Also.Also.Also: That Murderous Cat Study Just Makes Me Feel Closer to Cats

You’re a living breathing thing made of planet dust! What in the world will you do with your time here?

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Are you a femme of color? Fill out this survey and make the world an infinitely better place.

+ Bring a Lesbian to Work Day? Bring a Lesbian to Work Day!

+ Ben Carson is Absolute Garbage. GARBAGE.

+ My Life as a Queer, Mixed-Race Adoptee by July Westhale.

After all, wasn’t I so lucky, shouldn’t I be so grateful, that I existed at all?

+ A Staggering 40 Percent of Girls in Juvenile Detention Are LGBTQ.

+ People are idiots.

+ Study Confirms Homeless LGBTQ Youth Need More Help.

Doll Parts

+ How to Tell the Difference Between Real Solidarity and ‘Ally Theater’ by Mia McKenzie.

+ This is my favorite study! I have never ever wanted a cat more. Your Cat May Want to Kill You, Study Says.

+ 13 Body Positive Bloggers to Turn to When You’re Feeling Crummy About Your Body by Marie Southard Ospina.

+ I enjoyed this: My Instagram Pics with the Most Honest Captions I Could Give by Monica Heisey.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Google Translate Error Sees Spanish Town Advertise Clitoris Festival and the jokes just write themselves.

+ The Slowed-Down Chipmunks Are Both Brilliant and Terrifying. Smoke first if you can.

+ SPEAKING OF Irish Government to Decriminalize Heroin, Cocaine and Marijuana.

+ See the Cast of The Baby-Sitters Club Together Again, 20 Years Later.

+ NASA Just Saw Something Come Out of a Black Hole for the First Time Ever.

+ Great, now all I want to do is read Taylor Swift/Taylor Swift fanfic.

+ Want a new podcast? It seems NPR has you covered with

+ Sometimes Toes Spontaneously Fall Off and Nobody Knows Why and don’t ever talk to me again ever.

And Finally

Y’all, it’s literally titled The Burning Man of Birding: Inside Iceland’s Puffin Festival and I couldn’t help it, I clicked like my life depended on it.

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  1. “NASA Just Saw Something Come Out of a Black Hole for the First Time Ever.”

    Was it Matthew Mcconaughey?

        • I haven’t seen Interstellar yet, but given what I’m studying in college I would be more likely to pick apart the science over the narrative structure (although I heard they did a good job on the science end for a science-fiction movie).

  2. wow that ben carson link is so perfectly timed – last night i dreamt that i got into a (verbal) fight with him over his comments on women and i woke up thinking “ben carson is absolute garbage.” get out of my head, autostraddle.

    i also dreamt that i was on a roller coaster with jennifer lawrence so pretty solid dream overall.

  3. Sorry everyone I talk to for the next three days, but you’re going to have to hear about toes spontaneously amputating themselves. I cannot bear the burden of this knowledge all by myself.

  4. BSC! I remember being soooo excited about that movie and lining up to see it, sitting in the front row, and then having my hopes dashed because it did not live up to my dreams. I especially remember Kristy ANSWERING THE PHONE WRONG at a BSC meeting. The BSC rule was you always had to say “Hello, Babysitter’s Club” and in the movie SHE JUST SAID HELLO. DID THEY EVEN READ THE BOOKS??

    Does anyone else remember this or am on my own here?

    • The movie was pretty much a travesty! The baby-sitters were nail-bitingly less responsible in the movie, Alex Mack was miscast as Dawn…

  5. I signed up to bring a lesbian to work day. I shall see what happens there.

    Ironic(or whatever it’s called, damn you Alanis) that the chicken restaurant, that was pretty steeped in controversy, had an employee donate to an LGBTQ film festival.

  6. I LOVE how independent cats are!

    Their personal agency is always baseline. They may come to love you and enjoy your company, but they will never subjugate themselves to you. They ask for what they want when they want it (if they can’t get it themselves), and they’ll let you know exactly when they don’t want it anymore.

    I don’t see that as mood swings; I see them claiming their personal sovereignty. And that being a personal goal of my own, I respect them.

    (also also — idiots, indeed.)

  7. Oh my god I can’t wait to read every single one of these as soon as I get home. Every single one. Also y’all the store where I work is setting up all these displays for The Holidays and tonight after much debate they put the turkey basters right next to my station because “it just seems right there.”

  8. I opened this article because I wanted to go to a clitoris festival.

    But I appreciated a few of the other articles too. Thank you.

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