“Adventure Time”‘s Animated Lesbian Subtext Is Too Hot for TV

A few days ago, a recap of the Adventure Time episode “What Was Missing” was posted and subsequently taken down from the Mathematical youtube channel. Mathematical is “a Channel Frederator show-all that takes you behind the scenes of our show, Adventure Time!” In the case of this episode, the behind-the-scenes “look” exposed light lesbian subtext. Like the best multi-level jokes from the best cartoons and Pixar movies, the relationship between these two female characters is a thing kids won’t pick up on, teenagers might, and adults definitely will.

The video launched a thousand ‘ships into the night when the narrator spoke of Marceline’s song from the episode by noting, “She might like Princess Bubblegum a little more than she’d like to admit.” At the end of the video,  fans are asked to respond to what they think of the pairing. Throughout the video there are drawings from one of the crew members, Natasha Allegri.


At this point you might be wondering what a Princess Bubblegum is but no worries. I did allllll the work for you and will now break down the basics. I guess you should know that Adventure Time is an animated show about a teenage boy named Finn and his magical dog Jake. As suggested in the title, they go on…you guessed it — adventures. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen are two of his friends that often accompany him.

The episode begins with the Doorlord taking prized possessions from the group of friends. He takes a piece of Bubblegum’s hair from Finn. We adults learn that Finn jerks off to the piece of hair. Moving along and pretending we don’t know that, the group follows the Doorlord as he retreats behind a door that can only be opened by a “genuine band.”

This is when it gets super gay. Marceline begins playing her bass which already deserves the side eye. It’s not just any song though. It begins with Marceline ‘s desire to “drink the red from her pretty pink face” which sounds to me like she wants to make the fair princess a vampire so they can be together forever. However, Bubblegum doesn’t get this impression and takes Marceline’s lyrics about putting her in the ground a tad more literally and is offended by the song. This sends Marceline on a bender.

Marceline: Oh, you don’t like that? Or do you just not like me?

She then continues singing I’m Just Your Problem,” a title that already sounds like a song from a Tegan and Sara back to basics live performance EP.

“I shouldn’t have to be the one that makes up with you. So why do I want to? Why do I want to…”

This is when she has a Santana gay panic moment and loses her grip and her focus.

Marceline: Stop staring at me. You threw me off.

But it doesn’t end there. Upon repossessing their favorite things, there’s a slight mix up. Jake thinks Marecline’s t-shirt would naturally go to Marceline. Princess interrupts stating the shirt was gifted from the Vampire Queen and announces it means a lot to her. Marceline bitterly comments that she never wears it. Bubblegum counters that she wears it all the time…to bed. At this point it’s no longer subtext. It’s just text. Probably Stencil.

Seems cute and harmless, right? Fred Seibert, the show’s producer, had this to say about the video’s removal:

There’s been chatter on the internet recently about our latest Adventure Time “Mathematical!” video recap that we created, posted, and removed here at Federator. I figure it’s time to clear up the matter.

In trying to get the show’s audience involved we got wrapped up by both fan conjecture and spicy fanart and went a little too far. Neither Cartoon Network nor the Adventure Time crew had anything to do with putting up or taking down our latest re-cap. The episode ”What was Missing” remains a terrific short and will be shown again and again just like any other Adventure Time episode.

He claims that the powers that be had nothing to do with the removal of the video. Then why remove it? Were they worried about media watch groups coming after the show?  The people who seemed to be in a joyous heat about the episode were the same people who seem to be in one whenever something like this happens: tumblr lesbians.

Does Adventure Time status as a children’s show make this kind of subtext inappropriate? I think all of us agree that the answer to that is a resounding hell no. Because we aren’t inappropriate. Nor are our feelings or relationships. Heterosexuality is present in shows for even the youngest children and often they are problematic representations. You’re telling me Gonzo can fuck chickens but a vampire can’t have a crush on a girl made of bubble gum? 


I think the Adventure Time associates were surprised with the outpour of support which says something, doesn’t it? People are more surprised when there’s a strong positive reaction to a lesbian relationships than if it had been overwhelmingly negative. No matter how they felt, the video was removed and again the message is sent. It’s not ok to embrace queer relationships. It is ok to silent our voices. What did you think of the episode? Are you upset that the video was removed?

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  1. Marceline’s song is amazing. I catch myself humming it from time and time, and I never watch the show.

    • The voice actress that does Marceline is a very talented girl, she has a beautiful sweet singing voice. Fits the character very well.

      And the very thought of a sapphic love relationship between Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum is thrilling! And all that on Cartoon Network! :P

      Like I died and went to Heaven! :D

    • Romance and sex in general should not be introduced on any childrens’ cartoon. Especially one that fucks chockens…..ijs

  2. I remember watching this on Cartoon Network and was like, “Whaaa did I witness!?! This is algebraic!”

    The song hit way to close to home for me because it reminded me about this really popular girl in high school I used to like. I was not that popular but she liked me because I was funny and her hair smelled like lavender scented heaven. People thought she was perfect (either loving her or hating her) and I pretended to see as human with flaws BECAUSE HER FACE MADE ME HAPPY! I think she appreciated that until her got that stupid boyfriend from the local community college.

    MAAAAAAAARIA!!! *sigh*

    I love Adventure Time and this was one of the moments in cartoon history where I screamed, “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!” and threw something at the TV. Another time I did something similar was when Spongebob wore a dress and Anderson Cooper on TV doing something. It made me giggle and feel lots of warm fuzzy feelings.

    I watch more cartoons than live action because they give me deep profound feelings and I am pretty sure the creators of both Spongebob and Adventure Time are a little crazy, just a little.

  3. I always thought Adventure Time was just too weird for my tastes, but this episode made me start liking it, if just for Marceline’s yummy singing voice.

  4. i have shipped Marceline and Princess Bubblegum for such a long time, and the episode made my heart grow multiple sizes. autostraddle + adventure time? literal spasms of excitement. however, i think the main problem with bluntly stating that Marceline having a crush on Princess Bubblegum on the show would be that the main character, Finn, also has a thing for the princess.
    this would cause some conflict on and off show, even without any homophobic backlash. besides that, the odds of a supporting character getting into a queer relationship and actually beating out a hetero relationship with the main character would be pretty low. :( that being said, i would die and go to heaven if this ship actually sailed. we NEED this on television.

  5. I loved the episode. I watched the promo (which included Marceline’s song) probably five gazillion times before the episode came out.

    And…no, lesbian subtext is not inappropriate for a children’s show. I mean seriously. Adventure Time is FULL of harmless double entendre and subtext. I mean jeez! This is the very same episode where we are informed that Finn spends “special time” with a chunk of Princess Bubblegum’s hair. Speaking of tumblr lesbians, http://ayries.tumblr.com/post/10746207938/fuck-it-im-making-a-post-on-this “I repeat: at ten or eleven I was aware I was considered too sexual to be around my own fucking age group.”

  6. I love Adventure Time. Dude it’s already a such a gay show, it feels only right that there be proper lesbians in it anyways, there’s not really much that they could do, I mean it’s a land made of candy and there’s magical unicorns and all sorts of random shit going down. Marceline had a bass and an undercut for a while too.

    (it was like, what this is ridiculous, it is all gay things in a cartoon on the teevee, this is like my brain, except my brain has more naked chicks in it)

    Plus I totally though in the Fionna and Cake episode there was adorable flirtin between Cake and the Prince’s unicorn or am I misreading all of these cartoon’s genders?

