• Jersey Shore Boys Cover Village Voice’s Queer Issue: ‘Guidos’ Got PUNKED

    The Village Voice has an intriguing cover for their Queer Issue — we outline some of our more major confusions on the issue. Also, Chicago loves Nat Garcia and so do we, Lady Gaga fashion update, Gawker is there for those straight people trying to make it through Pride, one brave girl blogger takes on Seventeen Magazine, and one writer discusses how she manages marriage while bisexual.

  • Jane Lynch Can Do No Wrong & Everybody Knows It, Including Emmys, Outfest, Madame Tussauds

    It’s Sunday Funday, and Jane Lynch is doing no wrong like it’s going out of style. What else is new? Well actually Angelina has a new tattoo, Staceyann Chin has a new one-woman show, and Angel from RENT might have some really good news in the form of a possible HIV vaccine in the forseeable future.

  • Chely Wright on Ellen: Why We Love Watching Out Celebs Meet Ellen DeGeneres

    Chely Wright was interviewed last week on Ellen, gets teary, talks about Ellen’s Mom, and we take a look at why Ellen’s show has been so important for out celebs, and why Ellen, like Oprah, succeeds because of her “outsider” status, not in spite of it. Everyone is having a fabulous time this Sunday Funday! Librarians are covering Lady Gaga songs while she’s hanging around British pubs, Neil Patrick Harris is surprising his boyfriend with awesome parties, a brief gay pride parade happens successfully in Moscow, the “first modern lesbian” will get her time in the spotlight, and Gawker would like to talk to you about prescription medication.