who are excited about The L Word reboot and I’m just like “Yes! Cast everyone!” Guest stars galore

    Also Doug Jones rules. Put him on the new L Word too, he can be the demon that inhabited Jenny’s body in season 6

  3. Thanks for posting “Come Back, Barack”. It is a key part of my Thanksgiving survival plan. I am certain if I watch/listen enough before Thursday, I will be able to play it on a loop in my head. When politics inevitably sneaks its way into dinner conversation, I will smile through glossy eyes, eat my Tofurkey and vegan chocolate cake, and sway to my musical patronus.

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