Also.Also.Also: Lilith Fair Is 20, Amelia Earhart Maybe Survived and Other Stories You Need

Hello! I have a to-do list as long as my leg and a stockpile of iced coffee and frozen meals from Trader Joe’s AND I JUST GAVE MYSELF A MANICURE YESTERDAY (while I was editing the latest A+ Inbox LIVE podcast, as is my custom) so what I’m saying is, nothing will stop me from achieving my goals today. Not one damn thing!

Please, if you only read one part of this link roundup, let it be the section titled Today’s Special Misandry Moment. You will not regret it.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ For Teammates in Love, an Island Oasis.

+ Courting Disaster is a new advice column from Morgan M. Page! Hot damn what a good column name.

+ Relaunched Blind Date to Celebrate Pride with First LGBT Episode. British stuff!

+ Louis CK Produced a Film About America’s Only Queer Street Gang.

+ The Trevor Project Hears Every Day How Trump Is Putting LGBT Teens in Danger.

+ Stunning Victory as US Surgeons General Call for an End to Intersex Surgery.

+ Study: Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Individuals Experience More Anxiety. Man they just keep doing these studies and coming back with the same information it’s almost like it’s universally true or something??

+ I Dress ‘Straight’ to Protect My Clients.

+ This Is What a Queer Family Looks Like.

+ The German Far Right Is Faltering. They’re Hoping a Lesbian Mom Can Reenergize the Party.

+ In a Possible First, Baby Is Issued a Medical Card Without a Gender Identity.

+ Collectors is a lovely piece by your very own Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya!

+ A Transgender Child Confronts Growing Up.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ What Legal Grounds Do States Have Not to Comply with Voter Data Requests?

+ 18 States Sue Betsy DeVos and Education Dept Over Delay of Borrower Defense Rule.

+ 45 States Refuse to Give Voter Data to Trump Panel.

Doll Parts

+ Civilians Shouldn’t Have to Deescalate Police, written by Tonya Jameson, who was recently held at gunpoint by an off-duty officer while she was putting a license plate on her SUV.

+ 5 Questions for the Woman Keynoting a POC-Only Environmental Gathering.

+ Trump Inspired Phoenix Fashion Designers Who Create Scarves for Muslim Women.

+ Women In Wrestling Have Taken a Hard Road to Get to Where They Are.

+ Never-Before-Seen Photo Suggests Amelia Earhart Survived Plane Crash.

+ Speed Sisters Makes Drag Racing a Feminist Issue.

+ Dream Casting: America, which includes your fave and mine, Brittani Nichols!

+ Sweden to Host ‘Man-Free’ Musical Festival Next Year.

+ An Oral History of Lilith Fair on its 20th anniversary.

+ How to Sell a Billion Dollar Myth Like a French Girl. I did not want this piece to end. Could read all day. Recommend.

+ Kesha Kesha Kesha Kesha has a new song, wrote a piece for Lenny.

+ Men Don’t Want to Be Nurses. Their Wives Agree. Straight people are beyond helping.

Today’s Special Misandry Moment

I had to create an entirely new mini section for this next link, for nothing I’d already conceived of could possibly contain it nor do it justice. Gird your loins, batten the hatches, k.d. bar the door (do you see what I did there), for this will be a thrilling ride: In Defense of the White Male.

Keep Up

+ Amid ‘Devastating’ Progress Nationally, Black Lives Matter Engages in Local Causes.

+ Chicago Won’t Allow High School Students to Graduate Without a Plan for the Future.

+ Why 1 Million Californians Lack Safe Drinking Water.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Fight, Flee, or Wait and See? Locals face hard choices as Louisiana coast recedes.

+ NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Is About to Peer Into the Depths of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

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  1. First The Advocate chooses Pope Francis over Edie Fucking Windsor as their Person of the Year and now this is their choice of Queer Family? Seriously?

        • I won’t answer for the others, but I get frustrated when something that is the exception rather than the rule is presented as if it’s the new rule. Like, it has to do with the lack of representation overall? Like, if there were gay women of all types with all sorts of well-developed stories on TV, etc. then it wouldn’t be so terrible if some of them died on screen…but most of them do. So, when the average “gay” family looks much like a nuclear American heterosexual family except with two moms or two dads, yet a gay publication doesn’t let those families see themselves, and instead says that *this* extremely unconventional (though still valid relationship) is what a “gay family” looks like?

          Plus, the main characters might identify as gay, but they’re in a seemingly heterosexual relationship with one another? Though I guess I’m probably erasing gender fluidity there. So while that’s a source of my frustration, I’ll admit that my statement might be problematic, so I’ll go think about it more.