  7. This ain’t no V Tech shit or Columbine
    But after bowling, I went home for some damn Adventure Time
    (What’d you do?) I slipped myself some pink Xannies
    And danced around the house in all-over print panties
    My mom’s gone, that fucking broad will never understand me
    I’m not gay, I just wanna boogie to some Marvin

      • Okay so for the longest time my friends tried to get me into watching adventure time but I just never liked it very much. Once they introduced Marceline and her base axe I started to watch the show more often with my little 13 year old sister. When this episode came on we watched it together, my sister didn’t know at the time that I was lesbian but she didn’t seem to mind the hinted at relationship between the two. The way adventure time is set up I do not think that this relationship should be frowned upon, look at lemongrab and lemongrab. They are obviously another underlined homosexual relationship within the show. Pb and Marcy balance each other out perfectly and honestly I support the ship. There isn’t anything wrong with homosexuals and I don’t think parents should fear the relationships within cartoons because the child will have feelings of its own.

  8. First off, me and my roomie LOVE Adventure Time. Seriously…we do (lots of Cartoon Network in this apartment).

    I was wondering if they were trying to hint at some gayness in that episode, but now it’s clear…Bubblegum & Marceline. Yes.

  9. I’m very disappointed that they removed the video and cleared all the comments on the channel’s main page. Maybe it’s true that the creators didn’t really intend to pursue a Marceline/PB relationship, but Mathematical could have just put up a disclaimer emphasizing that they didn’t speak for the Adventure Time staff. There was such a wonderful outpouring of support for the pairing and the show, and the dialog that opened up was invaluable in and of itself. It’s such a shame that all of that was taken down. Here’s hoping that the folks at AT, Cartoon Network, and Frederator realize that they have the perfect opportunity to promote diversity and positively address the subtext of “What Was Missing.”

  10. This is my favorite post ever on Autostraddle because I was just singing Marceline’s song to myself all day at work. I might have a huge crush on her.

    • I was having Daddy issues the other day and yelled (to myself of course), “YOU ATE MY FRIES, I BOUGHT THEM AND THEY WERE *FUCKING* MINE!!!”

      I am better now thanks to the cathartic song by my fave character, Marceline.

      I love this show, maybe too much?

    • I am very much in love with Marceline the Vampire Queen and I want to be her bubblegum princess.

      And you know, having been a huge fan of Adventure Time since the original short I was so very excited to see an article dedicated to it on here, shame it has to be for such a sucky reason.

  11. I’m glad you reprinted Fred Siebert’s statement in full. I’m not glad that you aren’t taking it at face value. In fact, you’re barely giving him the benefit of the doubt, and instead pushing forward a bunch of speculation.

    Since the “Mathematical!” videos were produced by Frederator NY, people thought the discussion of a potential lesbian subtext in the show was a genuine, Frederator-approved facet of the development of the show. The creators of the episode want fans to interpret the show for themselves, individually or as a group. They don’t want something with the Frederator brand doing it for them. (The Adventure Time creative team works in California. The “Mathematical!” video was created and posted by Frederator NY. There was no direct communication between the two of them.)

    You should take a look at Fred Siebert’s own tumblr account. There you’ll see he’s published a few responses to some comments on that very statement you reprinted.

    I hope that you’ll make the effort to at least show your readers more of the conversation, rather than leaving the story at this point.

  12. I think both sides are overreacting horribly to this; Regardless, it’s a cartoon about adventure (and subsequently hitting things with swords) aimed towards 20-year-old boys. ANY relationship in the show seems unnecessary, but that doesn’t mean that the gay ones are being ‘singled out.’

    By the way, your whole “Bass? How lesbian!” part could, in itself, be considered quite offensive.

    • ANY relationship in the show seems unnecessary, but that doesn’t mean that the gay ones are being ‘singled out.’

      But there are already canonical heterosexual relationships on the show.

      • I don’t think it was the kind of relationship the creators were objecting to. I think it was that they only want the story to tell what it’s telling. They don’t want Marceline/PB to be in a canonical relationship now. Maybe it will someday, maybe it won’t. But they want the story to unfold at the pace they want to tell it.

        Nobody at the show (from what I’ve seen) has a problem with the fandom speculating or shipping. The big difference was the Mathematical video was made by Frederator, one of the show’s production companies. That gives it the appearance of “canon” when it’s not the creators’ intent to do so.

        • They were saying the fact the base was shaped like a Labrys was so lesbian. That’s not offensive if you actually know what a Labrys is and it’s historical context.

  13. I’ve never watched adventure time before but tumblr was full to the bursting with fanart so I figured I’d check it out.

  14. In my opinion this episode wasn’t ment to be homosexual, i think it was more of a friendship thing more than anything else. Seeing that finn the main character and has a crush on pb they would naturally date at some point in the shows duration of being on air. And if pb does hook-up with marcaline it would create alot of conflict between finn and marcaline that would upset viewers. I like adventure time because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… Saying finn likes to jerk off to princess bubblegum’s hair chunk makes me sad and it sucks the life out of the show. But i agree the hair thing is a bit questionable but its a cartoon and shouldn’t be taken so literally. lol

    • Well, Finn is 13 and Princess Bubblegum is 18, so I don’t see them getting together anytime soon. Plus Cartoon Network characters don’t usually age from season to season.

      • Adventure Time’s one of the rare exceptions to this, actually. Finn’s aging as a human would; there was even an episode where he celebrated his 13th birthday.

        Of course, candyfolk seem to age according to how much candy material is present in their body, as we’ve seen in “Too Young…”

        What does it say about me that I’ve managed to avoid getting all fangirl-obsessive about this show on cartoon forums, but I can’t help doing it here??

      • Also, PB never seemed interested in Finn. It’s an unequal match. An unrequited crush.
        I don’t really see a point to Finn having a relationship. He is the main character and it’s about adventuring so any romantic time would just be filler. His crush on PB is a cute distraction from the main story of his friendship and adventure with Jake.
        In another note, I will say I enjoy the friendships on the show. In this same episode Finn states that all three of them are his closest friends. You rarely find a male character with one close female friend, let alone two.

        • See, I always thought that the relationships and hints of romance were PART of the adventure (using a wider definition of the term). Even back in the original short, Finn (then called Pen) got all embarrassed and flustered when Princess Bubblegum gave him a kiss on the cheek.

          But I do agree with you that the theme of friendship and camaraderie are awesome. It’s fantastic that an adventuring boy has these two girls as his best friends. Not to mention the characters they are, which is kind of unique for a kids’ cartoon. A selfless, strong ruler who’s also a complete science nerd, and a rockin’ bass-playing chick who’s independent, likes messing with the protagonist’s head, and confronts her father directly. How amazing is that?

  15. I love Adventure Time, I wish I had seen this episode.
    And to be totally lighthearted and avoid the serious discussion, did anyone else find Fionna from the Fionna and Cake episode disturbingly attractive?

    … no? okay then. >.>

        • She’s also a cartoon!

          But yeah, I know what you mean. It takes me back to my adolescence though, and that’s kinda fun. In any case, since she’s not real, and actual thirteen year old girls aren’t who I drool over in real life, I don’t personally feel weird about it.

        • I felt like they aged her 5 years when they genderswapped her. The Ice Queen also appeared to have 50 years and 50 pounds removed as well. (Which I suppose makes sense, since it was the Ice King’s fan fiction anyways.)

