The A+ Bee, Issue Two: It’s the Cat’s Meow


Issue two is here! Download the PDF, print it out, and hold it in your actual hands like we live in a weirdo commune and Grace, resident paperboi, dropped it off of your doorstep in the night. Don't forget to post pictures of yourself reading in the Bee out in the world on Instagram using the hashtag #aplusbeephoto! We will be publishing the winners in the next Bee.

Thank you all for reading! We read all your feedback and love and comments with joy in our hearts and we are working hard to make this thing something you guys love more and more every time.

Also you can look forward to the next edition of the Autostraddle Insider on Monday.

Without further ado, here it is! Get cozy, kumquats.



Grace and Chelsey...

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Chelsey is a previous Editorial Assistant for Autostraddle and currently resides in Los Angeles with her cat Olive and a large collection of cardigans. She enjoys drinking coffee/tea, writing, editing, and validating the humans in her life.

Chelsey has written 52 articles for us.