          The Pope thing is different, but similar. Person of the Year is a dude from an institution that has historically oppressed your people, but rather than honor one of your people who had a direct hand in getting legal protections put in place that we’ve been struggling for for years, you honor the oppressor (even if the dude is less problematic than some). Like…what are you, Advocate?

          • Excellent comment, Brabkeb. I agree with what you said and I would add 2 things:
            – The Pope didn’t even DO anything, he got the Person of the Year Award for his “who am I to judge?” quote about celibate gay priests.
            – the seemingly heterosexual couple on the cover is also young, white and conventionally good looking. No racial or age diversity

          • I guess I was looking at it from a different perspective, I mean when I first saw the cover, knowing who he was and that he was bisexual, I thought that it was great that his relationship was considered queer because that is how I feel about all my relationships (I’m queer so by default all my relationships are queer in a way, even when I’m dating a guy and especially if he is not straight like me). I totally get that it can be frustrating to see what looks like a heterosexual couple on a gay magazine, but the first thing I thought was ‘yay, bisexual representation!’. Maybe it would have been better if it was presented as what a queer family CAN look like, and not as the “new rule” like you said and like it came across, now that I really think about it.

            100% agree with you on the Pope.

            Thank you all for taking the time to answer me!

        • I just really dislike the recent trend of pretending that (cis) people in a straight relationship (though they may not be straight themselves) are the New Queer. That they are somehow reinventing the struggle of the LGBT+ community because they are also having sex with other people outside of their relationship.

          I mean would you honestly look at the pictures of the article and say “Oh yeah, these are my people. They are so queer!” and not (like me) shrug and be like “welp, another straight couple having fun.”

  2. I think I need to go back to the soothing Ken thread after reading “In defense of the white male”

    I just.. cant. Nope. Nope nope NOPE!

  3. I was going to go back home to Boston this weekend but then I wasn’t but now I might again just to PUNCH ALL THE WHITE MALES AT THE BOSTON GLOBE IN THE FACE

    • also “straight people are beyond helping” made me laugh so hard because TRUE

    • Please do! And film it, so we Can remix it to music like the Richard Spencer being punched meme. My favorites are Hollaback Girl and I Will Always Love You

    • Oh my gosh Valerie Anne, I have a friend back home in MA (I’m from Everett! Hi!) who has written some stuff for the Globe in the past and I wasn’t even sure if I should even scroll down when I clicked that link just in case it was written by him.
      I have a lot to do this weekend and I don’t have time to yell at a man for 3 solid days, so I was pretty relieved when I had no idea who this idiot was.


  4. “The effortlessly chic French woman is one of the most persistent tropes in our lifestyle landscape.” Yeah, right up there with the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

  5. After viewing a nine-minute student documentary on women stagehands, a white male coworker said unironically, “I think this needs a male perspective.” Oh, the fragile white male ego…

  6. i texted my girlfriend once “do you think amelia earhart and eleanor roosevelt ever banged because i do”

    do i have proof? no. have i ever once let that stop me? also no

    • They are both confirmed as not being straight I think? So it’s entirely possible.

      I watched that Netflix doc about Amelia the other day and all the way through, especially about her marriage (both her and her husband were poly) my Spidey sense was tingling.

    • eleanor did write in her diary/in letters about amelia a LOT so I think this theory is v good and likely true

  7. I’ve spent all day in a bit of a depressed mood and reading “In defense of the white male” was like Popeye chowing down on some spinach. I’m ready to fling the patriarchy into the sun.

  8. Jesus christ I could have written the “I Dress ‘Straight’ to Protect My Clients” article.

    I just graduated and am going to be a legal aid attorney in rural California starting in August. Over the past year I’ve grown out my hair and transitioned back to being ‘femme’. It really sucks. I completely respect people who make different choices on this but at the end of the day being an effective advocate for people who would otherwise not be able to afford legal assistance is more important to me. Although if you ask me again in 5 years my answer might be different.

    • I really respect your commitment to your clients over self, because that stinks. Internet high five!

    • I thought somehow all of the lawyers I worked with were straight, except for like one gay man, but now I have hope that some of them are just queer and trying to look straight!

  9. My mom took me to Lilith Fair when I was 12. She practically mapped out my future in those moments. ?

  10. I really thought the “In defence of the white male” article was going to be satire and so I eagerly clicked on it but then…it wasn’t.


  11. Okay, the Welcome to the Hellmouth section was actually pretty great this week.

    But that In Defense of the White Male? Fucking no. Why’d you do that to me Laneia??

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