          Mostly my thoughts about Fionna were “why is she wearing a short skirt instead of shorts? That’s really impractical for adventuring and ass-kicking.” But then, I’ve never tried to adventure in a skirt. Perhaps she could totally pull it off.

          • yeah I thought they’d made fionna older too especially since they’d made the prince all romancey with her. I mean there’s no reason they had to make the genderswap absolutely equal, like, everyone is the same but now the opposite sex.

  16. I WAS WAITING FOR YOU GUYS TO WRITE ABOUT THIS. I remember seeing the preview for this on friday and waiting impatiently/checking tumblr for fan art and flaming people who were all of a sudden anti-shipping! They also took down the episode from the cartoon network website…

    • Please don’t see this as jumping on a fan of the show (because I love the show too!!!) but there’s already so much misinformation about this incident floating around on the web. The episode “What Was Missing” was NEVER taken down from the Cartoon Network website, because it was never presented there in its entirety to begin with. At least, not in a FREE section…there’s a “gold” section of CN’s site that you can access once you verify you’re a paying cable/satellite subscriber.

      There are still clips from the show on the free areas of the site, and the show’s been rerun on the air in its entirety in the usual re-airing slots all week. Cartoon Network’s really been a non-presence throughout all of this.

      Please, please do a little more reading of the different blogs and tumblrs out there. The creative folks have never been against the idea of shipping any of their characters. They prefer the episode to speak for itself, rather than a Frederator-backed video suggest a relationship is canon when it isn’t (as yet).

  17. This was the first episode of Adventure Time that I ever watched. At some point in the show I pointed to the screen and said ‘lesbians’.

    But yeah…this is not inappropriate for a children’s show. I mean…has anyone ever watched a Disney movie?! Now there is some inappropriate stuff for ya. Am I right?

  18. It should be noted that Dan Rickmers, the maker and creator of the Mathematical video that was taken down that first mentioned the potential lesbian relationship, was fired for the content of the video and the subsequent fallout of the situation.

    • I’d heard that he was no longer working for Frederator, but I hadn’t heard whether he was fired, or asked to resign, or quit on his own. Could you tell me where you found out that he was actually fired?

      • Yeah, Dan Rickmers, the maker of the video and the guy who manages the entire channel got fired. There’s a little bit of chatter about it on his tumblr here: http://danrickmers.tumblr.com

        From what I gather, it was Frederator who fired Dan for bringing so much heat onto them in the lesbian/anti-lesbian debate. They also closed the entire Mathematical channel and took down all the videos! Pretty messed up, since they should’ve been encouraging this kind of openness!

        • I’ve been reading Rickmers’ Tumblr, though, and none of his posts (or his tweets) state whether he was fired, or if he quit, or if he “resigned” as the result of some mutual agreement. And so far I haven’t seen any definitive statement anywhere. Knowing which it is for sure will tell us something about what’s gone on behind the scenes through all this.

          I’m betting that Mathematical or something like it will be started by Frederator again soon. The fanbase obviously wants it.

  19. I am actually putting together a fan call-in for comments on PB/M that would have been in the response video to the recap. Call 719-382-7949 to leave your opinion and be featured in video

  20. I think your all a bunch dum asses there’s nothing lesbian or gay about adventure Time it’s a great cool show for kids that no lifers like you probably in your 20or30rs would watch I mean so what if marceline sang a song or something that sounded lesbian it’s the intentions of the writer that counts adventure times a great show and you people should get a life

    • It’s past your bedtime kiddo. You better get some rest for Sunday School bright and early tomorrow. Off you go!

    • …and so you complain about this on a site whose tagline is “Girl-On-Girl Culture”.

      Makes perfect sense.

  21. But and I didn’t now blogging or whatever this is can be so annoying but some of you have common sense and purely just love cartoons

  22. looks like mom and dad need to lock up their computer better at night!!!


  23. I put in my (and my family’s) head that they just used to be best friends and they had a fight or something, etc. But this seems quite lesbian-y to me. And if my Mother knew that, she’d lose her top and not let me watch adventure time ever again…But it is a possibilty that Pen & Natasha will make it just a former-friend relationship, rather than feed the irritating flame of TV critics. Which I honestly hope they take it that way. I don’t want my little sister watching a cartoon with gayness in it. I don’t have anything agains heterosexuals at all, but there’s some pretty young kids that watch this.

    but of course, that is my opinion.

    • …why don’t you want your little sister or other kids watching something with gays?
      You can’t catch it, it’s not contagious. Sometimes we like to joke about Scully making us gay, but that’s a joke.

      Seriously though. Seriously question why you think being gay is “inappropriate”. It’s not immoral, and it’s not inherently sexual. Marceline having an ex-girlfriend on the show is no worse than Marceline having an ex-boyfriend. (Hint: she totally does.)

    • I don’t have anything against heterosexuals either, I’m just kinda sick of seeing them everywhere.

  24. Sorry I just hate when people talk dumb crap about like this it gets me so ticket off sorry if I sounded like a dick

  25. And I don’t even know what I’m complaining I got this website by complete acisident and just started weighting an reading so whatever and Ron darling case you live a closet kids don’t have school on sundays and cat n I don’t know what girl and girl culture is I am just a kid

  26. Oh wait yes that is where I chose to complain it took me some time to figure out what girl on girl culture meant when you said it

  27. Novastar your not skid do you probably don’t get it but i mean and I have nothing against gays or anything but would you watch a show like that I mean depending on the show stuff like that would defaet the show

    • “Cause this life is too short to live it just for you
      But when you feel so powerless what are you gonna do
      So say what you want
      Say what you want”

      this just came to mind.
      and now the song is stuck in my head.

  28. It is entertaining isn’t and this all started because of lesbian comments toward my favorite show

          • I dunno. He’s not even the fun kind of troll, as most of the snark and sarcasm (snarkasm) goes right over his head.

          • I feel like they’ll eventually go away. Honestly I was pretty amused, or I wouldn’t have kept troll-feeding. They probably would have left awhile ago if I hadn’t kept responding :x

            Anyways…nothing they’ve said (other than “i hate all of you”) has been exceptionally hateful, so I’m kinda indifferent.

  29. your right alot of it does go over my head but most are older and more cleverly experienced in insulting people remember im not a no life it upper like some of you i dont even know how i got into this website or conversations

    • Ok, let me outline it for you:

      1. You clicked into this website somehow.

      2. Somehow, with your kindergarten-level reading skills, you managed to read the article. Or maybe you didn’t, which is why you’re so confused.

      3. You then decided to make a comment, using the handy dandy form at the bottom of the page. Yippee! Filling out forms is fun! Yay!

      You, dear chap, are an inspiring figure to everyone else, because you are living proof that someone like you can turn on a computer and use it.

      Man I am snarky in the mornings without my coffee.

  30. you guys are real no life it uppers and i dont even know how i got to this website or conversation and ive only humored you all for so long caue i cant go to sleep

  31. I think that if kid/teen shows are aloud to show heterosexual pairings they should be aloud to show homosexual pairings as well.

  32. Saw and read about the segments in question. Marceline’s VA is a great singer!

    Also — and this is coming from a heterosexual adult male — there’s nothing wrong with presenting homosexuality in a kid’s show (though arguably Adventure Time isn’t exactly for “kids”). And that’s either gender.

    But alas, despite being in the year 2011, people argue otherwise.

  33. Your research you allegedly did was not too good? The story is not about a boy and his magical dog? It is about two adoptive brothers living in a post-apocalyptic Earth where all humans have been either mutated from a massive nuclear blast or eaten as a delicacy by the mutants. Duh?

  34. Why am I the only one who didn’t see their relationship as homosexual? When I watched the episode all I got out of it was “Oh man, they were totally besties at one point, need..more..episodes… must know the whole story!”.
    Prople these day just LOOK for this stuff, so they can have something to go on on about. I’m not knocking down lesbian relationships, being bisexual myself, I’m just uninterested in seeing the two as a paring more than simple ex-best friends.

    • I caught the masturbation joke about Finn and Princess Bubblegum’s hair, but not the (hot) lesbian subtext.

      …Until I read this at least.

      I guess part of why would be because in past episodes, both Princess Bubblegum and Marceline have been shown to be interested in guys or in a relationship with a guy respectively (PB with Finn while she was temporarily 13 again / Marceline with that dick). Marceline’s song didn’t scream “GAY” to me at the time either, but instead came across was more like it was about a really close friend whom she had a serious falling out with.

      I also want to add that both girls look great in those pictures drawn by Natasha Allegri. Especially the apparently very curvy Princess. No wonder Finn wacks off to a piece of her hair.

    • Don’t worry, I hadn’t either, mostly though because one is about a hundred times older than the other…

  35. They had a relationship in the past but it is not known whether this was a romantic one or not. I think it was though.

    Lyrics like:

    “I drink the red from your [PB’s] pretty pink face”

    and the fact that PB sleeps in a shirt that Marceline gave her, well, make me wonder… I am pretty sure Marceline, being a thousend years old, has done everything at least once. She may very well be bisexual, but I doubt she is lesbian.

    • I don’t understand how “I drink the red from your [PB’s] pretty pink face” is supposed to show they had a romantic relationship? That is a threat?

      • The “pretty pink face” part says a lot.
        Also, when Marceline sings about hurting Bubblegum, the doorfaces are not happy – because it is not the truth. When she sings about how she wants to make things up but does not get why it should be her, they shine meaning this is the truth.

        So obviously, Marceline does have feelings for the princess and they are mutual but the exact nature of these feelings is not made clear. Try to fit more in 10 minutes! :P

        • Yea I caught that doors bit, but what is this a lot that the pretty pink face part says? Since she eats anything that is the color red and since pink is a shade of red.

          • She also sings:

            “Am I not sweet enough for you?”

            And she sings:

            “But I shouldn’t have to be the one that makes up with you”

            And then there is the shirt. It’s just too many clues to ignore, sorry. No can’t do! ;-)

          • I don’t follow what those lines have to do with only a romantic relationship?

            Though the shirt was kinda iffy until she said it was what she wore to bed, though they had to have her say that because they never showed her wearing it before and if she said she wore it all the time people would complain because they never saw it.

          • The combination of the shirt and the lyrics, and the princess sleeping in a t-shirt Marceline gave her… It’s implied IMHO that Marceline is her ex-girlfriend and that she still isn’t over the breakup – neither of them are.
            The shirt “means a lot to her”, she says. There must have been some cute Sapphic lovin’ involved! :(

          • Noticing a lot of Marceline’s songs, she tends to use different terms to describe how she really feels about things, or understates her feelings by using small things to cover up what she’s really trying to say. Example of this would be how she used her dad eating her fries as an example of him not caring about her and ignoring her. Another example would be, in Henchman, she described a fisherman as cute, yet also stated how she wants to suck out his eyeballs and rip out his throat.

            This being said, her ways of expressing herself in song is different than most people’s way would be. In the beginning song that she sung in What Was Missing, she seem to have made the lyrics seem creepy (like in Henchman), but it may hold a different meaning to them than people would think.

            “I wanna bury you in the ground” I’m not quite sure of this, but I’ve heard somewhere that, usually with undead creatures, this phrase means that the person wants to hold and/or want to protect them. (I repeat, I’m not really sure, but honestly, it sounds pretty believeable if you think about it.)

            “I’m gonna bury you with my sound” To me, this sounds like she wants to sing to her. (pretty straightforward, this could be seen as friendly or romantic.)

            “I’m gonna drink the red from your pretty pink face…” Well, obviously by the phrase “pink face”, she’s directing this to PB. Considering it a threat about taking her blood (if she even have normal blood), wouldn’t seem accurate, because if she was really refering to the color of her skin, she wouldn’t use ‘red’ and ‘pink’ so differently. The only thing I can really get from this phrase is her refering to PB blushing (since her blushes, I believe, do become a reddish pink/red color).

            In all, these lyrics really do sound more meaningful, and romantic-like, than friendly at all. Of course, people can see it any way they can see it, but this is only a thought, since there’s not too much facts on their whole feelings for each other.

  36. Lesbians, do you believe true love for girls who love girls? The heaven of … for the woman of your dreams? Do you wish you could find that perfect lesbian partner to share your love, companionship, and affection? pinkloving…com

  37. Ok I have no problem with people shipping this, but come ON.

    I don’t see how this makes them in love.

    Ok let’s say I have a friend. We are no longer friends now. We don’t get along very well. We’re very different people. I regret breaking off our relationship and want to express this in song. I am unable to finish the song and don’t know what to say at the end and tell her i want her to respect me. She tells me she has the shirt I gave her after all these years and uses it as pajamas. Clearly this means I am in love with her and has nothing to do with friendship.

    Yeah so which sentence was the sarcastic one?

    Oh fandom. I love how people perceive things.

    Not to mention that if there were a lesbian couple on adventure time or any cartoon really, people will get butthurt and be like “my child can’t watch this!!!!!!!!!1!!1!11!1!1111!1!1eleventyone”

    But that’s just me. Don’t mind me I’m just a website stalker and slightly bitter about a pairing //runs off

  38. NO! This is totally unacceptable! Look, I’m not against homosexuals, and this hint of a Marceline and PB thing would be awesome! …If it weren’t for Finn. Did anyone here watch the last airbender? Did you get attached to the characters? So wouldn’t it piss you off if Suki decided she liked Katara instead of Sokka? Finn is our spaztastic, totally random, badass 13 year old hero. This is what a good many of us wanted as children! Adventure! Despite the hardships, a true plot allows the hero to win a place among the others when he (or she) beats the badguy and gets the girl (or guy for the female leads)! Look at what Finn has to deal with in his life. Fun as it must be, he gets the crap kicked out of him, he’s the last of his kind, and the love of his life constantly rejects him despite her feelings for him. Sure, she’s five years older than him, but she was 13 for a while there! You know what it is if we take her from him? Twisted. It says that he can laboriously work at being his best all his life, and he’ll get nothing from it. Besides, some of the previous posters were right. Subliminal messaging? It sounds to me like their friendship went through a rough patch. Not their romantic relationship. “Pretty pink face” sounded pretty condescending to me.

    • I don’t know I mean Sokka had too many potential love interests in my opinion, if one of them were gone I don’t think many would notice…

      • Hush. Hey has anybody thought of the concept that PB and the vampire queen could somehow be sisters? Or cousins? Unlikely yes, but the thought has crossed my mind a couple times.

        • Since it seems that candy people are manufactured and now immortal and that Marceline was originally a goblin before she was infected, it doesn’t seem likely. Though maybe they were sisters like how Finn and Jake are adoptive brothers?

    • I know it’s a bit too early to have any predictions, but I think, based on the description, that Finn will end up with the Flame princess instead. She’s INTENSE and also, 13. Just like Finn, so then there won’t be anymore age issues.

      I see Finn’s crush on PB as one of those that little kids have on people that’re way older than them, just to later see that they won’t get them or will lose interest as they grow older.
      Besides, look at the way PB treats Finn most of the time. She may have accepted him at one point, but what point was that? When she was 13. I’m pretty sure they won’t bring her back to that situation again (since it almost caused her to lose her life) and since she’s most likely still staying as 18 and so forward, she won’t take Finn that seriously or will just tease his little boy mind with false hints. I see no serious feelings coming from her to him.

      • Give it five years, PB will still be 18 (unless the amount of candy in her ever changes again) and Finn will be 18, problem solved.

        • How the heck can someone live 5 years without aging exactly 5 years? It sounds like her body remains 18 years old, but in fact she *must* be aging in some sense of the word.

          Also, Finn will turn 18, yes, then 25, then 35, at which point it will be weird, then 50, and so on until he’s dead.

          Bubblegum and Marceline can get together and break up for *all eternity*. Immortals belong together. :P

  39. I guess so. Idk, I just think some pome people are really jumping the gun. “They have past relationship history, so they must’ve been lesbians!” It could be as simple as the constant battle between right and wrong.

  40. I also got the feeling that perhaps these two were in a relationship back then. Perhaps I’m just looking at it the wrong way. They could have just been good friends that ended up disliking each other, because of something similar to Marceline’s dad eating her fries. I believe Marceline was unable to finish the song because she’s shy. She probably realized that she was pouring her heart out in front everyone and ended up losing track, then blames Bonnibelle for throwing her off. I’m not sure about the shirt as a gift. It does seem a bit strange, but who knows. We’ll see what kind of direction they take with this. I do think MarcelinexBonnibelle would be pretty cool. They are complete opposites, and as the saying goes… “opposites attract”.

  41. *armflail* I am an Adventure Time fangirl (albiet a tad late on new episodes) so when I read this I immediately went to find this episode (after a few…er…many…girlsih squeals). I absolutely love Marceline as well as her voice actor, and the shipping that this episode creates (or supports if you already had your eye on them) was delicious. From Marceline’s songs, there is oooobviously some pent up emotions she’s had with Bubblegum and those feelings of rejection and unrequited love seem all too close to the surface. My face literally mirrored that of the Doormaster’s Door when Marceline teared up after Bubblegum walks away. Also note the fact she sings along with Finn when he questions what he is to Bubblegum. Awesome episode from and awesome show.

    • What? Ew, but Finn is human, according to Adventure Time in the future of Earth human is food, people don’t generally have a relationship with food..?

      • Somebody married a house the other week… officially.
        And you get lots of vampirexhuman romances these days. And all sorts of cartoons where predator mates with prey.

  42. Of course none of us knows for sure at this point if PB/Marceline will ever be/have ever been a happening thing, but I’m all for it if the writers decide to take it that direction.

    Anywho, I just felt like addressing a couple of the arguments people have made here.

    Age difference between Marceline and PB: We don’t actually know how old PB is (or how old she could live to be). Since her age is pretty much a function of how much candy she’s made of, she could have been “18” for a long time now, and she could be “18” for years to come. Thus in terms of aging, she may actually be the perfect match for Marceline.

    Finn is supposed to be with PB: As it stands, PB doesn’t seem all the interested in Finn (outside of when she was 13). As an adult, she routinely brushes off his advances and treats him just like a kid. Speaking of which, the 5 year age difference between Finn and PB is actually significant considering PB is an adult and Finn is a minor (think: college student with a middle schooler). They’d have to let him age a bit before pursuing that relationship, and who knows how long that will take. Also
    They’ve said at the last couple Comic Con panels that they’re creating a new character who is Finn’s age and hinted that it could be a love interest for him. Just sayin’

    • For Bonnibel’s age being based on how much candy is in her, she acts as though it is real time, like when she turned back to 18 she told Finn that their relationship was five years ago when it was just moments ago in real time, so she may be old real time, but she is 18 in candy years, as for the same being applied to Marceline, she specifically calls herself a thousand, Bonnibel calls herself 18.

      The Land of Ooo is set in a continent on Earth after WW3 blows off a big chunk of the planet and irradiates everything, the irradiation causing magic to exist too. For all we know candy years is actually how it works for Bonnibell, magically.

  43. So… The possibility of Marceline and Peebles having a relationship is inappropriate, while it’s totally appropriate for the Ice King to write a fanfiction in which he is the Ice Queen who basically goes on a date with Fionna? Hmmm. I see.
    Not gonna lie, I only became interested in Adventure time after I heard about the gender-bent episode (I mean, how cool is it that they would make an episode like that?), and I was hooked when I saw ‘What was Missing’. Bubbline is my new OTP.

  44. Basically, I pretty much agree with Castle on this point, but I’ll reiterate anyway. While I think this scene and their relationship (be it romantic or friendly) are adorable, I’d still feel a bit upset about PB and Finn’s relationship. The way I see it, they may very well have been best friends at one point. I have close friends that I am affectionate towards, but for whom I have no romantic attraction. As such, our relationships may almost seem “romantic” to others. If a past close friend with whom I had a falling-out gave me a shirt, I’d cherish it too, keeping it as a reminder of happier times with that friend. (I dunno about the sleeping in it thing. Maybe she doesn’t like it enough to actually wear it out in public, but still likes it enough to wear it sometimes? Or, again, could very well be romantic.) I think it’s just up for interpretation. Still…I’m torn about all of this. I ship Finn/Bubblegum [to an extent], but I also wouldn’t mind shipping Marceline/Bubblegum.
    As long as the latter ship doesn’t carry over into the genderbends. Haha. If there were any canon Marshall Lee/Prince Gumball subtext, I’d be mad, because that would interfere with my rabid Gumball/Fionna shipping. :P Haha. But that’s just me.
    But, despite all that, I just kind of don’t feel comfortable with official, canon relationships anyway; especially in a silly, lighthearted cartoon such as this. I like it better when it’s completely left up to the fanbase, with only a few hints thrown around – like this. :D

    TL;DR – It could go either way, however the viewer interprets it.

    • Wow, reading that, it kind of sounds like I’m contradicting myself. Sorry if my wording was awful. :P It makes sense in my head…

      (Oh, and I was mostly joking about the Marshall/PG thing. So please don’t get mad…)

      Basically, I don’t mind these hints and such in canon, so long as the couples don’t actually become official. I don’t even…I’m just gonna…stop talking now. :<

  45. That episode’s one of my favourites, Marceline and P.B. are obviously meant for each other. And it shouldn’t be okay for them to remove it because of that. Like the thing said, children see heterosexual relationships in cartoons and such all the time. There’s nothing wrong with any other kinds. They should put it back up.

  46. So In all honesty, aside from her very first line in the song before she got all mad, I didn’t think Marceline’s song sounded like she was hinting at an old relationship (and as a lesbian that see’s lesbian subtext in EVERYTHING that’s saying something). I mean my initial thought was ‘wow they had a really bad falling out or something but they must have been good friends,’ The part that screamed PAST RELATIONSHIP to me was the fact the PB had an old t-shirt of Marceline’s Because I don’t know about you but I don’t give even my best friends my t-shirts and if I did they wouldn’t sleep in them anymore than I would sleep in theirs. My girlfriend and I swap t-shirts though and I know I sleep in hers sometimes. I agree with a lot of people that this could potentially be groundbreaking for the homosexual community if they were to do more with it. People need to stop spreading so much hate either way though.

  47. You shippers are just perverted low lives with nothing better to do besides ruining a good cartoon.
    You do realize that it’s a cartoon right?its not real,so how can there be anything between them if there not real?The only thing there is what pen ward put there.

  48. Thank you? Hahaha just my luck. Someone agrees with a nutcase like me, then totally contradicts themselves. At least you saw it. And look, it’s not like I hate the pair up. I think it’s adorable, but I’ve grown such a love for the Finn/PB pair that I could never accept it if Marceline and Bubblegum hit off a serious relationship on the show. It isn’t right for Finn’s girl to be taken away unless as mentioned, a new love interest occurs. (And I’m sure I’d still want Finn to go back to PB anyway). And as for “No of your business”, you really should be nicer. I think it’s safe to say we all love the show, so let’s just split into our own categories and be done with it. You can watch it and leave the shippers alone, they can ship and leave you alone. Saying stuff like that only tears apart the show. Look at Twilight. That’s a perfect example of what these negative comments can do. I’m sure it’s a great plot, but I hate it, because fans and haters argue, and I’ve been forced to take a side.

  49. I don’t think this is lesbian subtext at all. I think there’s the possibility of interpreting it that way, sure. Adult fans will see things they want to see. But Bubblegum and Marceline… their relationship is more like a badly broken friendship.

    Marceline is shown in various episodes (Memory of a Memory, Marceline’s Closet and of course, What Was Missing) to be ALONE. She has difficulty making friends and thinks people can’t relate to her. She’s got a tough outside and a vulnerable inside but is defensive because she fears getting hurt or misunderstood.

    Bubblegum is smart, beautiful and perfect- typical of the idol type, where everyone adores her. But she too has a little difficulty with friends since she obviously has responsibilities and this can make her inaccessible. The relationship between her and Marceline sounds like two girls who became friends but were so different that ultimately each one of them likely felt misunderstood and disregarded by the other. I’m guessing that they had a falling out which both of them regrets but can’t quite bring themselves to make up. In essence, they’re very real characters with unspoken hurts and memories.

  50. I loved this episode and I have it book marked on another site, my view is that why not have lesbian subtext? Maybe in the future when the children who watch the show today will be more open to gay and that situation, I’m ashamed for the company for removing this video but I’m glad other people don’t follow their example.

    • I can’t believe people have sunken so low that they believe their own lies about bieng gay is okay.Its not ok,it’s not normal.Why can’t you people leave one good show as it is without ruining it,evry time there’s a good show out there,there’s always someone pathetically scanning evry detail of the episode to find something they can twist into a sick idea.

      • Guess what? Homosexuality exists in some species of animals also. It’s all natural, baby. Just like us.


        There was no scanning. It was put out, sadly for everyone to notice. Including you. Herpderp.

  51. My comment was deleted simply because I made it clear that sending the message to children that being homosexual is OK is too much of a risk to me.

  52. Not once did I think anything about that, I just thought they used to be best friends and now they aren’t.

  53. I admit, I did catch on to the sexual things appointed in that episode, and there are a lot more in many other episodes, and I think this episode is one of my favorites out of all the ones i’ve seen. I’m quite upset that it’s been taken down :(

  54. I can’t believe all you people do this.Why are you guys trying to turn adventure time into an adults show.Because of all this hub going around about bubbline, the episode was removed.Alot of you are even turning adventure time jokes into somthing pervy, and that may cause the whole show to be removed from cartoon network. Not only that, but adventure times ratings have been falling ever since all these sick jokes started. If you guys were real adventure time fans,you wouldnt try to change it.
    C’mon guys,please stop with all these sick jokes.

  55. It makes me really sad that it was taken down. It was just a really sweet episode and gave us insight into the characters. It makes me cross that a fuss was caused just because it was a lesbian relationship. It think it would be a good thing for kids to pick up on that it’s ok!

  56. I support this episode! They were not being inappropriate, they were just showing an ex-couple quarreling. It does not matter on the sex of the relationship. These Idiots who want it removed should be removed from society. Its is not fair!

  57. I’m enamored with this song and with Marceline. A friend played it for me over the weekend and my first question was, “Wait…is she gay?”, immediately followed by, “Are they allowed to play that on TV?” No sooner had I asked the question did I realize, once again, what a fucked up society we live in, in which I actually have to ask that question.

    Turns out, after further research, they’re NOT allowed to play that on TV. I was appalled to learn that the lesbian SUBTEXT (SUBTEXT — not even anything outright!) was deemed “inappropriate” by the public. Um…what?!

    I will forever be baffled by how same-sex relationships are condemned as inappropriate for children. The panic that ensued after one miniscule step toward normalizing female homosexuality is really scary. I would (obviously) see Marceline and Princess Bubblegum’s relationship being exposed to children as a positive thing. If kids were able to feel more open about their own sexualities and different kinds of relationships, that would be a very positive thing. And yet, it’s the kind of thing that causes panic and fear. How sad.

    Learning about this whole thing has really got me thinking about how we expose our children to only certain kinds of relationships. Yes, the homosexual male relationship has made leaps and bounds toward normalization…but, boy, female homosexuality is behind if creative screenwriters can’t even add a lesbian SUBTEXT. Ugh.

    Nonetheless, I downloaded “I’m Just Your Problem” and play it frequently. I. Love. Marceline.

    • This episode, the one with the DoorLord, is still being regulary played in Adventure Time’s rerun slot on Cartoon Network- I saw it on Wednesday.

  58. Unfortunately I don’t think we will ever know if Marceline is lesbian or not. But if she is does it mean in “Go with me” she screw up Finn chances on porpuse?

  59. Who Cares?……Im 11 and Im fine with it……I never even noticed…..My friends didnt either….

  60. No offense, (although I’m sure many of you will take it as such) but you people read to much of yourselves into everything. I understand your lesbians in a hetero-dominated society so you wanna see something that relates to you, but I just saw it as Marceline and Bubblegum had a prior friendship or some sorta friendship that was strained because of how “different” they are in personality. I did not read any lesbian relationship into it and it obviously wasn’t intended for that. It’s a childrens show and there is no “suggested” sexuality in it like lesbian relationships or masterbation (how you guys are getting that Finn masterbates to Bubblegums hair is comical at best and disturbing at worse). Sometimes a childrens show is just that…a childrens show. No need to draw imagery in to it that does not exist just so you can validate your own lifestyle and beliefs.

    • Thank you. I dont understand the psychology behind people saying “Oh! A girl wants to be seen differently by another girl! They’re gay!” I never picked up any “signals” either. At first, I even thought it was literal; Marceline saying she wanted to bury PB in the ground. I thought it was MEANT to be offensive. Seriously. People need to get a life and stop fantasizing about lesbian cartoons.

  61. I didn’t even now until I messed around on the Adventure Time wiki.

    I wonder if anyone managed to save that video somewhere before it was taken off…

    If you ask me (and other guys)lesbians just seem to spice things up in these shows.

    if you search “princess bubblegum and marceline” on google, you get some nice fanart.

    I love how this happened so long ago but we still talk as if it happened yesterday

  62. The fire princess is Finn’s new crush, they’re gonna date, and it won’t cause any conflict with PB cause he doesn’t like her anymore! :D LET THE GAYS BEGIN.

  63. I totally agree that there is nothing wrong with a lesbian coupling in this children’s show. People need to chill with their homophobia. It’s the 21 century, time to move on. And personally, I think kids should be exposed to it so that they understand it. It’s just as normal as a heterosexual relationship.

  64. Y does everyone think this HAS to means Marceline and PB are lezbo? Y can’t it just mean she doesn’t want to admit she wants to be a friend?

    • It doesn’t have to mean anything. They wouldn’t really be lesbians because Marceline has had a relationship with a guy before.

      Because it comes off as over the top. If you don’t pay attention you don’t notice.

    • JMb- thanks for saying this- It’s exactly how I feel about it- seems the majority here want to take a cartoon for kids and turn it into some orgy fest for their fantasies.
      The same type of people who want to teach adult subjects to elementary aged children.

      It’s amazing how much anyone can garnish out of videos and words…

      Finn jacks off to bubblegums hair? are you friggin kidding me?

      Cant the character just have a crush on her without taking it that far? And the Vampire girl- perhaps because one is from the dark underworld and the P Bubblegum is from the sunny side of things- they are just different in that way but they can still try and be friends.
      Not go 69 whenever nobody is looking…
      Get a grip folks. get a grip.

  65. The idea of Marceline and Princess Bubblegum having had a romantic relationship is pretty beautiful if that’s what that episode was implying, and it would make sense. I don’t get what everyone’s problem is with people “reading into” things that were made clear.

    That scene between those two was intense. It’s like it was made to mess with everyone.

    There’s also this whole thing: The video launched a thousand ships into the night when the narrator spoke of Marceline’s song from the episode by noting, “She might like Princess Bubblegum a little more than she’d like to admit.”

    At the end of the video, fans are asked to respond to what they think of the pairing. Throughout the video there are drawings from one of the crew members, Natasha Allegri.

    Cartoon characters can “fantasize” about having romantic relations with other cartoon characters of the opposite sex but when there’s a same sex thing going on it makes people who get it pervy?

    That’s the real sick part.

    Finn jerking off to Bubblegum’s hair was a bit unnecessary though. Even so, all these children you speak of who watch this show too are more than likely to have done their share of dirty things. Especially nowadays. So what’s the big deal exactly?

    I’m a kid/teen, and there are plenty of 13+ year olds claiming to be gays, bisexuals, or lesbians. Oh no. All you worry freaks need to grow up and deal with some of the actual realities real human beings live in.

    Talk to the child with the strap on or condoms about a television show with talking candy people becoming “too adult” for kids their age.

    Sonic the Hedgehog, Invader Zim, just about any cartoon for any kid any age gets tons of weird fan art, by younger individuals depicting adult situations and relationships.

    But this isn’t even like that. It’s a hint at there being something that DOES exist between a few characters in a cartoon. Homosexual relationships aren’t gross, evil, BAD, or perverted. There are much worse things out there.

    Like bullying and prejudice. We need to get passed that. This might be a way to allow kids who do get bullied for being homosexual to not feel as bad or alienated because of it. Educate ourselves and our children instead of creating generations of morons who have to make fun of something that’s different to feel like they belong. Just saying.

    By the way, I’m not gay. But you better stand up for what you believe in or nothing will change.

    Thank You-

  66. This is disgusting. This epsiode is obviously trying to infect young children’s mind with the disease known as homosexuality. I liked this show, but I won’t be watching it anymore by myself or with my 2 year old nephew now that I know the producers true intentions.

    • Wow, the ignorance you display is astounding. Quick, run away before the queers catch up to you! =-=

    • You mad buddy? There’s no secret intentions, the cartoon is “nonsense” and full of unrealistic and unimaginable stuff.
      I watch this show and Marceline and PB never stayed together except this one.
      PB isn’t gay, Marceline had a boyfriend…..

      And, actually, AT is not rated for child, it’s rated for pre-teens, teens (12+), so you can’t complain with that.

      But i can tell you: this cartoon is made by a genius, because in the background many people can’t see unused nuclear missiles or underwater cities, but AT is a thousand years future earth, where the humanity has fallen because a third war (Mushroom War), after this war, the magic has come back at the world and populated it.

      Fused with the radiation, the magic transformed the survivor
      creatures of the nuclear holocaust into magical animals, you can see talking birds, smart bears, magical dogs, etc. and the candy people is actually humans. Marceline, as you can see in “Memory of a Memory”, was a war survivor, she is 1000 years old, which means the war happened 1000 years ago in the cartoon. Susan Strong was a human that went underground to protect herself and the life of her partners, and this is withdrawn of Plato’s “myth of cave”. All these nuclear war apocalyptic future is retired of his idea of how is the world right now, which is full of ignorance and greed, but this isn’t exposed to the children, all these things are hidden and people just take information from each episode to tell about it.

      • You ARE aware of the fact that there is something called “bisexuality”, right? So Marceline having had a boyfriend does not mean she and PB can’t have feelings for each other. Which in the episode, it is clearly hinted at.

  67. This has to happen. I’ve been inspired to draw cool, amazing things because of the subtext in this episode. It’s been a good few months since it aired and tons of people still want this relationship to become real. Perhaps with the comic book (featuring the two of them) and Finn’s new love interest making PB ”free” to date Marcie, tons of people’s hopes will become real. :3

    Also, Jack. It’s not a disease to love who you love. So, please stfu.

  68. Oh the humanity! Traped in the blindness of its own era! The future is gonna laugh at us, my friends. We are the wierd ones.

  69. It’s kinda cool they’re in love and crosses my mind a lot
    When I watch adventure time, but the problem is
    5 year olds and 6 year olds watch adventure time
    And what happens when they see the pics of them
    Without shirts on and making out? Parents would be
    Furious, but they their kids watch this show anyways.

    I for one think Finn and marceline should be together.

    Can’t u interpret her song meaning she thinks
    PB is prettier than her drink the pretty from her
    Face, I mean really people or maybe she wants
    To be friends?!?!?!?!?! Or how about she’s jealous
    for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Many people are voting against gay marriages
    Now so go with it means their friends OK?!?!


    • Why are you acting like such a homophobe?
      There are many more people voting FOR gay marriages, you know?
      And just because there are people who oppose it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen. I mean, look how many people SUPPORTED Hitler.

    • Wow so just because SOME PEOPLE are against gay marriage, we should all be? Just because SOME people disagree to same sex love, that means it isn’t real? stop being so afraid of it. it doesn’t make anything bad or terrible. grow up, seriously.

  72. There looks to be a lot of people supportive of Bubbline. But then again, this is a female relations website so that openness and acceptance is expected (and fantastic to see!). This and reading the comments makes me very curious to know what most folks (males especially) think of Bubbline.

  73. The show is weird to begin with. It’s full of many hidden and bad humor anyways. Everyone is a different age in the show, there’s gender benders and references to nuclear war/sociopaths and such.. I think it’s just fine the episode, the songs catchy even for a hetero like me, I mean it’s just a show… Stop freaking out about it, no kid will catch it anyways.. I think it’s good to have many subtexts, meaning the audience will be more engaged.

    Tho once you start having those two ripping their shirts off then it throws kids off and why it’s controversial is because we don’t need kids running around calling everyone Lesbians and Gays even if the kid doesn’t know what it means. I mean yeah it’s the twenty first century but were literally at the end of homophobia. Yes, we are still trying to accept it, yes, not everyone will accept it but that’s them, and we are we. It’s like racism, it’s still around, but it’s only illegal if your screaming your views at someone with a hateful passion.

    Plus, who says it was about lesbians? Stop reading into it people. Leave the deciphering to the psychologists to ponder about.
    I’m hetero and I don’t mind seeing a homo couple, it shows world diversity and spices thing up a bit. A change is good people.

  74. They say that they don’t want lesbians on Adventure Time because they don’t want the little kids to see that and blah, blah, blah… and I’m over here like, “But the Ice King is a perve… :( thatsa not fair.”

  75. To be honest, I watched the episode and didn’t pick up on the lesbian subtext. I thought that Marceline was legit talking about killing Princess Bubblegum, so I’m pretty interested in whatever this video had to say.

  76. This a kids show, kids are apart of the world, gays are apart of the world (like it or not) so who cares. They dont over think this crap like adults do… my son thinks they are good friends that fight too much. My daughter thinks that Marceline wants to be pretty but she’s not the same kind of pretty as Bubblegum, so she lashes out but misses their friendship. Just friendship. Friends sometimes can seem like lovers. I have had sleep overs, worn my best friends clothing, held hands with her, and we even we asked if there was more between us because we had such a great connection. I think Princess Bubblegum is slow and doesnt know that Marceline wants them to be friends, so she doesnt try to be friends. And Marceline takes that as being ignored or rejected.
    Friendship is complicated, much more than a romantic relationship. Dont over think this show, you can believe whatever you want about it, but kids wont look into anything major like homosexual relationships, lol- dont be silly.

  77. you guys need 2 stop thinking about the nonexistant gay under tones and appreciate adventure times real message…to just enjoy childhood and have fun,i would know im 13 years old and i didnt freak the fuck out when i saw this amazingly touching episode,and 4 ur information i fucking love adventure time.

  78. I don’t think Marceline likes PB.Perhaps a while back, they were close friends and then an event led them to hate each other.

    You people thinking otherwise are just brain-fucked. A children’s show turning adult….
    Would Pen really risk it?

  79. I ship this all the way, through and through. Why? Mostly for the fact that I have a similar relationship even though I’m in high school. She’s really good in the science department and I play guitar and bass (plus all the like-ness of a vampire). So naturally because all of my friends are dorks they call us the PB and Marcie of our group. Anyway I started developing feelings for her and her for me. However, when she found out she was moving she started to treat me differently like I was her problem. So this reminds me of her….(P.s I’m a girl too not like it matters). The other reason is that I believe that if other shows (for instance Spongebob) can do it so can Adventure Time.

  80. I am bisexual and to see society changing and to see more gay commercials and shows really makes me feel like I belong and the fact that they don’t allow it pisses me off the reason we don’t have so many gay/lesbian people is because they are raised by a family who shuns it! It’s so ignorant and I am so glad I grew up being taught that being gay/lesbian/bisexual is okay and accepted! If you’re gay you’re gay and you can’t change the way you feel! When I was little I had no interest in boys I liked girls a lot more sure the older I got I got more into guys but I never lost my interest in girls! I am bisexual and proud and I hope one day homosexuality becomes socially accepted!

    • What are you ?
      Have you read Leviticus 18v22?
      I call the lgbts it
      When Jesus comes…
      I told you so..

  81. “a title that already sounds like a song from a Tegan and Sara back to basics live performance EP.” lol!!! So true!

  82. i just wanna say that Finn and Flame princess look extremely cute together especially when they go on the date in the dungeon

  83. I am a 14 year old girl and I fully support this couple and hope to see more of them in the future.I find it sad how the AT tried to cover it up but I at least want to find out what happened in their past like how we found out about The ice king and Marceline`s father daughter like relationship.I just wish that the CN people would be more open minded.

  84. I am a 14 year old girl and I fully support this couple and hope to see more of them in the future.I find it sad how the AT creators tried to cover it up but I at least want to find out what happened in their past like how we found out about The ice king and Marceline`s father daughter like relationship.I just wish that the CN people would be more open minded.

  85. are we really concerned about this. are we a religiously ruled nation, no, no we are not. you seem to be saying that its ok for finn to love bublegum marceline and fireprinces all at once.
    this may have a fairy tale semblance but a fairytale can be anything gay strait black white old young fat skinny whattever. theres nothing wrong if a girl should love another girl or man to man who gives a care. this is america freedom of expression life liberty persuit of happiness. you dont like it move to the middle east where it is illegal.

  86. I do not think it was gay. I think it is very wishful thinking on behalf of the fans. Yoia and yuri fans seem to enjoy these type of pairings but it does not mean anything is there. It is like saying “Naruto and saskue” are secretly gay for each other. We know they are not but we wish that accidental kiss sparked something spectacular! To be honest though I never saw the video saying anything about the show. I think the show hints at some type of prior relationship between the two. However I think saying “Gay” is pushing it. Not that I think gays are a bad thing. I think marci probobly annoys bubblegum and marci just sees her as snobish. To jump to a relationship from this show is a huge exaggeration and I think the fans are making mountains out of mole hills. While I think there is a possibility I do not think this is proof as it is not strong enough evidence. The show has given strong evidence/hints of a love relationship before. I think if they wanted us to know something they would have made it know. While this is a kids show I know they sometimes push a message and when they push it YOU KNOW. This is too vague to be saying they are romantic. I think the only message they left was that the two fight a lot but had some kind of previous interaction. I think if anything it hints as strained relationship. Marci clearly wants to be friends with bubblegum. I think in some cases bubblegum even puts her nose up at marceline. However I think marceline probobly does have some kind of prior relationship with the princess. I would though be interested to get the awnsers to the following questions. Though if you think about it connecting the characters in some way made sense. If you make bonnibel and marceline freinds it adds to the dynamics. Bonnibel and marceline are both besties with finn. So they are going to have to interact at some point. I do not think they nessescarly had a relationship in mind. Also given the one of the latest episode when bonnibell gets a suitor I think bubblegum is just appalled at the idea of dating anyone. Bubblegum is like the sheldon cooper of OOO

    1.Who are finns parents
    2.how did he lose his parents
    3.at what piont did simon completly lose his mind
    4.How did bubbles and marceline meet
    5.What is the real history of that

  87. I personally think that Marceline is bisexual. I mean, she married the Vampire King (backstory-watch ‘Henchman’) and she had that thing going with Ash (watch ‘Memory of a Memory’) But then, that might have just been a ploy. There were some pretty intense feelings between Peebs and Marcie in ‘What Was Missing’, but that could have just been plainly anger.

  88. If this was episode was meant to portray Princess Bubblegum and Marceline as sexual partners, then this show is not only ballsy but fucking awesome. This is the kind of stuff that gives a show integrity and originality. I really hope they were together because that would make the plot so much more interesting

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  92. Just saying, to those who don’t watch the show, Marceline doesn’t need to “turn” princess Bubblegum for them to be together forever. She’s already immortal or very nearly immortal. She’s about 800 years old already, younger than Marceline, but not by much, and they go way back.

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